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  1. 2006holmwood

    Is the Bridge saying something?

    now can we have a fixed bridge, Woolston in Soton has a shorter span and they get big ships under it.
  2. 2006holmwood

    Fuel prices

    and very expensive council pensions
  3. 2006holmwood

    Fuel prices

    And very expensive councilers
  4. 2006holmwood

    Fuel prices

    But this is only happening in Poole area , spoke to a guy from l/pool and it`s only 6p difference up there.
  5. 2006holmwood

    Twin Sails

    I don`t think your boat would go through a tunnel
  6. 2006holmwood

    Fuel prices

    Don`t know if anyone has noticed this but all the garages in Poole seem to have 10p difference between petrol and diesel . it doesn`t matter how much petrol is diesel is 10p dearer,just wondered why this is.
  7. 2006holmwood

    Twin Sails

    what`s a local bobby
  8. 2006holmwood

    Servicing time, (recommendations)

    Allways used Yellow Penguin ,never any problems. Olli also uses Boat Butler for cleaning and polishing. between them they should be able to do what you need.
  9. 2006holmwood

    Hello all

    Welcome to the club, had a warrior 175 great boat. speak to BrianR on here he`s got a 165.
  10. 2006holmwood

    Pilot 500

    From what I can remember reading boat is not very stable as too small for a pilothouse. allmost sure there is a write up on WSF.
  11. 2006holmwood

    Ray Competition

    Lady V will be out sat, Nigel, me and Pete(n/mem).
  12. 2006holmwood


    welcome to club ,No permit needed in Poole harbour. if launching at baiter slip it`s £15 for all day which includes launch and parking, also includes harbour dues. bear in mind it is a shallow slip. As Stuie says turn left (port) as you leave harbour and there are miles of sandy beach. the training bank is marked by posts on your right, advise not to cross unless high tide very rocky. Good luck with the fishing. Mick.
  13. 2006holmwood

    One chance to fix our fisheries

    Come on lads and lasses, with the amount of members we have 7 is rather low'
  14. 2006holmwood

    One chance to fix our fisheries