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  1. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Looks like you may have found a keeper......Hope so. She looks sound from the pics. Re water under deck..If its like my RYDS600AC then it is most likely rain water . I get the guys at Cobbs to give her a bit of a tilt on the fork lift each time they take her off the drystack. Its surprising how much can come out of the drain plug hole after a few months exposure to the weather. There has never beem an isssue in use and even when on the pontoon a couple of pumps on the manual bilge pump used to clear her out. Gave up looking for a solution years ago
  2. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Probably .....All Welshmen are Mad!! including myself I used to work with the secretary of that club and he would possibly know the boats history. I wouldn't be surprised if he sold it to you. It may have been one of his earlier purchases before he settled on the Merry Fisher. Maybe not as he had a warrior before that I'm pretty sure I recognised it sitting in the compund next to the river (not the main compound)on one of my visits about 3 years ago. Hope you get it sorted and fingers crossed It doesn't have the rot problems associated with the old home build Wilson flyers.. Gary who now owns the Wilson Flyer moulds builds a lovely boat but yours aint a Flyer so he may not be able to give you much assistance..He has got multiple build pics of his new design on WSF but this link may be of use to you. http://www.worldseafishing.com/forums/threads/wilson-flyer-fast-fisher-17-rebuild.30362681/#post-39576681
  3. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    r That Looks very much like AFAN boat club to me ...(Port Talbot) .Am I close
  4. Happy Birthday Kev

    Belated Birthday wishes Kev. Guess you generated your own Wind after that meal
  5. Webasto heater problem - Fan fault

    These in line blade fuses need regular inspection and removal of the fuses for checking for corrosion of the blades and sockets themseves. When my boat was on F pontoon I had to regularly replace them due to corrosion probably due to galvanic action as there was no way water or dampness could have entered the fuse holder. I always keep a few spares on board now. Hope it turns out to be something simple and cheap Steve Peteg
  6. Birthday greetings PJ

    Happy Birthday PJ hope you had a good one
  7. Happy Birthday Terry

    Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday Terry, Bet you had a good one
  8. Birthday greetings Pete

    Cheers for the birthday wishes guys. Had a great chilled out day . Even better in that I Retired from work again(only for the second time ) yesterday so will be starting to get down to the boat again. Poor thing has been languishing on the drystack all year and needs a bottom wetting ceremony. Pete
  9. Drone registration..

    I'd like to know how they will be able to police this. We don't seem to have enough of any front line services nowadays and what we do have are being overwhelmed with accountability procedures and new regulations. It's all so depressing it makes me think of getting away from it all....... Saw a 29 acre Scottish Island for sale for £325,000 in the paper this week .It has its own Lighthouse But ....you have to rely on wind turbines and solar for power and no mention of fresh water ....Always a sting in the tail... Bet there's also nowhere to keep a boat and...... I bet there's no Fish to catch..... See how easy it is to make yourself depressed
  10. New boat.

    OOOOOOhhhh Very Nice ....Who up for the regular Polishing ??????
  11. The Light bulb change........(Easy)

    Many moons ago I used to work with a guy that used to maintain mast head tv equipment . He told me that his company sent him out to Norway to fix some equipment at the top of a tv Transmitter mast. Sting in the tail was that the mast was on top of a 6000ft high mountain. He was out there for 3 weeks waiting for a break in the weather in order to have a sufficient 3 day window to carry out the work.. Towards the end of the 3 week period and under pressure from his company to get the job done he decided to risk it as the weather had abated considerably. I dont remember exactly how long he said it took him to climb the mast but it was quite a few hours and when he got to the equipment platform and started work the weather got worse and the wind started increasing. Cutting a long story short he was clipped onto the mast platform for 48hrs which was swinging over 20ft in the wind and was unable to make the climb down. Another lull in the weather eventually allowed him to risk the climb back down . He hadn't been able to fix the fault and resigned as soon as he got back to the hotel and went and joined the Army. Needless to say he never went near another mast again.
  12. Peter

    Very Sad News Sincere condolences to you and your familiy Matt RIP Peter
  13. Swansea tidal lagoon

    just my 2 cents on this particular scheme I hate these PR exercises where minimal facts are ever disclosed to the general public.It would be nice to see a breakdown of estimated costs I have a little knowledge of this scheme proposal and just scratching the surface the following issues excluding the eco system ones exist. What they don't mention is the cost of modifications needed to the surrounding infrastructure and the effect of historic heavy metal contaminants currently flowing down the river estuary that will now settlle out in the bay due to the lagoon walls affecting the original tidal flushing flows in the bay. The original plan totally enclosed the estuary which meant contamination of the lagoon that had been proposed as a watersport recreational facility . They overcame this problem by reducing the size of the lagoon so that the estuary flows could pass along side. Looks like they may have forgotten about the Sewage outfall that sits inside the lagoon. Swansea sewage treatment works outfall currently sits dead centre of the proposed lagoon. The existing works currently doesn't have sufficient power or physical room to increase the capacity of the outlet pump station to move the outfall another couple of miles out to sea.. The only option seems to be to treat all the flow through the works which means building another works alongside to treat the diluted storm flows which will need to be at least DOUBLE the existing works flow capacity. As there is insufficient electrical supply available to carry out this process the Power Grid and Works Power infrastructure will need major upgrading at a cost of many millions of pounds . This will not be an easy operation as the works will need to be kept running during this time . The majority of land surrounding the wastewater works has already been sold off for university accommodation buildings so a separate process works may have to built elsewhere. There are many hidden issues but the press release only concentrates on the base proposal of green energy via tidal flows. I am an advocate of tidal energy generation however I think the general public should be made aware of localised issues that may or may not have been considered in the general proposals and report reviews. Its one thing allocating a budget sum to overcome an issue at the outline design stage ,another to actually carry out the necessary work when the time comes.
  14. Merry Christmas

    Merry Xmas and Happy New year ALL Peteg
  15. Happy Birthday Neal

    Belated Birtday Greetings Neal Hope you had a good one