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  1. kwaka

    boat wanted

    Jim not sure what PM stands for Is that afternoon free?
  2. kwaka

    boat wanted

    Hi Jim thanks for the offer i'm in north Bournemouth Bear cross area, would welcome the chance to see the boat. Dave
  3. kwaka

    boat wanted

    thanks guys will keep looking for a suitable boat
  4. kwaka

    boat wanted

    hi Brian am a member already. Dave wright
  5. kwaka

    boat wanted

    Thanks guys am thinking of initially round poole harbour and taking any courses/lessons from the club. Had a T.V. dingy in my youth round xchurch harbour. Would be happy to look around or spending time on other boats in the club if anyone can oblige.
  6. kwaka

    boat wanted

    Hi am looking to buy my first fishing boat does anyone have any ideas/hints as how to proceed? looking for maybe Shetland or similar ( No bigger than 14' ). Thanks Dave