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  1. Dutch electric pulse fishing

    There is a petition to try and stop this on WSF
  2. Hi sorry I have not been in touch if still  available is it possible to take a look tomorrow if so can you ring or text on 07770963404 many thanks nick

  3. For sale 2007 Mercury 4hp 4 stroke SOLD

    Hi Martin, Its a long shaft. Mick.
  4. For sale 2007 Mercury 4hp 4 stroke SOLD

    Hi Nick . Engine is still available, just checked and has external tank plug so you can use another fuel tank. Mick.
  5. Site upgrade and server move

    Hi Oli, I like the new site,only problem I have is when I click on site it says I do not have permission to view this page. But I just click on forums and its all there. Mick.
  6. I dont seem to catch any anyway
  7. Top rod rings

    Sounds like you need more rod to use them up
  8. Trim Tabs - Orkney Pilothouse 20

    Have you thought about electric trim tabs so much easier to fit.
  9. Looking at a new boat

    I got mine from Force 4 where I got the trim tabs,give them the part no as in Brians post,
  10. Looking at a new boat

    I also meant to say to get the retracter kit so you can lift the trim tabs level when launching . Any problems give us a shout. Mick.
  11. Another new member

    Its also a lot more money.
  12. Looking at a new boat

    The gross weight will mean you need a braked trailer for this set-up. bear in mind the Honda is a heavy engine. Even with the 2 stroke on ours it was over the unbracked limit. We used to tow ours with a Mondeo 2.0 diesel no problem.
  13. Pink Salmon - guidelines

    I have a tin in my cupboard should I report it. Sorry couldnt resist
  14. Looking at a new boat

    Hi Mike, really good looking boat, what year is the boat. our boat had a 50hp 2 stroke and it went ok,later upgraded to a 70 hp 4 stroke wanted a 60hp but was none in UK. Fitted self leveling trim tabs and it made a big improvement. only a small thing but check transom bung is not split . as Coddy says check trailer brakes and bearings,we fitted bearing savers and a brake flushing kit. The Elite is a good boat and is easy to launch and retrieve. Have a look on Coddys site he does a good review. any questions just let me know. Mick.
  15. Engine change

    Must admit I have always had boats small enough to run outboards,never had a inboard. I do seem to see a lot of boats with legs in bits being repaired,not so with an outboard. also to remove outboard is 4 bolts. I would agree with Mike Fox that it would be less hassle to change boats, you should have no problem selling yours as a lot of people are going over to outboards.