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  1. gonorn

    Friday 19th crew

    I have some holidays to use so I'm taking Fridays off. Weather looks nice to catch an early tide Friday Morning if some one fancy an early morning fish for a few hours I have a slot looking to leave Rockley around 6.30am. Just going to head to the secret ray mark and drop the anchor for a few hours and then maybe see if there are any plaice around. looking to get back in around 2-3 ish at the latest. Only 1 slot sorry small boat Pm me if you would like to come. Mike
  2. gonorn

    Newbie from Swanage

    HI Nick Like everyone else said its about joining in, I've only been a member for the last year but everyone has been great and more than happy to lend advice or a guiding hand, if you don't ask you don't get and there is plenty of knowledge in the club, Even if you do loose your anchor buoy there is sure to be some one that can help.... Mike
  3. gonorn

    Boat wanted

    One word for you Jim, Barracuda
  4. gonorn

    Sea Start

    Thanks all for your input I'm going to join like Tony said its £3.00 a week a no brainer from a cost point of view. I'm only a 5mt boat so 90% of my fishing is within 3 miles off shore, much further out and I would hope to be a with a buddy boat anyway, but its a good point to remember. Funny enough every boat I have towed back in this year has been from inside the harbour entrance.
  5. gonorn

    Sea Start

    So having yet again last weekend spent an hour towing another boat back to Salterns after finding him drifting past the chain ferry, I find my self wondering what would happen if it was me. I know I have a brand new engine and they should be bullet proof but what if... This is just my view but I don't see the RNLI as the AA of the sea like some of these weekend boaters seem too. With that I'm thinking of joining Sea Start, does anyone have any views or experience with them before I hand over my money, They also have a referral system in place for boat show tickets so If anyone is a member and wants the referral let me know (assuming I join) Thanks Mike
  6. gonorn

    Barracuda 9

    If someing a little smaller takes your fancy take a look at a Finn master 7, Its near the top of my list with a nice mix of fishing space and cabin comforts.
  7. gonorn

    Fixed Spool Reel

    I picked up a nice Mitchell fixed spool from Andy at poole sea angling a couple of weeks was about £30.00 ish, we use it for most of our general light fishing fixed to a Shakespeare GX2 spinning rod, which I use for most of our drift fishing.
  8. gonorn

    Bream Competition

    hoping for Sunday Mike and Clare Sea Jay.
  9. gonorn

    Out this afternoon

    Not much around between the piers Friday, Managed a couple of Pin whiting is all. Tried a few of the rock marks but tough going as there is Net or Pot markers from Poole rocks to Bournemouth pier rows and rows of them. So keep an eye out on a big tide some where not very well marked as always! Moved into the entrance and as it was quite took a few drifts along the bank and then past the castle. Some very nice Ballan wrasse where taken on each drift a couple over 5lbs, which on light gear is good fun. We had a few worms left to drown Saturday morning as the boat was still in it would be rude not to! Decided to try the whych channel as we have had a few nice plaice from there in the past, And I saw a few fish where landed on the plaice chase a few weeks ago. No plaice but we did manage a few nice size Bass which would have been good eating size a couple of them, but they where returned
  10. gonorn

    Out this afternoon

    I will be finishing work at 1.30 today and I'm planning a little trip out for the afternoon/evening, Looks like a nice tide for a bit of drifting around we will be scratching around the piers and rocks on ch6. Mike
  11. gonorn

    WIFI reciver/booster

    Hi Charlie I use an external Wi-Fi adaptor with a couple of antennas on it. Which is plugged into my laptop to boost the network when I'm out. Very cheap around £20.00 for a branded item. However if he wants connect it to the van and transmit the Wi-Fi for say a tablet or multiple devices it's slightly different. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292441930026 Here is the link for a kit that would do what I think he wants. There are a lot of cheap units out there but this a popular mainstream brand used by a lot of trades. A lot of my customers use this brand and its well supported. Mike.
  12. gonorn

    Madness is out

    I have a new VHF to install with antenna. And I need a bit of warm weather to repair a nasty scratch on the gel coat when putting it on the trailer in the summer, the yard was putting the trailer to far into the water and the boat floated right over the rear rollers that centralise it Also I'm trying to get it to the dealer to have a new engine fitted but I cant get away from the office atm due to staff shortages.
  13. gonorn

    Stering cable

    is it a Teleflex type or old style cable on a roller system? Teleflex style mounts to a helm and you just need to make sure you match the cable and helm size correctly.
  14. gonorn

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    We headed out from Rockley and dropped anchor just around the corner and managed nothing but crabs. there was another small boat just down from us and we could here them trying to start there engine. I tried to call them on the Radio to see if they where ok but no answer on any channel. About 5 mins later they start shouting to us and waving. We up anchor and go over and see them turns out there engine had packed up so we gave them a tow back to Rockley boat yard and knocked it on the head fishless after doing our good deed. The early roast dinner was a bonus!
  15. gonorn

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    Its always a tough call, and the weather could go either way at anytime. We will have a mooch around the rockley end of the bay for a few hours and drown some worms a more leisurely day with no pressure like Allan said. Might work out better for us as the big tide makes it tough to recover at low water anyway.