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  1. gaffa

    Happy Birthday Kam

    Happy Birthday Kam Enjoy the day🎂
  2. Happy Birthday Jim Its YOUR day for Cake and Beer🎂🎂🍺🍺 Enjoy
  3. gaffa

    Evening trips ?

    Might even mean I can get to use my remote control searchlight . I haven't used it in anger since I bought the boat 13 years ago
  4. gaffa

    Evening trips ?

    Heads Up, Just thought I 'd share this as it seems an opportune post. Recently visited Porthcawl insurance to try and get some clarification on some of the restrictions on my Boat insurance. Re fishing at night . My insurance doesn't cover me if I go out in the dark and come back in the dark . It does cover going out in the light and coming back when its dark as it can be construed that there are many reasons that prevent you coming back before darkness sets in .eg tides,weather,bridge lifts etc etc. If night cover is required I think day skipper is the minimum required qualification as evidence of light and bouyage competence is required. 20 mile cover Also I tried to extend my 12 mile to 20 mile range on my policy but it required fitting an auxiliary means of propulsion not necessarily capable of getting you home (but recommended) but to keep the boat heading into the sea rather than risk broaching when beam on under engine failure. No room to fit one on mine but I do have a sea anchor drogue that would help under engine failure conditions. My cover is staying at 12 mile from nearest land as I never exceed that anyway It may be that an alternative insurer may have alternative views although I think most are looking to reduce their exposure to risk as my policy terms with the same insurer are becoming tighter each year. You only seem to find out your not covered when you make a claim😕 Worth checking yours guys I know a lot of you are with Porthcawl Insurance Brokers. Steve at Porthcawl is a great guy and very helpful and tied in with the local RNLI an ex small boat owner and knows his stuff. Needless to say I still get my insurance from him Peteg
  5. gaffa

    Happy birthday Derek

    Happy Birthday Derek
  6. gaffa

    Birthday greetings Adam

    Happy Birtday Adam Enjoy
  7. gaffa

    Happy Birthday Tony

    Happy Birthday Tony🎂 Enjoy the Day
  8. Tuesday 26/03/2019 and there was no sign of the air draft monitors having been repaired . It does look as though some access protection has been provided around the twin sails unit facing the old bridge but the display is still unreadable and the old bridge unit facing the twin sails is still as dead as a dodo. Anyone have any idea of the Poole Councils excuse I was under the impression that it was only going to take 2 weeks back at the end of February😣 I just can't understand what the problem is these units are not particularly sophisticated and calibration is pretty simple .....I almost contemplated offering my almost defunct company's services to sort them out..but I am still qualifying for the non trading period so can't do that. I suppose it's a money problem!!!!😕
  9. gaffa

    Birthday greetings Alan

    Happy Birthday Alan.  Enjoy the Day🎂
  10. gaffa

    Birthday greetings Tiderunner

    Happy Birthday Mike....Enjoy the Day🎂
  11. gaffa

    Going out again on Sunday

    Stuie you're very welcome to step aboard mine if you fancy it or are short of crew
  12. gaffa

    Going out again on Sunday

    I will be out on Tuesday also. Just getting the bait sorted tomorrow Looks like a good weather window
  13. gaffa

    switch to aluminium anodes

    Steve , That noble metal chart shows that the aluminium alloys range covers performance that may only be slightly better than mild steel up to nearly as non noble as Zinc. Basically you need a specific Anode alloy of Aluminium to be effective hence you need to be careful where and what you purchase. I assume unbranded cheapies won't meet the required specs and really expensive ones should hopefully exceed the specs however , there is a big difference in prices between suppliers/brands e.g Mcduff £23 solent anodes £7 for seemingly the same style I was able to find a datasheet from another supplier which gives a breakdown of constituent parts it might be useful to check against alternative suppliers before deciding on where and what to purchase datasheet Make sure whatever you purchase conforms to the correct MIL specs for sacrificial anodes and if they can't supply the spec ratings or datasheets walk away .....teaching you to suck eggs I know but better to be safe than sorry.... There's a lot of cr*p on the market Peteg
  14. gaffa

    Happy Birthday Dean

    Happy Birthday Dean
  15. gaffa

    Birthday greetings Mark & Dave

    Happy Birthday Guys