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  1. Well this went better than the first only a few days earlier when I didn't wet a line due to rough weather. Managed to get through the bridges and harbour by 9.30am which is pretty good for me . Out towards Old Harry and started drifting with an assortment of rigs trying float for garfish and mackeral,feathers for mackeral and bottom tackle for anything. Bait was cuttlefish srtrips. Managed 5 species but no mackeral or garfish and it wasn't for lack of trying. Didn't anchor up just drifted from old Harry into the bays both Swanage and Poole Back home at 18.30 so pretty good day overall.(for me that is Peteg
  2. gaffa

    Newbie from Swanage

    Welcome to the club Nick. The Bella 703 is a lot of boat in 7metres . Enjoy the fishing
  3. gaffa

    Shakedown trip tomorrow

    Well I couldn't call it a blank as I didn't even put any terminal tackle into the water, Spent a few hours on the pontoon sorting out a few bits on the boat and filled up with fuel then headed under the bridges for the harbour where I was going to try a few drifts for some microspecies . The harbour main channel was quite rough with lots of white horses so decided I could find a bit of shelter outside the harbour. Not a chance in the bay the wind and tide were causing quite uncomfortable conditions and even bigger white horses which were quite fun . Didn't take long to call it a day and returned to the drystack. Got one over the front in the harbour and got wet as I didnt have the cabin door closed All good experience for next trip....I'll wait for a better wind next time Peteg
  4. gaffa

    Shakedown trip tomorrow

    Cheers Mick, I saw your earlier post re nets thanks for the heads up
  5. gaffa

    Shakedown trip tomorrow

    Thanks I will need all the help I can get as haven't used her for almost 2 years She is a 1998 RYDS 600AC with a 115hp Mariner efi (2001) on the back. I have owned her since 2006 and she still does everything I need and have never felt the need to change her
  6. gaffa

    Shakedown trip tomorrow

    fingers crossed Terry🤗
  7. gaffa

    Shakedown trip tomorrow

    Reflections 2 has decided to wet her bottom and do the first fishing trip of the year tomorrow with the hope of at least putting something on my zero species list.😎 She has received a load of well deserved TLC recently including servicing and in and out valetting and a few upgrades so it would be a shame not to christen her with some fishy mess .😋 I will be going solo unless anyone would like to crew . It wont be an early start. PM me if interested or able to disclose any fishy spots😁
  8. gaffa

    Happy Birthday Mick

    Happy Birthday Mick. Enjoy
  9. gaffa

    Anchor and chain

    Totally agree Steve I lost a Manson Supreme(Cheaper Rocna Clone but still expensive ) on the patch because I couldn't dig it out even with the shackle in the sliding slot . Bought a replacement Manson Supreme 7.5kg but rigged it to trip from the front (looks quite messy with chain flopping all over the place).These Anchors set fast and really dig in but don't like letting go. I now keep it as a secondary anchor having replaced it with a 5kg "Original" Bruce claw anchor which is much easier to handle and easier to rig to trip. I am trying out the "anchor trip links" via a caribiner so I dont have to reset once tripped but haven't had chance to use in anger yet. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Anchor-Trip-Link-for-craft-up-to-around-20ft-6mtr/173273957141?epid=2257469794&hash=item2857eec315:g:-DoAAOSwnxFZw-Go Reports seem to indicate that the original bruce anchors perform better than the clones however they are no longer manufactured and have to be sourced second hand
  10. gaffa

    Best wishes Alun & Bob

    Same From Me
  11. gaffa

    Happy Birthday Charlie

    Belated Birthday greetings Charlie Expect you made it a good one
  12. gaffa

    Flatfish Competition

    Not able to make this one as off on a regular Wales visit on the weekend. Heads up its Poole Boat show on the weekend and Cobbs Dry stack is being used for launching lots of the exhibitors boats so it will be pretty manic I would think with trailers taking up car parking space etc etc😟
  13. gaffa

    Wishin Too for sale

    Best of luck with the sale Nigel, Boat ownership has its Bummer moments and I have to admit I almost put mine up for sale due to lack of use on numerous occassions but to date she is still my little black hole or moneypit that I can just about hang on to for another season ,.
  14. gaffa

    Happy birthday Trevor

    Happy Birthday Trev. Enjoy the day