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  1. Heroes on the water ( 2018 underway)

    If any of the club members are visiting the IOM give me a shout and I’ll make sure you get some proper Manx hospitality from our trustee over there Tony Palmer . He is developing something very special on the island with the help of an army of volunteers
  2. Heroes on the water ( 2018 underway)

    Tomorrow we get underway with our new coach in the South West , Stephen Fuller , making the journey from Cornwall to Portland harbour . I will pop back over the weekend to let you know how they got on . All loaded and ready to go
  3. Heroes on the Water Uk - First H4H session

    On Friday we traveled down to Help for Heroes purpose built Endeavour facility to deliver the first of a number of sessions that will soon see the eight course member out on the sea enjoying Kayak Angling. Self rescues and assisted rescues were mastered in no time , heres a few pictures that tell the story of the day far better than a few words
  4. Martin calling from Heroes on the water

    Hello everyone just a quick post to introduce myself . Some of you may know that Paul Fennel has left HOW due to ill health. As you can imagine this has left a huge hole to fill , lots or re organisation and equipment redistribution etc etc. I apologise for not keeping the club updated but I have now joined up and will be posting up reports of our work on a regular basis . Briefly , we have taken on Shiv Payne as a new trustee . Shiv lives in Plymouth and is the wife of Martin who has gone through our programme and is now a member of the South Coast canoes angling team , a big success story for HOW. This Friday we start a programme with help for heroes at their endeavour facility in Plymouth. This in the short term is a priority , an oversubscribed 8 session programme utilising the AT cast syllabus. In addition we are actively recruiting more coaches and developing the ' team HOW ' over the next few months , starting with a 3 member team attending the British kayak championship in Wales this weekend . Anyway thats enough as an introduction and feel free to email me if you have any questions about our work or know of anyone who would benefit from our programmes ( mhurst@heroesonthewater-UK.org ) , and of course a huge thanks to all the clubs members for your invaluable and continued support , it is appreciated