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  1. gjb

    new member

    Hi and welcome aboard graham
  2. gjb

    Alderney 2019

    I would like to wish all those going on this trip a very safe and a very fishy time graham
  3. gjb

    Twin Sails

    Hi Alan thanks for letting me know about the ladder don’t know what happened to let it down but it lifts up and slides under the swim platform I think that I better get down tomorrow and have a look once again thanks very much graham
  4. gjb

    Twin Sails

    I have got the problem that I require petrol which is quite a limited places to get a mooring with this being on site there is a marina opposite brownsea but I have been told the mooring fees are about 1000.00 per year more and I can buy an lot of fuel for that
  5. gjb

    Twin Sails

    I think we’re due a refund on our harbour dues
  6. gjb

    Baked beans

    It’s all about wind martin it stops you fishing and lots of other things 😩😂
  7. Not that sell sea fishing stuff so I don’t visit them
  8. gjb

    Baked beans

    I am sat here pondering about global warming and the like . Through the ages the world has gone through vast temperature change, as for the dinosaurs was it there 4x4 or was it they were mainly vegetarian and the wind 💨 they passed causes there problem . So it’s the in thing to be a vegetarian so maybe this should be outlawed to save our planet but all in all i think it’s a very good time for governments to charge us more in taxes and the like , anyway have a great bank holiday and save our baked beans
  9. As all things recycled not a problem in theory but looking at the sites available they are all about 30 to 40 miles from myself where I live is well fished for trout and corse fishing but no where to dispose of line around here so I cut into short lengths and dispose of as I can graham
  10. gjb

    New family member

    Very very nice 👍 graham
  11. gjb

    Light setup recommendations

    Hi I am not sure what rod but I have just got the Penn Spinfisher V1 and very very please with the build quality and has waterproof body ideal for saltwater fishing graham
  12. gjb

    Trailer Winch

    Hi Jim the last time I bought a big winch was in a bar in Germany 🇩🇪 sorry that was a wench 😅 graham
  13. gjb

    Beach rods

    Daiwa sandstorm 12’ beach rod as new £85.00 Leeda piranha 15’ beach rod long surf as new £75.00 Any good to anyone as since my 2 back operations can’t use graham
  14. gjb

    Bass - EU Regs

    That sounds a bit fishy to me haha
  15. gjb

    Dead whale and plastics

    Because it’s somebody else’s job too pick it up like everything today others are responsible??