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  1. Stering cable

    is it a Teleflex type or old style cable on a roller system? Teleflex style mounts to a helm and you just need to make sure you match the cable and helm size correctly.
  2. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    The weather made it a cracking day out even though the cod where thin on the ground, We had a good run of whiting noting over 2lb but big enough to be picky and return the smaller ones, until the tide turned and it went dead. But a small strap conger and a nice smooth hound made it a great day out for us, And the bonus prize from the weigh end from Andy! Well done winners!
  3. Smoked Cod

    Meh just reading this thread is making me hungry! But you know when you have seen too much game in the house when you start trying to make pheasant curry!
  4. Mariner 50 HP

    I would suggest you check the part number on the unit you have fitted. But have a look here, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-Mercury-Mariner-Starter-Solenoid-2-Stroke-Outboard-89-850187T1/263267710353?epid=1916147440&hash=item3d4bfa7591:g:Hv8AAOSwrOtZsDZx If you cant find anyone local I would suggest you give the above company a call, they helped me get a new carb for a merc outboard, I would drop them an email or a call to check the part matches yours. Mike
  5. Mariner 50 HP

    Sounds like a bad cable live or earth maybe from the battery, Once you have checked the connections I would also check for a fuse under the cowling, I had a merc 2 stroke that blew the 20amp fuse and that killed the ignition and trim, until i replaced it. It had corroded inside the fuse holder tiny bit of water ingress got to it. Also make sure the fuse holder has not pulled apart if its the barrel type with glass blow fuses. You should also have a main fuse in the loom some where near your ignition switch. Mike
  6. Ray Competition

    Nothing for sea Jay, our daughter decided she wanted a day out, So after a steam up the swash I decided it was a little too lumpy for her to enjoy the day. So we went inshore to fish the harbour, and this turned up just off Lake pier.
  7. Ray Competition

    Sea Jay Sunday Mike and Clare.
  8. Trim Tabs - Orkney Pilothouse 20

    Thanks Brian ill see you tonight.
  9. Trim Tabs - Orkney Pilothouse 20

    I have just installed a set of smart tabs on an explorer elite, force 4 where as cheap as buying online if you go down that route. Simple to install and made a noticable difference to bow rise. However I dont have a list to adjust for, I've read many different views on the tabs and in the end decided to just have a go, Some of the forums can get a bit heated over the auto tab vs manual tab.
  10. Looking at a new boat

    Thanks guys ill go hit up the lads at force4 tommorow,seems like I've been living in there place the last few weeks lol. Btw Brian did u manage to get all that antifoul out of your hair it looked like a cheap hair replacement procedure gone wrong :-)
  11. Looking at a new boat

    OMG the longest 2 weeks ever! And finely I pick it up and move it to its new home at Rockley. Sadly the carbs are off as they are being stripped and cleaned as one of them has a sticky float where its been sat with fuel In it So I wont be able to use it this weekend... Still I have plenty of work to do to make it ours. Trim tabs have arrived as suggested by Mick and I need to install gps/fish finder and nav lights.
  12. Looking at a new boat

    Yep your right on the weight thing boat and engine come in at 530KG its a good looking break back trailer so im gueissing it ways more than 200kg. However Its only in upton and im moving it to Rockely so should be fine. The old Xtrail is the 2.2 diesel so I know it wont struggle with it. Once I have It and get it in the yard I can decide best way to proceed. Thanks All. Mike
  13. Looking at a new boat

    Thanks all, I did take a look at Coddys site and it was a nice review. So I went to take a look at it with the boss and we paid the deposit on it. The guy is getting the outboard fully serviced with receipts before I pick it up. The s/n indicated it was made in 2008 If I read it correctly, Its been well looked after it had a very small amount of scuffing on the gel coat at the bow where it had missed the roller trailer. Engine fired up at the turn of the key felt cold the touch before start. Only downside is he removed the brakes from the trailer, Not a big issue for me as I'm going to store it at Rockley probable dry stacked. The boat sits under the 750kg weight limited so its not a problem for me as I have a x-trail to tow. He does have the brake kit still though so I may refit them over the winter. Ill post a few better pics tomorrow. Thanks Mike