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  1. crazy fred

    JoJo heads west, again!

    Well done rob a lot better than our trip but back down Sunday till we get fed up or weathered out
  2. crazy fred

    Let me tell you a tuna story

    No we go back next Sunday when the weather settles down .This means a lot more writing as the plan is the end of december .
  3. No I'm going mako fishing with lures!! At the End of this month for three months bound to get some unavoidable hookups with them damn tuna though but I'll try my best to avoid them .
  4. I've seen three different photos of people playing it perhaps they all had a go and why not . Looking at the photos the fish is probably dead no hose in its mouth to help keep it alive and keep its body temperature down and no photos of the release ??? And as for the weight you need the length and the girth to calculate . Same fish different angler the fish looking rather dead
  5. To rule out the throttle control unit out swap the plugs over so port becomes starboard and see if the problem reverts to the other engine . If so new control unit needed .
  6. crazy fred


    Vesper WatchMate not cheap though but very good and with wifi for up to 8 units .
  7. crazy fred

    Fish identification help!

    Does he get the smelt to chase the popper!!!
  8. crazy fred

    Smoothie grabs a surfer off Devon

    Would have been far more serious if it was a dog fish .
  9. crazy fred

    Birthday greetings Fred

    All ready got bus pass
  10. crazy fred

    Petition to mark pot / net gear

    Sorted fitted rope cutters !!
  11. crazy fred

    Spring Species Hunt

    Looks like Allan had two ballian wrass ?? Perhaps he meant ballan not baloon .