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  1. Window

    Jim I was fully dressed all the time
  2. Hooky i also have a Navman fish 4430 fishfinder never been used needs transducer yours if you want it
  3. Hi hooky i have some rods and reels you are welcome too it may help and all the best with everything graham
  4. rods

    Yes but I always end up being the flounder
  5. rods

    I think you are right their Martin
  6. rods

    when do we get to use them
  7. Site upgrade and server move

    Whatever I go on I can’t get on the site without a lot of messing around it keeps telling me page doesn’t exist
  8. Site upgrade and server move

    like a lot of other old gits I'm totaly confused dot com
  9. plotter

    Yes Rob the motor will only start on good days so saves you fuel as well marvellous bit of kit
  10. plotter

    Hi Jim Not thought about it as yet but will keep you posted Graham
  11. plotter

    Hi I am upgrading my Lowrance HDS Gen3 Plotter 9 inch to a 12 inch HDS Carbon one has anyone have any knowledge about this plotter graham
  12. Top rod rings

    Yes I am down to my last 50 rods and that's not a joke
  13. Top rod rings

    got one of my rods out the other day to find that the top ring was damaged so got on fleabay and ordered 80 all sizes for £6.00 inc del and they are by the looks of them very good and I have lots of spares graham
  14. A mixed day on Fisheagle.

    About 4 years ago north of the spoils squid no stopping it Graham