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    Gsme, Course, Beach ans Sea Fishing. Small boat owner. Jeanneau 625 Legende. Kept in Christchurch Harbour
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  1. Kingstonpete

    Anchor chain and Warp

    Thanks for the info.  I had a 34 foot yacht for years before getting my MF 625  but I rarely anchored in deeper water. other than in the channel islands.  My MF currently has  a 7.5 kg  CQR and I have a spare Delta  as well , with 10 metres of 8 mm chain and 50 metres of 12 mm 3 strand warp. I was planning to get a longer length warp hence my question. I think I'll get another 75 metres to supplement my existing setup which should cover all eventualities. Thanks for your advice guys.
  2. Kingstonpete

    Anchor chain and Warp

    Hi. Can I ask a question to those of you who fish round the Needles , what length of anchor chain and warp do you have onboard. Regards. Peter
  3. Kingstonpete

    Retro fit demister

    Im looking to fit a demister to my MF 625, any suggestions and advice please.
  4. Kingstonpete

    Sponge with Lanyard

    Thanks for that , I'll have a look.
  5. Kingstonpete

    Sponge with Lanyard

    Can anyone give me the heads up on where I can get one of those sponges with the lanyard which ties on the the rails.
  6. Ive got a Lalizas Ocean Lifebouy for sale , its brand new never been used . It weights 2.5 kg. I bought it in error as its a bit too big for my MF 625. Looking for £25.00. Good saving on the retail price.
  7. Kingstonpete

    Rocket Launcher

    Hi. Has anyone fitted a Rocket Launcher to a Merry Fisher 625, if so can you give me some tips please.
  8. Kingstonpete

    Boat Buddy

    Hi Mal. Im tied up by the launch ramp at Rossiters , Blue hull white topsides , bound to see each other if we are out. Im out on Monday, first day of retirement so Ive got to go fishing at the very least...... :D
  9. Kingstonpete

    Boat Buddy

    Hi. I retired last Friday so Ive now got time to fish. Ive a Merry Fisher 625 berthed in Rossiters Boatyard, Christchurch , if theres anyone out there who wants to join me for a weekday fishing session give me a shout, plenty of tea and coffeee and a bacon sarnie . Mobile number - 07769737118; Regards. Peter.
  10. Kingstonpete

    Daytime Sole

    Is it worth trying for Sole during the day off Barton on sea ?