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  1. Spring Species Hunt

    I am available to crew if anyone has a slot and weather allowing.
  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Chairman

    All the best mate, get out there and enjoy the glorious weather
  3. Lazy old Tiddler

    There are some Russians doing it very cheap, I don't know of there contact details or the chemicals that they are using. They must be good as the Police and even the Government, are interested in them.
  4. Happy Birthday to Dave Lynes.

    Sorry it's late, but happy birthday Dave.
  5. Birthday greetings Greg

    We are very well although Cerrie must have had a dodgy chilli with her kebab as she finds it physically impossible to be away from the settee for more than 2 minutes
  6. Birthday greetings Greg

    I didn't realise until now that it was your birthday yesterday Greg, many happy returns. Cerrie and I went out and celebrated in parallel with you (unaware) and had a great time on Poole Quay.
  7. Happy Birthday Ian

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes, I went to Rome to watch the England game. Lots of culture and vino, although I had to drink lager due to the Italians lack of attention to ale stockists.
  8. Weather now looking better

    Reverse physiology on the weather gods Charlie, I reckon if I try not to get excited and don't buy bait, the weather has a chance to be good. Don't tell anyone my theory or plan, else it will all go T**s up.
  9. Weather now looking better

    Our trip on the 26th isn't looking promising Charlie.
  10. Happy Birthday Terry

    Many happy returns Terry
  11. Happy birthday Alfie

    All the best for the day/night, Cerrie & Ian
  12. November Cod Comp.

    Charlie I have a plan, if I set my heart on going out on the 19th, buy the bait, arrange family to do something expensive, get the gear ready, tie rigs, get excited etc then the weather will turn sh*t and it will get cancelled. That normally happens. We can then have a last minute trip on the 25th.
  13. Birthday greetings Mal, Andrew & Timmy

    Hope the day went well, many happy returns to the 3 of you.
  14. Happy Birthday Stuie

    I thought the reddish orange sky was dust from the Sahara, it might just have been your candles Stuie. Have a great time, Cerrie, Ian and the girls.
  15. Best all round boat multi....?

    Rob and Martin, thanks I feel better now that I know the wind is up. Reference reels, the Shimano TLD are another solid workhorse that are worth a look.