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  1. gaffa

    Happy birthday Neal - the big 60..

    Happy Birthday Neal Enjoy Make sure you have a really good time out there😁
  2. gaffa

    Is the Bridge saying something?

    The report is that one of the component manufacturers has gone into liquidation not the main contractor or design consultancy so there should still be a solution available.......at some time in the future.. It is worrying that the council are being sparse with the information as to what has gone wrong and who has gone bust. If its the hydraulics supplier I'm sure alternative components can be sourced and the design adjusted to accommodate them.. If its an electrical issue ,there are numerous systems integrators around that can sort it out at a price. If its the steel supplier then there may be a stress related design flaw which has pushed them into the closure . All very speculative at the moment but not good news in the short or long term for motorists or boat users /manufacturers or the RNLI
  3. gaffa

    Is the Bridge saying something?

    The Twin Sails bridge got a 15 secs mention on local lunchtime TV news today. Basically " it is going to be difficult to repair" During any construction design phase maintenance and demolition plans have to be produced and accepted by the client before construction can proceed. I'd love to see the plans produced for this bridge. I just hope they don't include a 3 month shutdown to boat traffic😰
  4. gaffa

    Is the Bridge saying something?

    Not long to wait now. I use the old bridge in preference to the new every 3 weeks on average. Currently it is £5.60(car) to get into Wales and nothing to get out.......Reasons on a postcard please ! They have made a fortune from me since 1966.
  5. gaffa

    Outboard ( around 80 to 120) long shaft

    Wish you lot would stop talking about engines.😝 I'm waiting for mine to be repaired and am having to put my body up for sale to pay for it.😕 As you can guess I've had no takers on the body sale aspect so I will have to fund it all and will be crying all the way to the bank which will be £2k lighter for Christmas I expect😰
  6. gaffa

    Is the Bridge saying something?

    Oh its still up then So no problems with the high winds 😎
  7. gaffa

    Twin Sails

    My thoughts exactly Mike. They are going to be exposed to a lot of stress in the forthcoming high winds
  8. gaffa

    Happy birthday Gary

    Happy Birthday .....hope you had a good one
  9. gaffa

    Lever Arch Folders & Ring Binders

    Thanks for the reminder Dave. So guess I cant interest you in some folders then. These Folders have been used for technical info (some of it 1980's vintage I'm such a horder ☺️) All my financial business data and invoicing etc etc since 2001 is stored electronically in multiple locations and with my accountant. I am sooooo muuuuch the horder
  10. gaffa

    Twin Sails

    I do remember going tee total for about 5 years but never lost interest in the other
  11. gaffa

    Fuel prices

    Diesel costs more to refine than petrol ,but I have no idea on pricing structure . Sometimes it has been: the same price, slightly more expensive, considerably more expensive, Rip off more expensive Be interested to know answer to this connundrum ...anyone any ideas????
  12. gaffa

    Twin Sails

    Seems to be a practical solution at first sight ...however ...with todays construction environment I guarantee it would end up as a high maintenance operation with plenty of closures. It would not be wide enough to take maintenace or emergency vehicles ,the ventilation and lighting systems would be unreliable or innadequate, and it would probably have a toll to cover maintenance costs(or budget overruns). Oh yeah ..it would probably LEAK. Why have I become so cynical in my old age .I wasn't like this in my youth?
  13. I am clearing out all my old office technical paperwork as am in the slow process of closing my company down having decided to properly retire this time. So I have loads of used lever arch files available. Available to anyone that wants them (donation to HOW appreciated) otherwise they will be disposed of. My god I had some paperwork If no interest by next club meeting date they will be gone
  14. gaffa

    Twin Sails

    Thanks for the clarification Brian. I couldn't get my head around a viable alternative engineering solution to the original scheme. Now I understand viable engineering wasn't part of the decision making process it clarifies things
  15. gaffa

    Twin Sails

    As I'm not "Local" I don't know the history of the bridge construction but I can see that construction had begun on an alternative design across the bay. The 90 degree dogleg access on the Hamworthy side shows a piece of road heading for the bay. When was the design changed to the twin sails route and other than being a shorter route why was it chosen (other than I assume those in charge assumed it would be cheaper because it was shorter) Surely they would have considered all issues before changing the route? Or am I not understanding the Poole Council mentality.😎