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  1. Free truckman high top. Came with recently purchased truck and surplus to requirements its 195cm long by 158cm wide . Free as need shot of it asap as don't really have anywhere to store it. Though a small donation to HOW would be a bonus Cheers Tim 07949 628921
  2. poole yaker

    Boat Buddy

    Hi Dave, I'd be up for some trips. I'm not an old git but being self employed has its perks especially if its afternoon/evening trips? Cheers Tim
  3. poole yaker


    Thats great thanks, I'll get straight on it when I get back Wednesday.
  4. poole yaker


    Thanks Mal, I've already discovered a few places to avoid (the railway bridge at Rockley Park for one!) I have drysuit etc and also a VHF radio though I haven't done the course yet. If you could point me in the right direction for that I'd appreciate it?
  5. poole yaker


    Thanks Martin I really appreciate the offer but it looks like I'm heading down to Devon Saturday. Any other time I'd bite your hand off.
  6. poole yaker


    Thanks chaps. It was Lofty that persuaded me to join! I couldn't make the last meeting as I was away back in Cambs but I'll definitely make the next one. I've also done a lot of charter fishing out of Bradwell in Essex over the years so if any ones ever looking for someone to share fuel costs on a trip out I'm pretty well practised at keeping my breakfast down and making a brew!
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    Not sure how I managed to post this as a guest but now managed to sign myself in!