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  1. malc lemoignan

    flounder fishing in the harbour

    Hi Kippercave thanks for the reply i have tried via the PHA to track you down to thank you for the 50 ragworm you gave me about 2/3 weeks ago when i was floundering in my dinghy sorry but they didnt work????? i have never had it as bad as this winter i have fished again today and once again not a bite i have decided to give it 2 more trips then it back to the Needles.My best flounder last year(2017) was 3lbs-5ozs and you are right i have had 1 fish over the 4llbs mark (4-7) what i cant get my head around is the total lack of fish.I will keep in touch with everyone
  2. malc lemoignan

    flounder fishing in the harbour

    Hi Hope i have done everything right.I fish the harbour for Flounders mainly Holes Bay from November to February ive fished hard since 1988 would like to compare notes and get heads up about flounder fishing from a local some of you will have waved to me in Holes Bay i am a member of PHA and keep my dinghy in the racks at the slipway i did contact a local called Alan Rogerson about 15 years ago but have lost contact with him.Hope some one can help thanks