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  1. Bassdaze

    Christchurch Entrance

    They get 800 minimum for a mooring and there must be hundreds. If they dredge it then we can fing sell it back to bournemout council to go BACK on the beaches.
  2. Bassdaze

    Christchurch Entrance

    At the least it may prevent the long shore drift from moving all the beach sand they are dumping on the beaches from ending up in the estuary
  3. Bassdaze

    Christchurch Entrance

    I went out yesterday at 9 am. Had 2.5 ft on the lowest point abs had to ignore the second to last red green as they have been blown across each other. We came in at 3 and it was a mess. I'm only in an 18 ft explorer so it's a bit different. The swell had become bigger and surfing it in was the way I found the best. I fail to see what people with trot moorings get for their cash if no one is accountable for regular dredging!
  4. Bassdaze

    Friday 2nd. Looking good.

    Just used the new members marks and will put them in the plotter later. I think we are inshore in the morning Allan then we'll be heading out for the tide change.
  5. Bassdaze

    Friday 2nd. Looking good.

    I'm out Friday from Christchurch. I'll give you a shout. Have no idea where those marks are though!?
  6. Bassdaze

    Ok so it’s Southampton but......

    Blanked for cod in the car park then went off to a hole a bit deeper and had some conga and spurdogs. Finished off on dolphin sands on the way home and put a few whiting of decent size in the cooler as well as plaice. Not a complete bust in the end!
  7. Bassdaze

    Tuna fishing?

    Once again we fished the bait out and destroyed the eco system from the bottom. Lessons that are still not properly learned. The yanks have the right idea with mainly line caught fish and booming the sport fishing side of things.
  8. Bassdaze

    Ok so it’s Southampton but......

    I'm out Sunday. Going to stay local off the needles area. Will keep you posted. Good luck!
  9. Bassdaze

    Tyres no good for artificial reef

    I was thinking about this on the quiet but I not as many! On auz they use stripped out cars as snapper habits. Looked like a good plan though
  10. Bassdaze

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    Seems like the air horn and a willingness to cut the anchor line it is then! It's a busy bit of water though but fishy so ill put up with it!
  11. Bassdaze

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    May not be a bad shout. The auto pilot scares me. I take it you didn't get far with the reporting?
  12. Bassdaze

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    I fish around there a lot and have similar experience. We had several near misses last Friday and the wake off a sunseeker nearly put my mate overboard while unhooking a tope! They all seemed unmanned.
  13. Bassdaze

    New member in Christchurch

    Thanks guys. Good to know that there are a few over this way! I'll keep an eye out Mal. I could do with a radio course. Looked at one with the sailing club but never came to pass so I'm up for that. We had the boat out in winter for modifications but i hope to be out this year.
  14. Bassdaze

    New member in Christchurch

    Hi. I a new member. I've been farting about inshore for a while and doing ok. Im mooredin christchurch and am out a couple of days a week atm. Was wondering if anyone facied teaming up for an outing. I've been getting into lots of tope and rays but it works be nice to have a bit of company out in the water!