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  1. rich

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    MegaByte - Brian, Keith G Serenity : Tony : Stuie Madness - Martin - Dean - +1 other Reel Bizzy - Dave Evans - Kev Couzens- maybe Jacob Givans Warren Rich & Alun
  2. rich

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    The heaviest flounder I caught today was a fraction under 2lb...no, no, no, sorry, the only flounder I caught today weighed in at......
  3. rich

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    1. MegaByte - Brian, Keith G 2. Marichelle....Mick & James (non member ) 3. Madness Dean & Martin & Jim 4. Sea Dream ,,, Neal & Stuie 5. Sea Jay.. Mike and Clare 6.Fisheagle- Allan and Dave L. 7. Warren - Rich & Alun
  4. rich

    Bob Horne Memorial - Flounder Comp

    1) Court Jester - Neal, Stuie, Steve Scott 2) MegaByte - Brian, Keith G 3) Kingfisher - Chris, Niggle, Dogfish Dave 4) Fisheagle- Allan and Dave L. 5) Madness - Martin, Dean + That young slim fella - ( Jim THE GNOME ) 6)Reel Bizzy Kev , Jacob and Dave 7) Marichelle - Mick, Crew TBA 8) Alfresco - Sam and Jayden 9) My Babby- Norman, Brian, Dan 10) Warren - Rich & Alun
  5. rich

    Flounder comp spaces

    1. Serenity - Tony- Nigel - Jim 2. Lofty. Kayak 3. Geordie Bri . Kayak 4. Madness - Martin - Dean - Daniel (junior) 5. Court Jester - Neil + crew TBA 6. Marichelle- Mick and James ( non member ) 7. Kingfisher - Chris W, Lester McCarthy, Steve S 8. Alfresco Charlie Sam, Jayden (junior) 9. Fisheagle. Allan G, Yann T+ TBA. 10. MegaByte. Brian + TBA 11. Reel Bizzy Kev - Jacob (junior) Dave 12. Warren Rich & Alun
  6. rich

    Flounder Comp.

    Having already altered some visits to around to enable me to fish the comp. I feel Anita's patience may wear a little thin if I suggest changing some arrangements around again. Also some people booked in for the flounder comp are already booked in to fish the cod comp on the Sunday. My vote would be to keep it to the Monday. Rich
  7. rich

    Flounder Comp.

    1) Court Jester Neal + crew TBA 2) yelo Jacob, Kev, plus more 3) Libby.. Martin c + crew TBA 4) Warren Rich + Alun (we have both re-arranged our days to try and stop Kev winning again)
  8. rich

    Flounder Comp.

    Next Wednesday is good for me. Rich
  9. rich

    48 Hour Competition

    Neal 48 / flatfish Comp - Paid Allan Green 48 / flatfish Comp - Paid John Stephenson 48 / flatfish Comp Dave Samuel 48 / flatfish Comp - Paid Stuie 48 / flatfish Comp - Paid Brian flatfish comp Thomas flatfish comp Dave Evans 48/ flatfish comp Tony Deavin + crew? flatfish comp / 48 hr comp TD only Rich Stephens flatfish comp / 48hr comp (shall pay Tony) Nigel Allen 48/flatfish comp Carol and Mike Fox - flatfish comp Chris Witheford - 48 / Flatfish Comp Kev Couzens - 48 / flatfish comp Charlie Chapman - 48hr / Flatfish comps. Sam Chapman - 48hr / Flatfish comps Steve Scott - 48Hr / Flatfish comps.
  10. rich

    Cod Flatfish Ray Comp - 17th Nov

    Many thanks Tony for a most enjoyable day out on Serenity. The first mark eventually had an assortment of club boats on it. One with an outboard "Fisheagle," another with a mast and lots of canvas "Frisky Fox," and of course us in a proper boat. The fishing was very slow with a couple of whiting and plenty of dogfish being the only things landed. The target species were nowhere to be seen. Fortunately the banter and copious amounts of coffee helped keep spirits up. Despite a slight diversion on the way to the second mark we soon had the anchor down and Tony pulled in a small ray so it looked as if things were going to look up. The only things looking up after that were dozens of dogfish looking up at the side of Serenity. With the light fading we headed back. No prizes for anyone on this trip. Rich
  11. rich

    Police in the harbour

    This was sent to me by a person involved with the security at a local yacht Club. This can only be good news. " I attended a meeting of Poole Harbour Watch this morning at which the new Police Commissioner was present and there is good news for boat owners. He has kept his promise and the Marine Police Section will remain in existence in Poole. There will be one Sergeant and two full time Constables supported by, initially, 7 Special Constables ( already trained) with more to come when trained. Indeed we may well see more patrols in the Harbour as the PHC have agreed that the harbour patrol vessel may carry Police Officers for much of the time it is on patrol." Rich
  12. rich

    Flounder Comp - this Sunday

    1) Court Jester - Neal, Stuie, Brian (aka Cabin Boy) 2) Kingfisher - Chris, Stu (non member) Jim Davies 3] Alfresco - Charlie, Graham [room for more if anyone wants to join us] 4] Serenity - Tony, Martin 5] Wight Magic-Dave ,Kev 6) Warren - Rich, Alun
  13. rich

    Flounder comp

    Tony, Following our conversation I have added my name to the list. We can't both blank two years running.......can we? Rich
  14. rich

    Flounder Comp - this Sunday

    1) Court Jester - Neal + crew TBA 2) Serenity - Tony + Rich 3) MegaByte - Brian + Mark + Thomas and Tamzin (Juniors) 4] Wight Magic -Dave- Kev 5) Lofty,Barto, Geordie Bri.( kayak group)
  15. rich

    Rod holders for sale

    All now sold. Rich
  16. rich

    Rod holders for sale

    I have a set of 4 rod holders for sale. They are the rail mounted multi position type. They usually sell for about
  17. rich

    Stolen outboards

    Not sure if this has already been posted elsewhere, but it's worth repeating. This week about midnight on Tuesday 13th Noevmber, a number of large outboards engines were stolen from boats at from a boat yard at Christchurch. Extensive examination of CCTV shows that 2 slim males arrived and checked out the premises the previous day for some time, before returning later that evening and apparently hiding tools and equipment required near to the yard. The offenders then remained overnight nearby before leaving in the early hours of the morning. The same vehicle was seen to return about 11pm on Tuesday whereby they broke into the yard and removed and stole outboards engines. They were in the yard for over 2 hours, just out of view of CCTV. Planks, wheelbarrows and tools were brought to the scene to assist them with the theft. It is quite likely that the offenders are not local and may have travelled to the area. In the past when this has happened, similar thefts have occurred in Dorset in the following weeks, in particular Ridge Warfe at Wareham and Shell Bay Marine, but maybe others as well. Attached are three CCTV images of the vehicle believed to be involved which is quite distinctive. The vehicle is Turquiose Blue in colour and is believed to be a Seat Alhambra (Could be a VW Sharan). The observant amoungst you, will see that a distinctive feature at the time was, that it only had one silver hub cap on the front nearside. The other three wheels are black. If a similar or matching vehicle is seen around marina's or yards, please make a discrete note of the registration number and description of occupants and contact Dorset Police immediately quoting crime number C:12:D:048017 as Police would obviously like to speak to the occupants of the vehicle. It is NOT necessary to ask for the marine section directly as a local response officer will be sent to deal initially PC 1521 Tristan Oliver Dorset Police Marine Section, Poole Officer in Case for the crime PC 1002 Anderson Dorset Police Marine Section. Poole Rich
  18. rich

    Twin Sails bridge

    I recently attended a Poole Area Committee meeting at Hamworthy. This was attended by half a dozen Councillors and Steve Dean who is Poole Councils Senior Transport Engineer. I raised the following points. 1) The traffic lights (for mariners) on the new bridge are very difficult to see unless you are directly in line with them. With the sun shining on them they are almost impossible to see. Steve Dean is going to look into this and has promised to get back to me. 2) The new bridge has been years in the planning so why have we had three different timetables in three months and even the most recent is only a temporary one? The meeting was told that as with any new procedure the Council were having to adjust the timetable as things settled down. 3) I told the meeting that the Council had been economic with the truth regarding the holding bay between the bridges. I added that the boating fraternity reluctantly accepted that a holding bay was inevitable but could not accept having to wait up to forty minutes for the next bridge sequence before being able to exit the holding bay. I added that that boat users brought prosperity and employment to the area. If they are to be treated like second class citizens, they will simply up anchor and move elsewhere taking valuable revenue with them. I finished by saying that mariners who have to negotiate the new bridge are referring to it as the "Two Fingers Bridge" because that is how we perceive the council's attitude to be towards us. My accusations were denied and my comments noted. Probably won't get us anywhere but I felt better getting it off my chest. Rich
  19. rich

    Twin Sails bridge

    This is the reply I have recieved from the Council. Dear Mr Stephens, I understand that at the last Hamworthy and Poole Town Centre Area Committee, held on 11th April you raised two concerns: Marine Traffic Signals: I understand that you are concerned that the marine traffic signals on the new bridge are not bright enough. I can confirm that although the Harbour Master approved the signals several months ago it has become apparent that as the intensity of the sun has increased as we approach the summer the visibility of the signals in some conditions is unacceptable. A trial with an alternative type of lamp is being undertaken during w/c 14th May and if successful all the other signals will be changed as soon as the replacement units are available (up to 2 months delivery time). Lifting Schedules: The schedules were developed by the Bridges Operating Board (BOB) which has a bias of members with maritime interests. Since the introduction of the schedules for the two bridge system BOB has requested further changes to address mariners concerns and the Council has very quickly made all the changes proposed. BOB are meeting again on 21st May when further changes will be considered. The Council has worked hard with the maritime community to develop the optimum solution for the two bridge system, however as users and operators gain experience it is likely that the schedules will be developed further. We welcome comments on the two bridge system as we recognise as with any major change such as this there will be a settling in period and the need to made adjustments to achieve the best operating conditions. Regards, John Rice Engineering Manager Transportation Services Tel. (01202) 26 2111 Borough of Poole Rich
  20. rich

    Twin Sails bridge

    I have spoken face to face with several councillors and the Harbour Master and bet them all that as soon as the Twin Fingers bridge has proved reliable that they would decommissin the old bridge. They have all categorically denied this and all said that it has never been discussed. I wonder, bearing in mind that the old bridge is nearly 90 years old and sinking! How can the council afford to maintain two lifting bridges in these times of constraint? Rich
  21. rich

    Flounder Comp - Bob Horne Memorial

    1. Martin- AWOL + none member 2. Tony + TBC with extensive knowledge of harbour and a good back( with heater) 3. Alun Jones and 4. Paul Frey ....on Gastronaught 5. mark winfield kayak 6. Ian Jones - JV 7. Bob Fuller - JV 8. Steve Johnston - Kayak 9. Gary Austin prodigy 10. Charlie Chapman prodigy 11. Stuart Cooper - Sea Dream 12. Brian Murrey - Sea Dream 13. Lofty- kayak 14 Geordie Brian- kayak 15. Richard Stephens on Serenity
  22. For info only and this refers of course to the "Old" Poole bridge The lifting bridge between Hamworthy and Poole Quay will be out of use and in the "up" position from midnight on Tuesday the 30th November to 2359hrs on Wednesday 30th due to industrial action. No vehicles or pedestrians will be able to cross. We advise you to make alternative travel arrangements. Never seems to happen when the weather is good and we could get unrestricted passage from Cobbs. Rich
  23. Please note these changes to Poole bridge lifting times. Borough of Poole PR 639 23/11/2011 [For Immediate Release] Changes To Poole Bridge Lifting Schedule Temporary changes to the lifting schedule for Poole Bridge will be in place from Monday 28 November 2011. On weekdays (Monday to Friday) the 2.30pm and 4.30pm bridge lifts will be cancelled and replaced with a single bridge lift at 3.30pm. All other bridge lifts will remain unchanged. The revised schedule, to allow completion of work on the new Twin Sails Bridge, will continue until early 2012 when a new timetable will be introduced for the operation of a two bridge system. Councillor Xena Dion, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Transportation, Borough of Poole, said: "The revised schedule will help the contractor during the final stages of construction to complete the Twin Sails Bridge. Motorists will be alerted via the variable message road signs in the area. We apologise for any inconvenience that this temporary change may cause." The full schedule of lifting times can be found on boroughofpoole.com/poolebridge. Rich
  24. Managed to get Anita up (reasonably) early and set of from Cobbs in glorious sunshine for a day out on Warren. We got as far as the lifeboat station only to find a marine exclusion zone in place 100 meters either side of the new bridge construction.... and it was'nt only us that was caught out! PLEASE NOTE The Blackwater channel is closed from 0800 - 1800hrs today, Thursday 14th July. It is also going to be closed on Monday the 18th July and Wednesday 20th July for the same time period. I would advise you checking the PHC website for conformation. I was under the impression that the channel would be kept open for shipping throughout the bridge construction. Rich
  25. rich

    Bob Horne Memorial - Sun 2nd Jan

    .) Adam F - JV 2.) Alun J. 3.) Paul F. .......we will either be on Gastro or Imagine 4.) Martin AWOL 5.) Dean AWOL .) Crew AWOL Anyone want a ride out? 7) Dave Evans WIGHT MAGIC 8) Steve Morris WIGHT MAGIC 9) Graham (Little Sal) 2 non members as crew. 10) Kev and 1non member on YELO 11) Bob F - JV 12) Little Rob - JV 13) Colin - Boblin 14) Bobi - Boblin 15) Mick Barnes Wight Magic 16) Serenity - Tony deavin +? terry bartell to confirm 17) Rich - Warren 18) Mike fox - Warren 19) Neal Sturt - Court Jester 20) John Young - Court Jester 21) Sereity - Rob Francis (her heater did not effect my choice of craft, much!!!) 21) Allan Green and Dave Samuel - Kind of Magic. 22) George - Warren