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  1. gonorn

    Warrior 165 wanted

    Not a warrior but as close as it come, Having taken the café on this year I'm thinking about selling the Explorer elite, Almost identical to the 165, 2018 mariner 60hp 4 stroke 75 hours on, just about to get its first service so will have 4 year transferable warranty on it and trailer. You've seen it so I don't need to tell you how clean it is. If he wants a look call me or pm me. Mike
  2. gonorn

    Out in the bay tomorrow

    Pretty sure I saw Jerry going out this morning sat between the bridges as I was heading to the office, she looks amazing on the water!
  3. Yup we are. Im going to drive around and book in early I think as its way past my fishing mark.
  4. Marichelle- Mick & James ( Non member ) Sea Jay- Mike and Clare
  5. gonorn

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    Thanks Mike
  6. gonorn

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    Have a good day all, Sadly I am land locked due to the boat park being closed over Christmas!
  7. gonorn

    Happy birthday Mike

    Ty guys. The weather was pretty bad tbh, however a meal out and a film was just the Job. Just to make my self fill better. I went for a walk along the Pier and seen this lot off nutters!
  8. gonorn

    Xmas fair flounder comp

    Ok no problem makes sense, but Not everyone was able to attend the meeting.
  9. gonorn

    Xmas fair flounder comp

    I am assuming as the weather is not looking kind (w force 6-7) this is off ?
  10. gonorn

    Xmas fair flounder comp

    Madness - Martin, Dean + room for 1 other Sea Jay- Mike and Clare
  11. gonorn

    Neighbors cat

    Another bust this weekend by the looks of it
  12. gonorn

    Friday 16th. November.

    Graham could not catch a cold yesterday. 😂
  13. gonorn

    Friday 16th. November.

    As the wind had gone around a little NE I decided to go blow out some cobwebs today at the Rockley end of the harbour with Mr Nash. The plus side being we used about £2.50 in fuel and managed to drown a few worms. The bonus was my first flounder of the season, followed up with plenty of small bass. Not a huge fish but very thick in the body. However as Allan said plenty of crabs stealing the baits still.
  14. gonorn

    Friday 16th. November.

    Meh!! Ive still got 23 years to go until I can retire , the plus side to that is I'm only on boat number 3 soo, Sights are set on the next one!
  15. gonorn

    Friday 2nd. Looking good.

    Meh! I new I should have booked Friday off the weather was looking good, Have a good day out people.