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  1. Reason to wear a lifejacket

    Horrifying.... https://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/906397/Viral-video-watch-fishermen-Oregon-boat-crash-save-life Mike
  2. Overhead safety harness rail

    I have strong webbing tapes secured to strong points on both side decks. My lifejacket has an integral harness, and I use a safety line to clip onto the webbing line when leaving the safety of the cockpit in boisterous conditions and moving forwards. The clip on the lifeline slides along smoothly, and doesn't restrict my movement. I have a diesel engine, use autopilot a lot, and have no kill cord. If I was out solo with this arrangement, there is a risk I'd be dragged along until something (or someone) stopped the boat, but I'd still be attached to the boat. If I was with crew, I'd be spotted as missing, and I'd be attached to the vessel for the first stage of MOB recovery. I consider it safer than watching the vessel disappear without me.
  3. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    Well done Stuie, and Kev for putting him on the fish!
  4. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    I'm available to help crew, contribute to fuel etc. Am keen to defend my title from last year! Mike
  5. West Country adventure

    Devastating to hear how your mako fishing was wrecked by the arrival of so much in the way of by-catch. Keep at it, and am sure you'll get one soon! Mike
  6. Making stuff from stainless steel

    Think Stainless Steve is Lymington based, and he can probably knock it up for you at a sensible price..... Else your'e looking at high speed drills, grinders, and specialist welding gear....
  7. November Cod Comp.

    Charlie, I'm looking for a boat for the cod comp to join as crew....I think mine will be too restrictive. Cheers, Mike
  8. Ex-hurricane Ophelia

    I have no desire to break this summer's speed record of 15.5 knots over the ground. Admittedly that was with 10 knots of tide, off Cap de la Hague, in the Alderney Race. It's just incredible to think some people have survived those conditions in boats...
  9. Ex-hurricane Ophelia

    Well, it's due to hit tomorrow. Glad we're not under the main track of it. See here for the forecast for Fastnet: Wind Cyclonic, mainly south or southwest, 5 to 7, increasing severe gale 9 to violent storm 11 later, occasionally hurricane force 12 (sustained winds of 64 knots or more) Sea state Moderate or rough, becoming high or very high later, occasionally phenomenal (wave height more than 14m) Weather Fair then rain. Visibility Good becoming poor. words in brackets are mine...
  10. 48 Hour Comp Weather Watch

    Thanks Alun
  11. 48 Hour Comp Weather Watch

    I was undecided about the 48 hour comp, but picked up some bait today, and might be out inshore tomorrow. Anyone have any recent advice as to what's in, and worth going for? Mackerel? Flatties? Bream? Pollack? any early Whiting?
  12. Personal MOB Alarm via AIS

    We have these fitted to our life jackets. A phenomenal bit of kit, that means you should be able to get back to the MOB even in significant waves, fog or darkness.
  13. Birthday greetings Allan

    A scary number Allan, hope you have a fabulous day. Mike
  14. AIS

    Ever considered a mast and sails, Martin?