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    Happy Birthday Kev

    Happy Birthday Kev, Hope you have a good one Rob
  2. silverfish


    Guys, I see that the new Sonarcharts from Navionics can be viewed through their Webapp on their website for free now ( http://www.navionics.com/en/webapp ), may prove useful for those searching out new marks. These Sonarcharts are updated through people submitting sonar logs so in theory they should keep getting better and better. Rob
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    Many thanks, Brian, Yes thats me.
  4. silverfish


    Hi, I have been struck off aswell, paid via paypal. Thanks Rob
  5. silverfish

    150HP outboard which one?

    Yeah I totally agree, if only if there was a 'duffer' it would make my choice easier. It absolutely will make me smile, and I cant wait. Cheers Rob
  6. silverfish

    150HP outboard which one?

    Hi Guys, We are looking at getting the new Jeanneau MF 755. The question is which outboard? It will be a 150HP but which make would people opt for. I have had a number of different quotes from different dealers and the options are Yamaha, Suzuki, Etec or Mercury Verado. The best Price deal that I have recieved including the trade in for my current boat is for a 755 with an ETec. I have done a search on the forum and know their are lots of Etec owners in the club. Im interested to know if people are still happy with their performance, reliability, fuel efficiency etc. I can see the attraction of the benefits the Etec would bring ie service interval, torque etc but my concern is whether it will keep its value as well as the 4 strokes? also whether its life expectancy would be of a concern as I have read several comments on the web about them not being expected to last the test of time, anyone got any views on this? I have had a 4 stroke Suzuki before and it didnt miss a beat and I have seen many glowing reports about the Yamaha, so I think I would be happy with either of these but both these will be the more expensive option but as it will be used alot as a family boat to cruise as well as fish the quietness of the 4 strokes is an attraction. The other option is a Mercury Verado. Has anyone had any experience with this engine? I can only find old reviews on the web which suggest that fuel efficiency was an issue, but I have read that they have been redesigned in recent years and this has greatly improved. I would be very grateful if anyone had any views/advice on any of the engines. Many thanks Rob
  7. silverfish

    150HP outboard which one?

    Thanks for your comments guys most appreciated. Part of me would like to gamble on the Mercury, the thought of a supercharged 4 stroke sounds cool, but there is a niggling doubt in my mind for some reason, actually just got a price for a 755 with a Verado and when fully spec'd out the price is the same as another dealer is offering the same spec with a Yamaha fitted when comparing the change in price they have offered for my Beneteau Antares 6, the good reports I have seen may just sway me towards the Yam Thanks for your point Dave, good suggestion to check out the location of the service dealers. Think I will make some calls and check around. Thanks again Rob
  8. silverfish

    Blackwater Channel closures

    I did the same, I knew there was going to be a couple of days when it would be closed, but probably saw it was a week day when I looked at the notice and didnt take it in as I rarely get the chance to go out mid week, only problem was that I decided to take the day off and the chance of it being closed didnt really register, until it was too late. I would have expected something to be up at Cobbs but I didnt noticed anything about it. I picked up a buoy for half an hour for a cup of tea before heading back in and there were at least 6 other boats all trying to get out only to be dissappointed an turned back, so we werent the only ones.
  9. silverfish

    Fish ID

    Possibly some sort of Anchovy? the mouth looks similar to the Anchovy picture in this link http://www.fish.washington.edu/classes/fis...ad_pictures.htm Rob
  10. silverfish

    structure scan

    I think if I had the chance to buy a new unit I would seriously consider the Lowrance. Heres a couple of images, taken with my Humminbird. [/img] [/img] Rob
  11. silverfish

    structure scan

    Colin, I wouldnt rule the Lowrance out completely, as it does have alot of attractive features that the Humminbird doesnt like HD sonar and the ability to add HD radar these look really good. Also from the little that I have played around with Lowrance it does seem a little easier to use than the Humminbird. I dont see what they would do if Humminbird wins its legal case as there are units already out there, personally I think humminbird will probably allow them to make them and take a cut of their sales for the technology. If the Lowrance is well tuned from the off it shouldnt really matter that much that there potentially wont be any updates. One thing I would say about Humminbird though is the level of support with software upgrades is first class, they are always sending out free software improvements which include new features like the down imaging. There is also a large forum networks, that a couple of guys from humminbird regularly answer, and take note of new ideas for future upgrades. I got mine from Johnson outdoors UK. I have the 997 and I love it, but I believe there is a upgraded model out soon if not already the 998, which has a faster processor, the ability to display AIS radar and a serial connector at the back so you could run the image on a larger laptop screen I havent looked at the prices for a long time though. Rob
  12. silverfish

    structure scan

    Dan, The line in the middle of the scan is the water surface, so if it was a conventional 2d sonar this would be at the top of the screen.If you take the left side of the line down the middle, The dark colour is the water column, so from the water surface (where the transducer is positioned) to the sea bed when the image changes to a lighter colour this is the sea bed. The part of the image closest to the dark blue (water column) is whats under the boat and the further left on the image is whats to the left of the boat and the same applys to the right side of the image. Basically an easy way to get your head around it is to print the image, fold it in the middle and then fold it the other way where the dark turns into light blue. The last image, that of the tree has a traditional side image on the right, but the image on the left is from the new downimaging feature that humminbird released as a free software update recently after Lowrance relased their downscan. This is basically a more detailed version of a traditional 2d sonar and should be viewed in the same way as you would a normal fish finder. Rob
  13. silverfish

    structure scan

    Guys, I have a Humminbird 997c side scanner which I adore, I must admit I was looking at the Lowrance recently, and did like what I saw, especially as the Lowrance could do down scanning and the humminbird couldnt, However Humminbird have just released a free software update which allows this to be performed on the humminbird. The reason why im going on about humminbird is that I recently heard that Humminbird actually won the patent for the side imaging and they have actually filed a patent infringement against lowrance. http://news.moneycentral.msn.com/ticker/ar...127&id=11063125 If they win I dont know where this would leave the lowrance side imaging. I guess it would result in there being limited support and updates for the unit.
  14. silverfish


    I have caught a few triggers around July / Aug. A good place for them used to be around Boscombe pier, but I think with all the reef work it probably wont be so good, but like Alun says, rough ground close in around boscombe / bournemouth area should be a good place to start. I found that using a whole large prawn works well, and helps get through the Bream. Rob
  15. silverfish

    poole patch - the new carpark

    Thanks Corky I will bear that in mind next time I fish it. I have only really fished the very North West end on the bank myself, I have had lots and lots of pack Tope there nothing massive but good fun none the less. Rob
  16. silverfish

    poole patch - the new carpark

    Hi, Ive fished Dolphin Sands quite alot during the summer of the last two years but all I have managed to catch there are plenty of pack Tope, Do you fish the North or the South side of the bank? Thanks Rob
  17. silverfish

    Yanmar 4JH4-HTE flow rates + Navman 3200 Diesel

    Hi Guys Many thanks for the replies Rob
  18. Hi Everybody Im after some information on diesel flow rates for a Yanmar 4JH4-HTE. If anybody else has one and knows the answer I would be most grateful. The reason for my question is that I am looking at putting a Navman diesel 3200 flow meter in my boat as my readings on my current Fuel gauge with a floating sensor seem to be a bit dodgy, and the MPG readout on the Navman will be very useful indeed. I have read a few reviews on the Navman diesel 3200 and it seems to have mixed reviews so if anybody has had experience with one, I would appreciate any advise. Many Thanks Rob
  19. silverfish

    Hi Everybody

    Hello everybody I have enjoyed this most excellent site for the past couple of months, so decided it was time to register. My name is Rob and I am 24 yrs old.I have lived in Poole all my life and have fished for as long as I can remember mainly shore, however I bought my own boat a year ago now, a Antares Beneteau 650, which I might add is an excellent boat. As of yet there has been no impressive catches, due to me not really knowing exact marks but I will keep trying. look forward to chatting to everyone in the near future. Rob
  20. silverfish

    Utopia Tuesday

    Duncan After searching through endless mags I finally found the one. Unfortunately not sure it was worth the effort, not quite as exciting as I remembered. For a start it doesnt cover anvil point, instead it has from Warborrow Bay to Portland, it also hasnt really got any thing exciting on it! sorry to misinformed you. You are more than welcome to it though, hows best to show you, email? Whilst looking I also found a slight variation on the one above and also one which covers more north of the I.O.W, from Cowes to just East of Ryde Sand, dont know if these would interest anyone Cheers Rob
  21. silverfish

    Utopia Tuesday

    Excellent Fish Paul, lets hope we can all get into some quality Tope this summer. The general marks chart posted above for the East of the I.O.W, triggered my memory. Im sure Ive seen one similar for Poole bay in Sea Angler magazine (when it was good!), but have searched through my years of mags and can only find similar articles for the Solent and West of Anvil Point. Has anyone else ever seen this addition of Sea Angler Magazine? If so any info on the addition would be most grateful.