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  1. iansimpson63

    new member

    Hello Nigel and welcome.
  2. iansimpson63

    Alderney 2019

    Do I need Jacket & Tie?
  3. iansimpson63

    Alderney 2019

    You deserve us Uncle Charlie.
  4. iansimpson63

    Alderney 2019

    Watching with great hope, shall I go to Lidl for the special reserve port now or wait? I don't want to fork out over £5 a bottle if it won't get used in Alderney as it should only be consumed at ultra-special events.
  5. iansimpson63

    Birthday best wishes Charlie & Coddy

    Have a really great Birthday the pair of you, is that 70 or 75 Charlie?
  6. iansimpson63

    New family member

    Good looking boat mate, enjoy.
  7. iansimpson63

    Happy B'day Chris

    Very happy birthday Chris, enjoy the day. Ian & Cerrie
  8. iansimpson63

    Happy Birthday Tony

    Sorry it is late, hope it went well.
  9. iansimpson63

    Happy Birthday Dean

    Happy Birthday Dean
  10. iansimpson63

    Birthday greetings Mark & Dave

    Happy Birthday, I have celebrated the day with a few beers and hope you do too.
  11. iansimpson63

    Alderney 2019

    Boats that have shown interest: Tigerfish - Confirmed - Crew - Steve, Terry, Alun. Saturday Reel Magic - Confirmed - Crew - Dave ? Friday Alfresco - Confirmed - Crew - Charlie, Ian, Alan Madness - Confirmed - Crew - Mal, Chris Friday Sweet Chariot - Possible Joint Venture - Possible
  12. iansimpson63

    Happy Birthday Hooky

    Many happy returns young man.
  13. iansimpson63

    Greg, David, & spNOam

    Wishing you a very happy birthday, keep smiling, Ian & Cerrie
  14. iansimpson63

    Happy birthday Martin

    Many happy returns mate, fancy a snowball fight?
  15. iansimpson63

    Happy Birthday Brian

    A very happy birthday Brian, only 1 day younger than me.