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  1. iansimpson63

    Happy Birthday Dean

    Happy Birthday Dean
  2. iansimpson63

    Birthday greetings Mark & Dave

    Happy Birthday, I have celebrated the day with a few beers and hope you do too.
  3. iansimpson63

    Alderney 2019

    Boats that have shown interest: Tigerfish - Confirmed - Crew - Steve, Terry, Alun. Reel Magic - Confirmed - Crew - Dave ? Alfresco - Confirmed - Crew - Charlie, Ian, Alan Kingfisher - Confirmed - Crew - Chris, Mal Madness - Confirmed - Crew - Martin, Dean Sweet Chariot - Possible Joint Venture - Possible
  4. iansimpson63

    Happy Birthday Hooky

    Many happy returns young man.
  5. iansimpson63

    Greg, David, & spNOam

    Wishing you a very happy birthday, keep smiling, Ian & Cerrie
  6. iansimpson63

    Happy birthday Martin

    Many happy returns mate, fancy a snowball fight?
  7. iansimpson63

    Happy Birthday Brian

    A very happy birthday Brian, only 1 day younger than me.
  8. iansimpson63

    Happy Birthday Ian

    Thanks very much,I spent the majority of the day assembling Ikea bedroom wardrobe for child no2. Carrie did treat me to steak n chips and a pint at the bakers Arms for lunch. May have to celebrate fully in Alderney if the weather allows.
  9. iansimpson63

    Alderney 2019

    I donated a lot of money to the World Health Organisation in order to find a cure for Man Flu Chris. You not being able to quaff ale in Alderney (potential Eurovision song title perhaps) was a major setback to the social side of the trip, lets hope that we all stay healthy and the weather behaves.
  10. iansimpson63

    Alderney 2019

    I will be going on Alfresco, weather allowing, on 11/12 May with Charlie. Would anyone like me to contact Lidl in order to pre-book some of their excellent Special Reserve Port, don't want to miss out!
  11. iansimpson63

    One for the bird watchers!!

    I aim to please Greg.
  12. iansimpson63

    One for the bird watchers!!

    Under new EC and Shadow Government guidelines, all Aves are to be gender neutral (can't say birds as this has non-pc links to 1970s description of young female humans) . The young Aves are able to identify with their preferred gender if they so wish. No pressure should be placed on Aves to conform to stereotypes associated with their birth gender, therefore, terms such as Cock of the roost and old mother (ageist) Hen, should no longer be used. Hope that this helps and educates some of the non-pc amongst us.
  13. iansimpson63

    Happy Birthday Dave & Freddie

    All the very best Ian
  14. iansimpson63

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    Fisheagle- Allan G - Dave L. - Ray Ashby Madness – Dean B – Martin B – Mike B Kingfisher – Chris W – Nigel A Marlin – Greg – Rob S Foxy Fisher 3 – Graham B - Mike F Tigerfish – Steve S – Alun J Reel Magic – Dave – Mick - Graham Alfresco - Charlie C, Ian S & Alan W
  15. iansimpson63

    Happy birthday Neal - the big 60..

    Harry Bertday Missur Neal, hope the lady boys are looking after you and your birthday had a happy ending.