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  1. gjb

    Trailer Winch

    Hi Jim the last time I bought a big winch was in a bar in Germany 🇩🇪 sorry that was a wench 😅 graham
  2. gjb

    Beach rods

    Daiwa sandstorm 12’ beach rod as new £85.00 Leeda piranha 15’ beach rod long surf as new £75.00 Any good to anyone as since my 2 back operations can’t use graham
  3. gjb

    Bass - EU Regs

    That sounds a bit fishy to me haha
  4. gjb

    Dead whale and plastics

    Because it’s somebody else’s job too pick it up like everything today others are responsible??
  5. gjb

    Super anti foul trick

    Hi i am all for saving money and keeping the boat clean my only concern is some anti fouling was removed from the market for environmental reasons with this in mind our we going to damage the seas we spend most of our time trying to protect ? Just a thought graham
  6. gjb

    Are the Danish fishing fleet out of control.

    My family are based in NE Scotland and fishing was there way of life Fraserburgh and Peterhead was vibrant with fishing boats but have all but left the industry because they couldn’t bear to see dead fish being thrown back instead of adjusting the quotas another way Sad
  7. gjb

    Hard mono for shark trace.

    I forgot to say Allan I use a wire bite trace to the hook
  8. gjb

    Hard mono for shark trace.

    Hi Allan i have some Ultima seastrike XT 150lb 1.5mm if that is any good for your needs just let me know graham but I only have 650 mtrs haha
  9. gjb

    Are the Danish fishing fleet out of control.

    Well 2 against the EU and 1 for
  10. gjb

    Are the Danish fishing fleet out of control.

    Not an option Brussels will not allow gonads health and safety 👎
  11. Hi mick sorry to hear about your wife I hope that all goes well see you soon graham
  12. So if you go by there readings and you damage your boat are they liable for the repair graham
  13. gjb

    Tuna report

    I can’t catch Bass let alone Tuna 😩 graham
  14. gjb

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    It’s a no from me and I think it’s a no from him
  15. gjb

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    Hi all Just a Quick thank you to Mike for making it a good day to be out and showing me how to fish in a new way to me graham