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  1. Happy Birthday Kam

    Happy Birthday Kam Make sure you have a good one
  2. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Belated Birthday greetings Jim Bet the cakes all gone
  3. Lifejacket check

    Many Thanks to Dave,Mike and Carol for the LJ checks at the AGM Just checking my Seago's 4 x175nm plus a junior 100nm size . All auto heads way out of date (2011) but look perfect . Gas cylinders weighed and all spot on and no corrosion(I also have 4 older ones that I use for spares as they show minimal signs of corrosion) Note each cylinder is engraved with a minimum gross weight so as long as at or above this they haven't discharged. Crotch straps fitted to all and checked. Checked the Srobe lights and Spray hoods which fitted to 3 x175's all functional. Just waiting to see if they will pass the 24hr inflation test now.
  4. Birthday greetings John (Solehunter)

    Happy Birthday John
  5. Birthday greetings Derek

    Belated Birthday greetings Derek
  6. Happy birthday Jacob

    Happy Birthday Jacob Guess your going to get spoilt rotten by grandad Kev..... .......make sure you don't take after Harry Enfields "Kevin" now you're a teenager
  7. Happy Birthday Adam

    Happy Birthday Adam Have a good one
  8. Happy Birthday Mr. Chairman

    Belated Birthday Wishes Tony Hope you had a great day Peteg
  9. Braided rope

    Found this one for you https://westwardropeandwire.co.uk/ropes/mooring-and-anchoring/8-strand-nylon.html? They are based in Exeter .Havent used them before but prices and stock levels look good dont know postage costs though? I got my kast 100m from a guy in Bridport but for the life of me can't remember his details Peteg
  10. Seenager

    So True
  11. Magic for Seniors

    Don't Let your wife see this Unless you are prepared for the consequences And Dont try it out on the wife unless you are really prepared to accept the consequences
  12. Trim Tabs - Orkney Pilothouse 20

    One other note of caution Mel ........... the need to fit anodes to the tabs. Not really an issue if you are drystacked or store ashore but if left afloat they are seriously necessary. I speak from experience as I had the Port Tab break away from the hull due to galvanic corrosion of the hinge fixing screws. I was happily doing about 15knots at the time when all of a sudden boat basically tried to turn on its side . Boats dont like running with just one tab down Scared the **** out of me Limped back to Cobbs with a dangly tab on one side and the other raised up and kept speed down . I fitted anodes to both tabs after that ....BIG ones as I was having to replace small ones twice a year when on F pontoon. Aaahhhh another hidden benefit of drystacking Peteg
  13. Happy Birthday to Dave Lynes.

    Happy Birthday Dave Hope you're having a good Non Skinny un Well its only once a year
  14. Birthday greetings Martin

    Best Birthday wishes from me also Martin..Enjoy the day
  15. 2018 Bass regulations are now in force.

    Does this only apply to England? Are there alternative guidlines for Wales , Scotland and Northern Ireland or are they the same????