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  1. 2006holmwood

    Twin Sails

    There`s always been one fault with this bridge, THEY BUILT IT.
  2. 2006holmwood

    Recycle old fishing Line & Braid

    Any tackle shop can get a bin and join the scheme, must be some tackle shops in your area.
  3. 2006holmwood

    Recycle old fishing Line & Braid

    Do you think we should to talk to Andy about a bin in his shop.
  4. 2006holmwood

    Baiter Park Slipway Monday

    Any Masons in club.😁
  5. 2006holmwood

    Baiter Park Slipway Monday

    There is at least 8 now and their in both the main c/park and slip c/park. why can`t the police move them on as soon as they try to get in.
  6. 2006holmwood

    Warrior 165 wanted

    haven`t you got one, might be able to persuade the boss to get a cabin.
  7. 2006holmwood

    Under 10m fleet consultation

    email sent
  8. 2006holmwood

    Oil rig in the bay

    They will extract the oil but drill from the shore , as they did before. don`t like the idea of the chemicals , but no oil means no fuel for your boat. or car or heating.
  9. 2006holmwood

    Are the Danish fishing fleet out of control.

    I may be wrong, but I think that a lot of our commercials sold their fishing quotas to foreign owners. If I am correct then you can`t blame them fishing our grounds . As we import more goods from Europe than we export I don`t think we will be subject to tariffs . They need our fish.
  10. 2006holmwood

    Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy birthday .
  11. 2006holmwood

    Baiter Slip

    If you let him know when the travelers arrive he could just park close by,cheap holiday.
  12. 2006holmwood

    Baiter Slip

    No overnight parking. Unless you join the travelling community .😠
  13. 2006holmwood


    I currently use BBC weather as i can also get tide times . Was told by someone at the start of week it would rain today, BBC site never showed it raining till today' Whats the best site for area Xchurch to Chesil beach. Cheers Mick.
  14. 2006holmwood

    Baiter Slip

    No Rob,Turned straight round and came back. The water is on, its one reason they go there Gypo`s dont use the paddling pool so no need to fix. Colin it`s £15 a day now ,unless you tow a caravan😁
  15. 2006holmwood

    Baiter Slip

    Went to launch at Baiter this morning , trailer park has been invaded by travellers again. even been supplied with toilets. Not the usual time of year for a staycation . Hoping for a really cold snap now.