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  1. TomBettle

    New Forum question?

    One for Paul D I suspect. I haven't been around as much as I used to be for sometime and so the new forum layout is provig a little challenging for me. I used to live by the scrolling bar that told of new posts on the old site. I'd pop in, see what was current and comment if need be. Is there anything like that on the new site as now I struggle to view the very latest posts? Sorry for being thick. Tom
  2. TomBettle

    Jeanneau Boats.

    It's been a pleasure helping you Allan. I hope your new boat will be everything you hope for and more. Charlie, she is ashore with me at PBY and looking pretty good.
  3. TomBettle

    REDFINN 6000 (any info)

    Haha. I wouldn't know as I have never been on one! The reports from those that have, have scared me so much I refuse to.
  4. TomBettle

    REDFINN 6000 (any info)

    Just another opinion thought and it is only opinion as I haven't read the whole thread. The sponsoons on early boats had to be added as the boat was dreadfully unstable. It did become something of a feature and a bit of a laughing point, but it did make the boat safe. Whilst on a boat test to the Channel Islands with Sea Angler mag and one of the TV fishermen we were talking about best and worst boats. A dealer for one of the brands of boats we were with said that the smallest pilot house in his range was the worst and the Journalist said that the Redfinn 6000 was his worst. Mine was the smallest Merry Fisher then built, the 480 - horrible thing! The reason the journalist hated the 6000 was it's dreadful stability, especially as the boat was being sold for offshore use etc. Note, stability issues sorted by the funny sponsoons. Many years later and the 6000 gets a bit of a revamp, but takes a very long time to come to market. The boat now has the sponsoons moulded in place rather than stuck on. My own personal opinion is why the hell don't they just make the boat mould correct to start with to give additional interior space, but there you go. Dave Barham from BFM was due to get one and was genuinely ravving about the quoted efficiency etc etc and I was there at London Boat Show in 2011 when he was presented with his boat Everything was great big smiles and flashing of Jim Midgleys camera until Dave went to sit at the helm and couldn't really get at the helm seat. It had been positioned under the cuddy roof. Dave is a big bloke and simply wouldn't fit. Even a shorty would be smacking their head in a chop so a big design flaw there... Since then, Dave's boat went off to be refitted so he could get in it, but a year plus went by and the boat never materialised. Only Dave can tell you the exact reasons for that, but I can only guess that funding issues or similar prevented it. Dave is currently in line to be using one of the new Hardy fishing boats. Note that these Hardy boats are not the same as the Hardy boats we all remember and still see about today. Oh, I still reckon teh Merry Fisher 480 is the worst ever boat. It's built well enough, it's just horrible.
  5. TomBettle

    Alderney 2012

    I am not getting remotely jealous in the slightest. I won't be even the tiniest but resentfull that I am sat at Salterns Marina whilst you lot indulge in the best Turbot fishing for 9 years (thanks Mark, that comment didn't rub any salt into the wounds!). It doesn't even make it sting when I know I will be over there in four weekends, but with work and not fishing (grrrr). Good luck with fair weather and tightlines to all who are going. Please can I book a crew place for 2013!!!
  6. TomBettle

    Ageing Chairman.

    Happy Birthday Tony
  7. TomBettle

    Wishin for sale

    Well done Nige Happy to do your paperwork for you if you would like a hand or to know it is 100%.
  8. TomBettle

    Wood chips for food smoking

    Guys I'll put a large carrier bags worth aside for the three of you no probs. Just need to sort out when I'll see you all to hand it over. Tom
  9. TomBettle

    Wood chips for food smoking

    Hello all Some old Shytalk helped me plane up some oak planks I am using for a table yesterday. The result was a huge sack of shavings and pure oak dust. I love smoking my own fish and meat, but this sack will take me years to get through. If you can bring your own bags then I am pleased to let you come and grab (within reason) as much as you would like). Please post here or pm me to arrange a convenient time to drop by. I am out at Winterbourne Kingston near Bere Regis. Come and get your free smoking chips / dust! Tom
  10. TomBettle

    My head hurts

    Easy diagnosis. "Fish on the brain". Cure? Take two paracetomol and go for a lie down. When you get up, get your Bass rod out and go and find your boat.
  11. TomBettle

    To windlass or not to windlass

    PMSL!!! Oh dear, I can see that now. The Kedge by the way is actually a little anchor that is often used in the med where there is little or no current and it is usually used from the stern in conjunction with the main anchor to stop the boat blowing around in the wind, hold the boat just off the beach etc etc. 12mm will be plenty strong enough for your boat, but may not work with the windlass (if you keep it). In addition, I personally find 14mm a little more comfy to handle. That is the only 2 reasons for 14mm. Incindentaly, the buyers of my boat are not using the boat primarily for fishing. They may well be interested in going for an all chain solution for the windlass they plan to fit. Quest II has +/- 330m of 14mm warp (110 of multiplait, and 220 of braid - courtesy of Martin's source) plus about 15m of 8mm calibrated chain. If your chain is calibrated, they may be interested in a straight swap if you wanted? Alderney ring and buff, the lot?
  12. TomBettle

    To windlass or not to windlass

    Andrew Rest assured your windlass is well wired up and not slow because of that. It is just slow. Lewmar now manufacture the Profish series which allows the windlass to be lowered in freefall which is a huge boon and I perhaps would have stuck with one if it was available when I ditched the windlass on Quest II (because it was so slow). That is worth considering. That said, the 705 rope locker is very badly thought out and the moulding for the windlass is halfway down the locker meaning most of the space is wasted, especially as the windlass needs to allow the chain to fall vertically. Next, 120' of chain is madness on your boat! Have you considered what you will do if you get snagged? At the very least, ditch the first 100' of chain, sell it, anything, but get rid of it. Then splice to that a healthy length of warp (if you are determined to keep the windlass you will be seriously limited on quantity). The weight of the chain will have quite an effect on ride and handling, not to mention performance and economy. Personally, you have a great boat... Get rid of the windlass (
  13. TomBettle

    Merry Fisher 695 for Sale - HUGE Spec.

    She's going to remain in the area Charlie. She'll be moored over at North Haven and the new owners are already friends with some of our members so with luck she will still be a regular sight. Subtle name change to "Seaquest" coming up though.
  14. TomBettle

    Crew Available!

    Thanks all. Some of you know that my crewing capabilities dramatically improve with the warm sunshine of Spring. I've no idea why, but they also tend to go off the boil with the first frosts. ...maybe it's 'cos my feet get cold in my flip flops? Anyway, really appreciate the offers and hope to get out a lot more now than I did with Quest II. Slightly different arena, but if anyone fancies a night out lamping for rabbit with air rifle or rimfire or (in time) a dawn deer stalking foray, then please let me know and I will see what I can organise.
  15. TomBettle

    Crew Available!

    As of tomorrow I am boatless If any of you are prepared to put up with my flip flops, incessant burbling, bad angling and dreadful wind I would very much like to offer myself up as able crew and relief skipper for any spring and summer angling. I hope to be able to get a pass once or twice a month and may splash out on the odd charter, but on the whole love my small boat fishing, inshore for the usual suspects and especially offshore. Able to bring ice, food, beverages etc etc and usual contributions. Happy to helm to give you a break too. Please keep me in mind! Thanks Tom