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  1. gjb

    Uptide rig

    UPTIDE FISHING this was developed for fishing in waters up to 100 feet deep , so as the name say's cast away and uptide of the boat with a 6 to 8 ounce lead with quite long wire grips on play the line out when lead hit the sea bed do not keep pulling to see if it is holding but let the line keep flowing out until a bow of line is formed from your rod down tide and back up to the lead when a bite is seen do not strike but reel in quickly until the fish can be felt then play as per norm
  2. gjb

    Uptide rig

    paternosters are 1 hook above the other with the lead on the bottom hooks are on about 6 inch or more snoods off the main line
  3. gjb

    Uptide rig

    No a flapper is a fish used for bait split from head to tail with the middle removed to leave the two sides to flap with the hook in its head
  4. gjb

    Uptide rig

    Hi when you cast put the hook over the wire of the lead and cast, let the line out steadily to form a bow down tide back to the boat and you should be fishing don’t make your hook length to long graham
  5. gjb

    Uptide rig

    Running ledger with 4/0 hook either pen all or single and appropriate lead graham
  6. gjb


    Hi Jerry i did not pay that much money for it 150 ish I think 6’6’’ very whipy as I say I will give it a try graham
  7. gjb


    Got myself a new slow jig rod from north Africa when on my hols it has line rings that start off as norm for multiplier then they go around the rod so they are fishing the other side never seeen any thing like it but will give it a go graham
  8. gjb

    Reels for sale ( Both now sold )

    Cheers Dave picked up the reel today thanks very much graham
  9. gjb


    sorry no bass at all this year where ever you are unless you are in the supermarket graham
  10. gjb

    Reels for sale ( Both now sold )

    Dave If you can send me your address I will send you the money last time you put the reel on my boat but I will speak with you about that when you have the money cheers graham
  11. gjb

    Reels for sale ( Both now sold )

    hi Dave can I have the Abu thanks graham
  12. gjb

    Bass Competition

    Well done
  13. gjb

    Tiddler out again.

    hi Jim I always want to go with the woman I love but the wife won't let me