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  1. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    Back home showered and changed. Fished the middle of Poole Spoils from 9am-1pm until the tide made it unfishable for me. Dogfish were a pest as soon as baits hit the bottom. Did manage 12lb Undulate 5lb Blonde 2 x Smoothies to about 8lb 2x Conger less than 15lb each No cod.....
  2. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    Posted Yesterday, 08:53 PM 1) Serenity - Tony, Neal and Stuie 2) Alfresco - Sam and Eileen 3) Tarlach - Neil and Another (yet to be determined). 4) Tigerfish - Steve, Alun, Mike Fox 5) Reel Magic - Dave Mick 6) Madness - Dean, Martin, Phil Trevett 7) Y-Knot - Mal and Trevor ‚Äč8) Marlin - Greg and Rob Samways 9) Kellys Hero -Dave L and John St. Plus non member. Allan has withdrawn due to Man Flu. 10) My Baby - Norman and Dogfishdave 11) La Fiona - Matt and non member Martin
  3. Boscombe Pier kiss causes problems..

    Not the worst thing kissed in Boscombe that evening. Errrm...... Allegedly.......
  4. Starter rod for a 5 year old

    A couple of weeks back my son hooked something decent on the 4ft Rovex Rod and 4000 reel. He couldn't move it so I took over. Took 20 minutes but a 14lb undulate Ray was boated. To be fair the rod was fine (bent almost to the handle) it was the reel that was a little under gunned.
  5. Radio Checks

    They are my go to station for radio checks. The amount that goes to the coastguard makes me cringe a little.
  6. Wishin Too is back in the water

    Same rules don't apply to some it seems. The same idiots get within spitting distance of me whilst at anchor doing 20kts. What's that all about?
  7. Bass Comp

    La Fiona Fishing Saturday 10am-3pm Matt (me), Martin (non member)
  8. Two for the price of one.

    Thanks for the tip , I will do that next time. The last 10 can count themselves lucky
  9. Two for the price of one.

    With the forum being down last week you lucky lucky people get two reports for the price of one. Sunday 13th August- An early start for me and my Pop's saw us casting off from Parkstone Bay at 05.55. The harbour was flat calm and we were confident in our plans for the day. We arrived at the end of the Swash with the intention of getting a Ray or two on the last hour of the ebbing tide. Pop's struck first with a small blonde of around 6lbs (spots all the way to the edges of its wings). 15 minutes later and a gentle bite saw me connect to something that didn't want to leave the sea bed. Eventually I made some line gain on the critter and slipped the net under a 14lb Thornback. This is my biggest Thorny and it fought harder than undulates of similar size. Anchor up and it was time for the second plan of the day. Fresh Bait! Now I must confess to a little cheating here. On our way across the Bay nothing was showing on the finder and no birds were working. There was however a charter boat drifting just south of our heading. As we approached we saw the tale tale signs of rods being pumped. We allowed plenty of space and set up a drift up tide from him so not as to pinch his fish. After 10 minutes we had a bucket of Macs to see us through the day and a couple for the pan. On to our fishing spot which was to be the very western tip of Dolphin Sands. On arrival we couldn't help but drop the feathers for the chance of getting some more bait for the freezer for the next couple of trips. The mackerel were jumping on the hooks as were plenty of scad that were returned. All the fish were good size but I picked the last smallest one and hooked him through the nose and dropped him down in the hope of a bass. Unfortunately no bass played the game but countless pack Tope were had between 5lb-10lb and another Ray although I can't remember the weight (nothing too big). The funniest catch of the day went to Pops with a jumbo mackerel caught on a large fillet of mackerel, greedy devil. Teeth well and truly cut on small Tope from a few sessions I need to search out the slightly bigger fish. Back in for a washdown at Parkstone Bay at 14.30 and back to real world responsibilities. 21.8.17 (yesterday) My Mrs and kids have been itching to get out due to the poor weather these summer holidays trips have been limited. I had Monday booked off work for a while and all week the forecast was bouncing between unfishable-ok-lovely. The decision would have to wait for the day itself. The day didn't start well as I was woken by a txt saying two staff were off sick meaning I had to head to work. Luckily having got over the busy period I was able to leave at 12 noon. I was still a little concerned that it may be a bit uncomfortable for the kids as the junior comp the previous day was hampered a little due to conditions. Oh well let's give it a go. 1pm and off we go. The last time we went out as a family we had a bit of a shocker only landing a couple of Bream. This time I I felt the need to Boat some fish to keep the fishing bug alive within a 7 and 5 year old. To do this I used all my angling wisdom (basically got lucky) and put us straight on some mackerel. A string of 5 was lifted aboard first drop. In a 10 minute frenzy we had around 25 fish, all put back apart from 3 kept to use as fresh bait instead of the frozen fish I had from the week before. We spun round and dropped anchor on our mark. Pressure off for the rest of the session now as it didn't matter how things went from here. We only fished until 6pm making it a short but sweet trip out but the final couple of hours resulted in 5 Rays to around 14-16lb (no scales with me). A great little session, it was a little lumpy at first and the kids did feel a bit sick but from 16.45 when the Flood started everything went calm. It was a beautiful last hour of fishing and a pleasant trip back in.
  10. Harbour Hints

    I agree with what you are saying Hooky in so far as there are lots of variables that go into catching fish but I disagree to some extent about locations. Having spent a couple of decades observing fish feeding patterns there are undeniably certain areas fish feed in more confidently than others. Whilst we all know fish don't stay in a particular area that doesn't mean they feed to any extent everywhere they travel. They can travel from A to C but just because they pass B doesn't mean they will feed there (does that make sense? Or have I confused myself lol). We know that fish will swim up and down the Bay constantly but we don't fish flat barran ground, we fish banks and undulations. We do this because we have learned through experience (or asking others) that fish feed in these areas and not because we think it's an underwater aquarium where fish can't leave. The trick is working out why fish feed in a certain locations on one day and not another and that brings into play what you mention about tides and moon phases. Put all that together and you will have more good days than bad. The problem I have is the fact all my learning up to this point has been in freshwater and I'm starting again at square one in the salty stuff. The principles will be the same but my notebook is blank. Fishing fish holding areas to learn when the fish feed is job one, from there I can delve into more specifics. Without that fist step I am just a man in a boat relying on luck.
  11. Harbour Hints

    Lol, doesn't everything.
  12. Harbour Hints

    Hooking a seal, now that's a horrible thought.
  13. Harbour Hints

    Feels like ages since I last managed to squeeze a fishing trip in due to our lovely British summer weather. I've totally neglected the harbour in the 10 months I've had my boat and it's times like these a few good marks in sheltered water would come in handy. Had a potter around last Sunday to try and find some likely spots. I was thinking of fishing near the drying out spots between Brownsea and the entrance. I need about 1.5m under me so will need to be a little careful. I picked a spot outside of the nursery boundary (line from the castle to Jerrys point) and outside of the channel that runs around the islands. I saw a couple of 6-7lb harbour bass kept (by 2 anglers , 1 each) by a boat at my marina that has wet my whistle but what else is around? I know the odd Bream turns up but I was thinking slightly bigger. I thought about setting up for larger bass with the hope that the odd Smut might be around. Wishful thinking? Pops also had a small conger near the castle going back a decade or two but I've got the feeling targeting them may result in a quiet day... So without trying to pinch actual marks, is there any areas worth a look? Does my pre chosen area sound way off? As always, any help very much appreciated.
  14. Swanage plan.

    Sorry I should have been clearer. The windless machine broke. Speaking to a guy at Saltwater solutions who has the part I required to fix it. The anchor is tripoed and I dragged it up manually with a little elbow grease.
  15. Swanage plan.

    Didn't have the best of days..... Swanage bay was lovely and the cliffs made for a nice fishing location but as soon as I rounded the corner from Old Harry I got a negative feeling. I pottered up and down the bay a little but couldn't find any clear features just gentle sloped depth changes. In hindsight I think I needed to go closer to the beach for some more pronounced undulations?? Or closer to the Pier end of the bay. Anchored just off Ballard in the end for the last couple of hours of the ebb. Fish baits lasted seconds when they hit the bottom due to what we later discovered were crabs. There must have been an army of them down there. Managed to winkle out a few Bream before deciding a move was in order. I fancied trying the nearby spoil grounds but unfortunately the windless anchor decided to break. Typically I was wedged in to the rocks below and it took 2 of us all we had to pull the bugger out. Ended the last couple of hours drifting past old Harry towards Poole bay on the flood and missed a take on a large fillet of mackerel. , summed up the day really.