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  1. 2006holmwood

    Heroes on the water Snowdonia

    Nice to see where the money goes. Keep up the good work.
  2. 2006holmwood

    Courses for a newbie

    We use Powerboat Training UK, their based at Cobbs Marina. They do special rates for PBSBAC.
  3. 2006holmwood

    Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme

    How do we get tackle shops in Poole to enter into this ?
  4. 2006holmwood


    under club members chit chat.
  5. 2006holmwood

    Birthday greetings Brian & Jamie

    Happy birthday both. Didnt think you were that old Brian.
  6. 2006holmwood

    MegaByte is for Sale (Withdrawn)

    Whilst still able to launch & retrieve will keep it. might look at selling in a couple of years.
  7. 2006holmwood

    MegaByte is for Sale (Withdrawn)

    Save even more money, I have one you can borrow
  8. 2006holmwood

    Poole Bridge

    What do you mean, its been open over a year, just not to vehicles
  9. 2006holmwood

    Dutch electric pulse fishing

    There is a petition to try and stop this on WSF
  10. Hi sorry I have not been in touch if still  available is it possible to take a look tomorrow if so can you ring or text on 07770963404 many thanks nick

  11. 2006holmwood

    For sale 2007 Mercury 4hp 4 stroke SOLD

    Hi Martin, Its a long shaft. Mick.
  12. 2006holmwood

    For sale 2007 Mercury 4hp 4 stroke SOLD

    Hi Nick . Engine is still available, just checked and has external tank plug so you can use another fuel tank. Mick.
  13. 2006holmwood

    Site upgrade and server move

    Hi Oli, I like the new site,only problem I have is when I click on site it says I do not have permission to view this page. But I just click on forums and its all there. Mick.
  14. I dont seem to catch any anyway
  15. 2006holmwood

    Top rod rings

    Sounds like you need more rod to use them up