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  1. Mike Fox

    Cod comp....again

    Is it still on?
  2. Mike Fox

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Competition

    Well done Bobi, a great fish, on a difficult day. Nice to see a few club boats out there, and a few good fish caught. Thanks again Graham. Mike
  3. Mike Fox


    Hi Mick, I use the good old Met Office Inshore Waters Forecast for the official position. If they have a strong wind warning that other sites miss, at least I've been warned! https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/marine/inshore-waters-forecast#iw7 For medium/longer range stuff, I've used a German website for many years, and trusted it for my long-range passage planning, as well as planning fishing trips several days in advance. See here: http://www.wetterzentrale.de/en/panels.php?model=gfs&map=1&var=1&lid=OP It combines temperature (colours) and pressure (isobars). Click any of the 9 windows to expand it to give a detailed chart for the day. Mike
  4. Mike Fox

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Competition

    Marichelle- Mick & James ( Non member ) Sea Jay- Mike and Clare Boblin- Colin, Bobi, Peter Russel snr, Fisheagle- Allan and Dave L. Probably both Comps Stingray - Terry and Neal. Foxy Fisher III - Graham and Mike
  5. Mike Fox

    Alderney 2019

    I've had a couple of visits to St Pete in May in recent years and probably a couple of dozen before. The outer pontoons have fresh water and electricity now, and as Steve says are walk-ashore. They used to be quiet, but many English, French and Channel Island boat owners visiting have preferred staying "outside" with the ability to depart when they want. I would suggest that in good weather in May you could be rafted 2 or 3 deep on all of the outer pontoons, with boats being assigned slots on a first-come first-berthed basis, filling up all of the the alongside berths in the U-shaped blind alleys first, then rafting up, with the furthest berths rafted first. When it's 2 deep all over, they'll assign a 3rd boat both sides, and block the U-shaped slot if necessary. I arrived early in May 2017, was met by a Harby in a dory as usual, and ended up with two French boats outside, and several boats "in" in the U-shaped blind alley. It was a pig to get out, and needed other boat crews to move, and my planned 6 a.m. departure for Brittany turned into 7 a.m. Friendly warnings the night before had been forgotten with meals and wine ashore. Knocking loudly, smiling, and a bit of French definitely helps, and makes the exit more bearable for all. No Harbys were seen to aid departure! Suggestion: Talk to the harbourmaster. Explain you're leaving early and need a good position to depart. Two or three PBSBAC boats arriving together might be able to berth together, but still might get hemmed in. Failing that, try to tie outside of a larger boat, and hope no-one comes alongside you. St Pete is definitely an experience, and I wouldn't let the berthing hassles put you off. My personal preference if fishing the Schole Bank or area south of the Alderney Race would be Dielette and sleeping aboard. In good weather (with no wind in the NW). The outer marina is quiet, accessible 24*7 for shallow draughts, with a little commercial traffic only. Walkashore berths, decent showers, and straight to a popular restaurant. There's not much there, but it is spectacular and welcoming!
  6. Mike Fox

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    I had a great day out with Graham on Foxy Fisher III, but alas no cod here either. With few cod reported from the Needles area, we fished one of Graham's marks near the Dolphin Sands, and it was fish from first drop. A total of 51 fish slid over the side, with whiting to nearly 2lb, conger to 10-15lb, a handful of the obigatory dogfish, a solitary pout and a small-eyed ray. Shortly after lunch, the fish went totally off the feed, and we changed tactics on a closer mark, trying drifting over a few banks. Graham broke out his new slow jigging rod, and surprised both of us with a whiting first drop. A change of lure then caught another, and a massive hit that just might have been that elusive cod, but refused to come back. I can see why he was keen on trying it! We ended up having a really good day, and had it not been a cod comp, it would have been a perfect winter's day on the water! If anyone ever gets the chance to fish on Foxy Fisher III, I would definitely recommend it. An immensely capable boat, with a phenomenal electronics package, and an expererienced skipper who found fish in what seemed to have been a difficult day for most! I went to the weigh-in for the Poole Sea Angling Centre comp, and it was 29 competing anglers. Winning cod was under 5lb, winning whiting about 4lb, and the 2nd and 3rd cod prizes were awarded to next best two whiting. Hot and cold food was provided, and was enjoyed by all attending. Well done Andy for organising! Mike
  7. Mike Fox

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    On Graham's behalf... Foxy Fisher III with Graham and Mike
  8. Mike Fox

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    Thanks Graham, you have a Pm. Mike
  9. Mike Fox

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    I'd love to take part on 30th. Does anyone have space for crew?
  10. Mike Fox

    Happy birthday Neal - the big 60..

    Hope you can find a way to celebrate in style! Best wishes
  11. Mike Fox

    Twin Sails

    It might be interesting leaving the twin sails bridge up in the forecast wind in the next few days. I seem to recall they used to stop operating at about 40 knots due to the risk of damage while it was raised.
  12. Mike Fox

    Twin Sails

    I'd vote for a tunnel....
  13. Mike Fox

    Castaways Hamworthy

    Not seen anything online about this.... Drove past the Castaways tackle shop in Hamworthy today, and the shop name sign has been removed, the place has been gutted, and a major refurbishment is underway. Anyone know more?
  14. Mike Fox

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    The correct flare to use would be a white anti-collision flare, but if they haven't seen you already, I wouldn't wait for it to burn out before cutting lines. It all happens incredibly quickly, partly as a result of speeds, but also the delay in identifying and confirming a potential collision., and the fact the horizon is only 3 miles away on a calm day, if your eyes are 6' above sea level, meaning threats are always identified late. The best item of safety equipment in this situation is the hand bearing compass, spotting a likely risk, and if the bearing remains constant, it is. Regretfully, an angling skipper isn't really ever off watch, even though they'd like to be.
  15. Mike Fox

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    I was at anchor on the 100' contour a few years ago, and had the seacat ferry come straight at me, despite flying an anchor ball and being off his normal direct path. I called him on ch 16 on full power, asking him to change course immediately to avoid a collision, which he did, but not after complaing I shouldn't be anchored there. His wash from quarter of a mile away at his 30 knots was considerable. I mention this for 3 reasons: - No airhorn would have worked. Relying on one would have given a false sense of security - Vhf 16 only worked because of positive identification and a manned bridge (note that ais might help in some cases) - Ultimately you might be in the right, but dead, with a fast unidentifiable vessel not taking care. I agree with those comments that you still have to keep a good lookout while at anchor, be prepared to cut fishing lines and drop a buoyed anchor, and have to be prepared to move quickly at the last moment. Comments about improved awareness campaigns all make sense, but will never legislate for the numpties.