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  1. Weather now looking better

    Reverse physiology on the weather gods Charlie, I reckon if I try not to get excited and don't buy bait, the weather has a chance to be good. Don't tell anyone my theory or plan, else it will all go T**s up.
  2. Weather now looking better

    Our trip on the 26th isn't looking promising Charlie.
  3. Happy Birthday Terry

    Many happy returns Terry
  4. Happy birthday Alfie

    All the best for the day/night, Cerrie & Ian
  5. November Cod Comp.

    Charlie I have a plan, if I set my heart on going out on the 19th, buy the bait, arrange family to do something expensive, get the gear ready, tie rigs, get excited etc then the weather will turn sh*t and it will get cancelled. That normally happens. We can then have a last minute trip on the 25th.
  6. Birthday greetings Mal, Andrew & Timmy

    Hope the day went well, many happy returns to the 3 of you.
  7. Happy Birthday Stuie

    I thought the reddish orange sky was dust from the Sahara, it might just have been your candles Stuie. Have a great time, Cerrie, Ian and the girls.
  8. Best all round boat multi....?

    Rob and Martin, thanks I feel better now that I know the wind is up. Reference reels, the Shimano TLD are another solid workhorse that are worth a look.
  9. Best all round boat multi....?

    I am enjoying the Penn Fathom 15, 2 speed at the moment, it is useful to select low gear when foul hooking a ray and pulling it up like a kite. Shop around as with all reels, the same model can vary in prices by 30%. Another good reel for shore and most boat work (haven't tried it with big stuff) is the Penn 525 mag 2 which have really dropped in price over the last few years. I bough this for shore fishing and take it as my reserve reel for boat. Very happy up tiding with this. Fully agree with Greg, clean after use and get Dave to service annually and they last for years (until a new shiny one catches your eye being used by a mate or in the shop). Currently sat in the house wondering where the wind is that made us cancel todays trip out, must be coming this afternoon.
  10. Happy Birthday Nigel and Barney

    All the best, Ian & Cerrie
  11. Ray Competition

    Great day out on Alfresco, Charlie has the weight details for the rays but I don't think we had any over 12lb 8oz ish. Quite a few rays land, plus lots of mackerel, doggies and a starry smooth hound. Superb fuel saving tip from Charlie on the way home and a special thanks to Dave. Great too be out and catching fish in good company.
  12. Ray Competition

    I have sent you a PM Charlie Cheers Ian
  13. Congratulations to Sam & Eileen

    All the best guys, hope it all went well.
  14. Happy Birthday Charlie.

    All the best for the day Kernow Ian
  15. Latest Angling Trust News

    I believe Dianne Abbott was asked how many anglers the angling manifesto quoted and her response was "it is a trusted report and I believe there were about 20 anglers - no maybe 12,000 - actually 4 million and they contribute £300 a year to the economy - perhaps £3 million or maybe £450 billion. Lilly Allen added her support to Abbott and said that anglers should stop targeting female Black Bream as this was sexist and racist. UKIP want to stop all non-indigenous species from entering UK waters whilst the SNP believe that all Omega 3 fish oil belongs to Scotland. Finally, I arranged months ago to have 3 days off this week for admin/fishing and despite going to church most Sundays as a boy, baby Jesus has decided to fart and belch the winds from Genesis to prevent my happiness. I really am looking forward to retirement, apart from the permanent smell of wee. Cheers Ian