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  1. Hi mick sorry to hear about your wife I hope that all goes well see you soon graham
  2. So if you go by there readings and you damage your boat are they liable for the repair graham
  3. gjb

    Tuna report

    I can’t catch Bass let alone Tuna 😩 graham
  4. gjb

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    It’s a no from me and I think it’s a no from him
  5. gjb

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    Hi all Just a Quick thank you to Mike for making it a good day to be out and showing me how to fish in a new way to me graham
  6. gjb

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    hi mike if i can get out with the weather you are welcome to come out with me but but down to the gods graham
  7. gjb

    Christmas Day weather

    Maybe someone can explain to me how this works some 40 odd years ago I got married and I was everything that my wife wanted but she has spent the last 38 years trying to change me? And I don’t think I am the only one to experience this 😯
  8. gjb

    Christmas Day weather

    Keep them poorly shod and they won’t stray far from home or so I was told as a boy
  9. gjb

    A very merry Christmas

    Just to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and happy new year from sunny Salisbury and of course tight lines for 2019 graham
  10. gjb

    Christmas Day weather

    Go for it there seems to be more Christmas days than fishing days haha
  11. gjb


    Jim sporrans come in handy at times you would be surprised what I can get from mine 🤣
  12. gjb


    Thanks everyone for your help and yes rob I also wear mine when fishing to win och aye
  13. gjb


    Hi all l have a 91 year old father who wants to go fishing on Sunday he’s a no fear Scotsman but I thought I would ask the more local members about the weather the wind is forecast to drop but what do you think sea conditions are likely to be any help would be great thanks graham
  14. gjb


    All gone
  15. gjb


    It’s a form of box gutter most of the time you have to line it