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  1. gonorn

    Ray Competition

    We gave it a shot Saturday.was a little late getting out and as the weather was due to change in the afternoon we made a dash for an inshore mark, we arrived to see Charlie and the crew trying a similar thing 🙂 however a call from Charlie indicted that weed was hampering play. We stuck it out knowing that if the wind picked up we have some cover from the land .we managed 1 small eye ray over 3lb 8oz. Then the wind started to pick up and the tide was due to turn and we did not fancy that combo. A quick wave to the boys and we finished up with A few bream in the harbour. Mike
  2. gonorn

    Ray Competition

    Saturday for us by the looks of the weather. although that might change as you can never be too sure how its going to come though. Bonus week off as well, so Southampton boat show Thursday or Friday!
  3. gonorn

    Testing Radio

    I'm down at Rockley boat park, And I can here Poole Harbour control on ch14 most of the times so you should here similar radio traffic I would think. Mike
  4. gonorn

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    As Neil said its often that some one replaces these rubber seal types with an low quality material and they can flex and pop out. Its common that when putting the anchor down some ones phat bum often lands on the front screen and pops the window in and or breaks it. I remember fitting new windows into a boat when we built one from new and one of the hardest jobs was installing the beading into the new window trims, however once installed there where almost unbreakable. I like the bolt in sat on foam system myself, however I do tend to prefer them being recessed for this to work and smaller panels.
  5. gonorn

    Anchor rode what sort of length for inshore

    I fish on a small 17ft Explorer elite mainly inshore marks like you listed, I am lucky in that I have a large anchor well to keep rope in. I have about 150m of 10mm rope fitted with a small Bruce of 5kg however I do have around 8m of chain as I think this off sets the smaller anchor and helps it hold better I have not so far slipped. I use the Alderney ring method to retrieve so the extra chain weight is no problem. Its more rope than I would ever need, it just makes me fill confident knowing I have it if needed. I also carry another 50m coiled up as a spare just in case......
  6. gonorn

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    That just sums up the people we are talking about, clueless and inconsiderate at speed or at at anchor, the sea will never be big enough for some people. Sent from my P00C using Tapatalk
  7. gonorn

    Video Editing

    I fixed up a cheap one last week when I was out alone, I've not played back the footage yet to see how the quality is. However I have always wanted a Go pro and it might be the excuse I need to the wife to get one! Sorry to use your bad experience to get a new toy but....every cloud has a silver lining 😄
  8. gonorn

    Video Editing

    Having had a few words with inconsiderate people this year I've been tempted to fix up an action cam and record my days afloat just encase something happens! That way I have a chance to play back the footage and try and get some details!
  9. gonorn

    Reflections 2 second trip of the year

    Plenty of dogfish about and small hounds up to about 5lb. I was working a set of feathers at one point and thought I had hit jackpot only to bring in another hound lol. Weather was nice and I was not at work [emoji3] Sent from my P00C using Tapatalk
  10. gonorn

    Reflections 2 second trip of the year

    Looks like you had a good day, I was anchored just outside the swash when you drifted passed me. Small white explorer elite. Mike. Sent from my P00C using Tapatalk
  11. gonorn

    Friday 19th crew

    I have some holidays to use so I'm taking Fridays off. Weather looks nice to catch an early tide Friday Morning if some one fancy an early morning fish for a few hours I have a slot looking to leave Rockley around 6.30am. Just going to head to the secret ray mark and drop the anchor for a few hours and then maybe see if there are any plaice around. looking to get back in around 2-3 ish at the latest. Only 1 slot sorry small boat Pm me if you would like to come. Mike
  12. gonorn

    Newbie from Swanage

    HI Nick Like everyone else said its about joining in, I've only been a member for the last year but everyone has been great and more than happy to lend advice or a guiding hand, if you don't ask you don't get and there is plenty of knowledge in the club, Even if you do loose your anchor buoy there is sure to be some one that can help.... Mike
  13. gonorn

    Boat wanted

    One word for you Jim, Barracuda
  14. gonorn

    Sea Start

    Thanks all for your input I'm going to join like Tony said its £3.00 a week a no brainer from a cost point of view. I'm only a 5mt boat so 90% of my fishing is within 3 miles off shore, much further out and I would hope to be a with a buddy boat anyway, but its a good point to remember. Funny enough every boat I have towed back in this year has been from inside the harbour entrance.