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  1. gjb


    Jim sporrans come in handy at times you would be surprised what I can get from mine 🤣
  2. gjb


    Thanks everyone for your help and yes rob I also wear mine when fishing to win och aye
  3. gjb


    Hi all l have a 91 year old father who wants to go fishing on Sunday he’s a no fear Scotsman but I thought I would ask the more local members about the weather the wind is forecast to drop but what do you think sea conditions are likely to be any help would be great thanks graham
  4. gjb


    All gone
  5. gjb


    It’s a form of box gutter most of the time you have to line it
  6. gjb


    that's the one i have 2 for sale
  7. gjb


    They are going cheap make a offer
  8. gjb


    I didn’t know that John-Wilson had passed a way sad news
  9. gjb

    Is the Bridge saying something?

    I think if that happens cobbs quay would be in trouble with the amount of people wanting money back for not being able to use their boats?????
  10. gjb

    Is the Bridge saying something?

    Yes very odd in Scotland I think they are all free now
  11. gjb


    hi i have 2 navionics charts for sale 1/ start point to chichester x2 2/ English channel PL+XL Platinum + x2 offers please if any good to anybody graham
  12. gjb

    Fuel prices

    i was shooting with a chap from the USA he was one of the top top men in the oil trade and i said to him whilst having dinner when are you going to send us some of your cheap oil , his answer was we all ready do you have a very greedy Government i think he's right
  13. gjb

    Fuel prices

    because they want you to stop buying diesel cars green house things
  14. gjb

    Christchurch Entrance

    30 years ago I had a boat at the pub at tuckton bridge and can’t recall as many problems then apart from it was very very fast tide through the harbour entrance maybe they looked after the in and out better then graham
  15. gjb

    Christchurch Entrance

    I think Christchurch is for the rich and famous summer residents don’t have to think about this in the winter as they are in the sun 🌞 haha graham