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  1. Been down to Davis Yard. Started both engines both running great .Took boat for a spin  Steering is great   .

    Off work tomorrow so going to try and get some fishing  On the Boat Anyone also going out tomorrow ??

  2. Stering cable

    Got an engineer to sort it i will be away from Monday to Mid March.
  3. Stering cable

    Thanks Rob will take a look tomorrow
  4. Stering cable

    Just got my Boat back in the water started engine running great put in forward and the steering snapped. Anyone know where i can get a cable ? Not having much luck with this boat think i need to sell it .
  5. Windless Winch

    Thanks Rob I knew it was to long i will cut the tether down. Cant wait to try it out Hope to get the boat in the water Friday.
  6. Windless Winch

    Hi Guys as advised i have opted for the Alderney ring system . I got a Buoy New anchor and chain sent for a ring and clip. When it arrived the tether rope from the ring to the Buoy clip is 3 meters long I was expecting it to be around 600mDo i cut it and re tie a knot to the buoy ?
  7. Tilt Trim

    Mariner 50 hp prob 1980s
  8. Tilt Trim

    If i need new brushes any idea where to get them
  9. Tilt Trim

    The motor made normal noise as i lowed but stopped no noise i released the pressure screw and the engine went down I lifted it all the way up and tighten the screw it held . So i know its not the ram . i can hear a slight click when i press the rocker switch .So trying to get the hole unit off 3 x bolt corroded snapped off have to drill them out then find one bolt is placed in from the back so have to take the hole engine off the boat to get at it . Decided to cut it off and re tape a tread later.Hope it just the brushes . gas assist is plan B
  10. Tilt Trim

    It stopped half way down. Now will not go up or down. So taking it off to try and clean up the brushes. if that don,t fix it then think cheapest option is change it
  11. Tilt Trim

    Anyone have a Gas assisted Tilt Trim .I found one on Ebay . In the event i cant fix my electric powered i was thinking cheap replacement . I am told it lift the engine and you need to push it down . Do you need to top up the gas ?
  12. Wanted Tilt and Trim

    Anyone got a Tilt And Trim for my 2 stroke Mariner Outboard. Have looked at the You tube video. But mine is very different.So don,t want to try fix the motor prefer to change the hole unit or can anyone recommend an engineer to fix it
  13. Windless Winch

    hi Guys need some expert addvise  I have a 17ft Mayland cabin cruiser i want to fit a windless anchor winch. What size anchor do i need and what size rope chain and winch . And where can i find all ???
  14. Canopy frame and sheeting

    Looking for a canopy for my Mayland Cruiser. ideal would give me 6ft head room from front to back of boat. with capability to remove sides and leave top on and able to take hole thing off . Any suggestions welcome. Ray
  15. Mariner 50 HP

    Thanks Mike Golden arrow got me one for £30 + vat hope to get the engin going Tuesday and get a bit of fishing done. Regards