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  1. Caughta Flounder

    Overhead safety harness rail

    Thanks for the input Dave, Mike. Very good point about the capsizing, not a great idea! I have an outboard so engine kill cord is always on, but wouldn't prevent me falling out. I have ordered some safety lines which I will clip to the hand rails using the D ring on the life jacket (a reminder for me to actually put it on). Ok so it won't keep me IN the boat, but will at least keep me attached. I like the webbing idea, especially as I have several reels of the stuff, may look into this in the summer!! Cheers guys.
  2. Caughta Flounder

    Overhead safety harness rail

    Hi guys, I am after advice... I am considering installing/fabricating an overhead safety harness rail, to enhance balance but mainly for a bit of extra safety when out alone. I can't seem to find anything out there, which makes me think there's a very good reason why?!? I have seen the Hadrian safety rail but I want something overhead, has anybody ever seen or had something like an overhead safety rail? Any advice appreciated!! Luke.
  3. Caughta Flounder

    WL Refurb

  4. Caughta Flounder

    First outing on Wingardium Leviosa

    First outing on WL after a refurb.