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  1. Hello I have an old 1987 evinrude 25 Hp outboard. I'm in need of a new surface mount controller lever and start up unit. Please could anyone advise me were I could get one to suit an older engine or if there is universal kit I could use? Thanks in advance
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    my fish

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    Where to fish

    Had a good smoothound near old Harry and a few makeral, however not a bass time seen. Tried all over the place
  4. GazzaTIno

    mackerel were are you?

    Got a few of old Harry yesterday but had to come in due to wind picking up. Also had a nice smoothound
  5. GazzaTIno

    mackerel were are you?

    please can any body tell me were they are this year?
  6. GazzaTIno

    hello all I'm new please help

    what more advice do i get about fishing if i join? is forum different?
  7. GazzaTIno

    hello all I'm new please help

    thanks guys i will look to get a membership soon
  8. GazzaTIno

    hello all I'm new please help

    yes hello and thank you very much for your help,,i signed in via twitter as i couldn't get through the web page way.. have you been fishing lately?
  9. GazzaTIno

    hello all I'm new please help

    one of 2 red gurnard we caught first time out on my boat
  10. GazzaTIno

    hello all I'm new please help

    hello there my name is Gary from poole Im a very keen fisherman have have just purchased my first 14 ft fishing boat. I have joined here to talk with people and gain some experience with regards to boat fishing. Over the years i have caught some super fish including a 3.5 lb sea trout and a 2.5lb Twaite shad from poole quay many years ago when i was at school around 1995. I also love coarse fishing and have had pike to 20lb,carp to 37.5 Lb and barbel to 13lb. My biggest bass of around 5 lbs was actually caught at the Royalty fishery in christurch in the lower reaches of the Avon on a live bait dace. I am very experienced at fishing however i will be the first to admit when it comes to using a boat I'm a complete novice. I have used it 2 weeks ago and me and my friend did catch two red gurnard. I must admit i thought the fishing would have been better around bournemouth and the ferry area and no sign of bass and further out no mackerel. does any body have any advice on this please? One other thing i am concerned about id i have purchased a Dejon 14 boat and i have read loads of bad things about them since. i thought it seemed completely fine in the harbour and off the beach in calm conditions ,,and i wouldn't want to be out far and i bad conditions anyway. i just wanted to no if any one else has any views on this boat please or advice? look forward to hearing from you kind regards Gary