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    gaffa reacted to boyscott in Pilot 500   
    I had a QS500 before I upgraded to a 640. It was a lot of boat for the money - lockable wheelhouse & plenty of deck space. It had a Mariner 60hp and did 24kts clean. I read some of the dire warnings at the time but can't say that was my experience.
    I found the 640 still slams in a short sea, does not sit still at anchor without some tide and not steady on the helm in a 3/4 stern sea so all boats have faults but I still like it. I'd give it a sea trial.
    PS. I had an Orkney Fastliner 19 before the QS500 and it was a step up from that
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    gaffa reacted to Mal Thomas in Ray Competition   
    A fruitful trip on Kingfisher, about 20 rays of all species. We started on the secret Ray mark, my wife, Sandy and Nigel Allen were due to pass us whilst on a trip to Guernsey on the Condor. We had a wave good bye as they left the swash channel, then they turned around were on their way back in with Condor suffering from a Generator problem.
    The next hour for them was mayhem. First announcement they were still going after a quick repair, then it was all off the boat it is going no where and did'nt move allday. 
    Chris and I had several moves during the day, the most fruitful was a late move back to the Swash.
    Our best effort was a 12.8lb  Undulate to MT and a 10.6lb Thorney to MT.
    Another good day on Kingfisher, followed by a swift Doonbar😀😀
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    gaffa reacted to plaicemat in Tomorrow   
    Did well initially although a late start didn't help (crew overslept). Unfortunately, my crew started feeling ill with what showed itself as sea sickness although he has never had it before; we suspect a medication imbalance. So, we had an enforced early finish, back in Poole at 14,45, but I still had 6 nice plaice in the box and a few bonus mackerel, not a complete waste.
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    gaffa reacted to Newboy in Removing fish scales from rod handle.   
    Oh, forgot to mention, the rubbing action required with the salt is rather personal, so I'd do it out of sight
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    gaffa got a reaction from Leicester Fisheagle in Birthday greetings Allan   
    Birthday greetinngs Allan Enjoy
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    gaffa reacted to plaicemat in Tomorrow   
    Now, you know you've just spoiled it. Never talk about the weather in Wales.
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    gaffa got a reaction from Tiddler in Tomorrow   
    Not me,
    I'm currently soaking up the sunshine in Wales....never thought I would ever be able to say that
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    gaffa reacted to Coddy in The wall   
    Your forgot Corbin
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    gaffa reacted to sparky in The wall   
    Looks like there's enough room in there for Theresa May and Sadick Khan as well !!!
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    gaffa reacted to Brian in The wall   
    Mexico has agreed to pay for this wall and Canada are supplying the bricks.

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    gaffa reacted to Brian in Good advice   
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    gaffa reacted to Brian in Art Hoist???   
    Paddy says to Murphy. "I robbed a shop last night, I took a load of pictures, the cheapest one is worth £180.000"
    Murphy says, "Paddy, you idiot, you've robbed an estate agents".
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    gaffa reacted to Stuie in Red mullet September   
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    gaffa reacted to Brian in Trump   
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    gaffa reacted to Rob in Air show antics   
    Not a catch report as such so putting it in the lounge section!
    Yesterday I headed to Mudeford for 8:30 as this was low tide, 0.6 I think. Knew we would have a wait, but got time to get boat ready and beat the rush. Took a non angling friend as we were meeting both our families at the beach where we have access to a beach hut.
    We were 3td at the slip, 2 jetskis were even more keen!!! We launched first in to 9" water, just enough to float, but use the car to pull the trailer from under JoJo no worries. By the time I had parked, Locked up trailer had a coffee, we had just enough water to float out. Jetskis were still struggling/waiting, I guess they don't want to suck the mud and gravel up!
    We pottered out to the run. Were we found plenty of water over the bar (for us).
    And off, we headed to coastguard hut for macs, then the outlets and still none! My crew (little Nick) managed a couple, I got a gar that tried to tangle my feathers, but a good shake and it in rolled, unhooked and dropped back in, result!
    Time to head to the beach just after 10 as the kids, wives, nicks extended family (about 20 in total) were there and setup.
    We got nice and close in, well, close enough that the do-nut could be used as a tender on a rope! I think that's 60' tow rope and we have 3.5ft under us.
    We ferried some kids out to JoJo (including a plate of bacon baps!!!) To take them for a ride. It was a bit choppy for the kids to stay in the tube long, but they enjoyed it all the same.
    I did a couple of feathering trips out with a few peeps, I managed a couple and various gurnard were landed.
    Great time was had by me and the kids.
    What I did note, is that without the rope ladder on the stern side cleat, JoJo is a pain to climb back on to. I tried climbing on the OB and pulling myself up (there was a bit of a swell pushing on to the beach) but there is not a lot to hold on to - could do with a handle on top of the cowling!!!
    I was a little concerned about getting my trailer out when arriving back at Mudeford. Luckily I had placed it close to the high water mark and only one small trailer had to be dragged to the side for retrieval. But with the water highat just after 5, there was no room to turn the car around on the beach. However, all was good, managed to complete retrieval with trailer hooked to the car which is always easier. Someone offers if I wanted a hand (as I had left nick at the beach and livvy was my only help). Nice offer but as per most of us trailer sailors, we have our own way and I have done this more times that I can remember. Anyway by the time this guy had unlocked his trailer we were driving up the slip to go find a quiet spot to tie down.
    Super day / weather and some macs for lunch today, result. And to ensure all the buoyancy aids are clean, dry and ok to pack away for another year!!!
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    gaffa reacted to Tiddler in bass netters caught   
    Dodgy Characters eh Kam !

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    gaffa reacted to Newboy in bass netters caught   
    Pho.....For a minute I thought it's those bloody Chinese again😁
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    gaffa got a reaction from Tiddler in Tuesday 28th August trip out   
    That's really useful info.
    I was concerned about topping up sims .
    Me and the missus have got a sim overload at the moment one for each of the following  BT(EE),giffgaff, 3 and vodaphone and the kids have got Tescos but I am trying to rationalise them .....Honest.
    But the ASDA offer would definitely float my boat if you excuse the pun😁
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    gaffa got a reaction from sparky in Tuesday 28th August trip out   
    Took the boat out today .All sorted (other than finding the damn leak)
    Didn't realise it was Bournemouth airshow and was told they had a big exclusion zone virtually covering Poole Bay.
    Whether true or not I decided to go  across to  the Swanage side.
    Lovely weather but  fishing pretty c@@p only a couple of small black bream to show for it and only out for about 3 hours fishing time  but well worth it.
    Plenty of aircraft movement ..well I heard them but didn't see much.
    I will stay away from Poole this weekend as its going to be very busy  with boat movements and traffic heads up to all.
    Be back down next week  and will make Thursdays meeting all being well
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    gaffa reacted to Brian in Toothpaste   
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    gaffa got a reaction from Tiddler in ugly stic wanted   
    I've got an old 30lb all roller ugly stick paired with an ABU20 that I keep for very special occasions.
    I used to use it for wire line fishing in the 70s .
    Worth a bit of money now I think
    Not looking to sell though ...sentimental value  ....and saving for my Poole Bay Monster attempt
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    gaffa got a reaction from Tiddler in Tuesday 28th August trip out   
    No trip out for me today.
    After having the boat tilted on removal from the drystack to drain the small amount of water that collects via the bung
    I got to the boat and found both batteries flat not even enough to energise the starter motor with both in parallel..
    The battery compartments had about 200mm of water showing in them. Highest I have ever seen normally no more than about 20mm showing at the bottom of the intermediate deck so I reckon the water must have found a way to drain the batteries.
    I pumped out 6 gorilla tubs worth of rain water and can only surmise it's getting in via breathers underneath the foredeck where the original fuel tank used to fit and a possible leaky inspection hatch in the deck. We did have a lot of rain earlier in the week.
    The main Bilge pump had no effect on reducing the level as the rainwater  was contained within a higher deck  level in the boat and needed pumping out separately (I only found this out today!!)
    Removed batteries and opened internal hatches/covers to get everything dried out.
    Back down Thursday to have a second attempt at Dangling and further leak investigations😥
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    gaffa reacted to Brian in Australian surgeons   
    Australian joke...
    Five Aussie surgeons from big cities are discussing what type of person makes the best patient to operate on.
    The first surgeon, from Brisbane, says, "I like to see accountants on my operating table because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered." 
    The second, from Perth, responds, "Yeah, but you should try electricians!  Everything inside them is co lour coded." 
    The third surgeon, from Adelaide , says, "No, I really think librarians are the best!   Everything inside them is in alphabetical order." 
    The fourth surgeon, from Sydney chimes in: "You know, I like construction workers...Those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over.' 
    But the fifth surgeon, from Melbourne , shut them all up when he observed: 'You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on.  There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine... Plus, the head and the arse are interchangeable.’