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  1. rich

    Tuesday 4th. Dec.

    If the flounders are listening on channel 6, they are not responding!
  2. rich

    Flounder Comp.

    The lack of flounders appears to be the same in Christchurch as well.
  3. rich

    Flounder Comp.

    The distinct lack of flounders at this time of year may not encourage a lot of members to fish the comp. Would it be prudent to postpone the comp. until early January, in the hope that the "flatties" make a showing? Global warming perhaps! Rich
  4. rich

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    MegaByte - Brian, Keith G Serenity : Tony : Stuie Madness - Martin - Dean - +1 other Reel Bizzy - Dave Evans - Kev Couzens- maybe Jacob Givans Warren Rich & Alun
  5. rich

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    The heaviest flounder I caught today was a fraction under 2lb...no, no, no, sorry, the only flounder I caught today weighed in at......
  6. rich

    Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    1. MegaByte - Brian, Keith G 2. Marichelle....Mick & James (non member ) 3. Madness Dean & Martin & Jim 4. Sea Dream ,,, Neal & Stuie 5. Sea Jay.. Mike and Clare 6.Fisheagle- Allan and Dave L. 7. Warren - Rich & Alun
  7. rich

    Bob Horne Memorial - Flounder Comp

    1) Court Jester - Neal, Stuie, Steve Scott 2) MegaByte - Brian, Keith G 3) Kingfisher - Chris, Niggle, Dogfish Dave 4) Fisheagle- Allan and Dave L. 5) Madness - Martin, Dean + That young slim fella - ( Jim THE GNOME ) 6)Reel Bizzy Kev , Jacob and Dave 7) Marichelle - Mick, Crew TBA 8) Alfresco - Sam and Jayden 9) My Babby- Norman, Brian, Dan 10) Warren - Rich & Alun
  8. rich

    Flounder comp spaces

    1. Serenity - Tony- Nigel - Jim 2. Lofty. Kayak 3. Geordie Bri . Kayak 4. Madness - Martin - Dean - Daniel (junior) 5. Court Jester - Neil + crew TBA 6. Marichelle- Mick and James ( non member ) 7. Kingfisher - Chris W, Lester McCarthy, Steve S 8. Alfresco Charlie Sam, Jayden (junior) 9. Fisheagle. Allan G, Yann T+ TBA. 10. MegaByte. Brian + TBA 11. Reel Bizzy Kev - Jacob (junior) Dave 12. Warren Rich & Alun
  9. rich

    Flounder Comp.

    Having already altered some visits to around to enable me to fish the comp. I feel Anita's patience may wear a little thin if I suggest changing some arrangements around again. Also some people booked in for the flounder comp are already booked in to fish the cod comp on the Sunday. My vote would be to keep it to the Monday. Rich
  10. rich

    Flounder Comp.

    1) Court Jester Neal + crew TBA 2) yelo Jacob, Kev, plus more 3) Libby.. Martin c + crew TBA 4) Warren Rich + Alun (we have both re-arranged our days to try and stop Kev winning again)
  11. rich

    Flounder Comp.

    Next Wednesday is good for me. Rich
  12. rich

    48 Hour Competition

    Neal 48 / flatfish Comp - Paid Allan Green 48 / flatfish Comp - Paid John Stephenson 48 / flatfish Comp Dave Samuel 48 / flatfish Comp - Paid Stuie 48 / flatfish Comp - Paid Brian flatfish comp Thomas flatfish comp Dave Evans 48/ flatfish comp Tony Deavin + crew? flatfish comp / 48 hr comp TD only Rich Stephens flatfish comp / 48hr comp (shall pay Tony) Nigel Allen 48/flatfish comp Carol and Mike Fox - flatfish comp Chris Witheford - 48 / Flatfish Comp Kev Couzens - 48 / flatfish comp Charlie Chapman - 48hr / Flatfish comps. Sam Chapman - 48hr / Flatfish comps Steve Scott - 48Hr / Flatfish comps.
  13. rich

    Cod Flatfish Ray Comp - 17th Nov

    Many thanks Tony for a most enjoyable day out on Serenity. The first mark eventually had an assortment of club boats on it. One with an outboard "Fisheagle," another with a mast and lots of canvas "Frisky Fox," and of course us in a proper boat. The fishing was very slow with a couple of whiting and plenty of dogfish being the only things landed. The target species were nowhere to be seen. Fortunately the banter and copious amounts of coffee helped keep spirits up. Despite a slight diversion on the way to the second mark we soon had the anchor down and Tony pulled in a small ray so it looked as if things were going to look up. The only things looking up after that were dozens of dogfish looking up at the side of Serenity. With the light fading we headed back. No prizes for anyone on this trip. Rich
  14. rich

    Police in the harbour

    This was sent to me by a person involved with the security at a local yacht Club. This can only be good news. " I attended a meeting of Poole Harbour Watch this morning at which the new Police Commissioner was present and there is good news for boat owners. He has kept his promise and the Marine Police Section will remain in existence in Poole. There will be one Sergeant and two full time Constables supported by, initially, 7 Special Constables ( already trained) with more to come when trained. Indeed we may well see more patrols in the Harbour as the PHC have agreed that the harbour patrol vessel may carry Police Officers for much of the time it is on patrol." Rich
  15. rich

    Flounder Comp - this Sunday

    1) Court Jester - Neal, Stuie, Brian (aka Cabin Boy) 2) Kingfisher - Chris, Stu (non member) Jim Davies 3] Alfresco - Charlie, Graham [room for more if anyone wants to join us] 4] Serenity - Tony, Martin 5] Wight Magic-Dave ,Kev 6) Warren - Rich, Alun