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  1. Birthday greetings Dave

    Happy Birthday Dave have a good one
  2. Happy Birthday Kev

    Happy birthday Kev, have a pint in the Green Tree for me!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Weather now looking better

    I feel really sorry for all you guys getting so much fishing time in,hope you have a great w/e weather wise and Cod comp happens, tight lines.
  4. Smoked Cod

    Hi Terry Are you hot or cold smoking? I have tried with game with varied success, always hot smoked. Other than trout I never catch enough sea fish to smoke It is always too good fresh. Have you any good books or do you use trial and error like me!! Jerry
  5. Birthday greetings Mal, Andrew & Timmy

    Hope you all were out today, it was stunning, very happy birthdays!
  6. Happy Birthday Stuie

    Have a good one Stuie, I hope the sikaflex worked!
  7. Redfin sold

    Hi Matt, No promises but I live in Wiltshire and hope to fish a lot more next year, send me a pm as to where you are and telephone number and I will see what we can sort.
  8. Birthday greetings Allan

    Even more belated happy birthday!!!
  9. Save our Sea Bass - contact the EU

    Well done Stuie, email sent, it is pretty depressing that common sense does not prevail.
  10. Nearly Ready for Cobbs

    Well done Brian, look forward to seeing you at Cobbs, boat looking very smart. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Bass Competition Results

    Well done Chris not really jealous
  12. Fisheagle's Fishathon.

    We have people like this that arrive in the countryside on bank holidays, especially sunny ones like this one, unfortunately it's us that lose out rather than the gentleman who lost his boat above!!! Do hope there were no casualties. Muppetry
  13. Nearly Ready for Cobbs

    Brian are you moving north? Welcome if you are!!!
  14. Another new member

    Welcome Mel, I am fairly new 4 years I think, but a brilliant club and really friendly members who just want to help and see everyone achieve what they want. Have fun this week.
  15. Wishin Too is back in the water

    Very smart Nigel, though I do think you could of had your toe nails manicured as the engine looks great!!! Tight lines
  16. happy Birthday Lofty.

    Happy birthday for yesterday!!
  17. Engine change

    I think I have made the decision to change my outboard to an inboard. It has been suggested I put a Volvo penta D4 300hp I think, and a leg. The servicing I know will be more, but running costs will be dramatically less I believe along with better cruising and top speed. I believe Dave on Reel Magic has this set up on his slightly larger Breaksea? Any comments,positive,negative or otherwise greatfully received, other than I will require a second mortgage!!!
  18. Engine change

    Martin, A very well put togeather eloquent post, in many respects. Unfortunately you are correct, Robs figures are WAY out, I wish you were right Rob!!!!! I want a new engine on the boat, it's mad, I am SO lucky being in a position to do it but it's all a balance, with the actual figures Rob a few trips to the Shambles and hopefully the Skerries in the future and even Alderney the figures will get back in my favour, after I think around 18 months. It's all useful information from everyone, many thanks.
  19. Engine change

    Don't confuse me chaps!!!!! It's taken a long time to come to my decision!! I believe that present charter skippers on registered boats get a lot of help re tax on petrol, I looked into registering the boat to gain this advantage but apart from probably being illegal the costs did not work out for a private boat----not surprisingly. Changing to inboard diesel over outboard petrol will save me nearly 45% per trip out on fuel. A really big investment, but as I am retiring next year I want to use the boat as much as I want to,and not feel guilty that a trip out round the bay and back and hopefully some further a field is costing mega bucks each time. It's all in the head!! But having spoken to others in the club and many other experienced skippers THINK this is the way forwards. One wise man in Monaco told me if it flies,floats or f--- rent it. This is true but I love my wife and my boat and don't have a pilots license!!!! Thanks for all the comments guys.
  20. Engine change

    Thanks Charlie, Rob it's a Breaksea 25, basically an Offshore 25. I have confidence in Pete Watts the boatbuilder, and he has fitted many inboards to this size boat, and as he built it knows what has got to change from ob version. At the moment I have a Yamaha 225, I could be wrong saying it's 300hp it could be 250, all I know is performs very well in this boat from figures stated!!
  21. Engine change

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. Engine change

    All great advice, many thanks, all the above is what I have been told and believe to be correct. Mechanics are certainly not my strong point but enjoy learning and time should be available fairly soon I am a good apprentice Steve! so after February 2018 give me a shout and I will come and pass spanners when you service your legs if you need help. I have looked at the new boat scenario and had a buyer for mine but to spec it to what mine is, and what I paid,it is worth it. I have a buyer for the engine and pod so it is about as good as I can get it I think. I will speak with Pete again Dave but know he is keen on the leg and VP. Thanks for all advice and help guys it's a big sea out there and just as you think you know a bit about something you quickly realise you know nothing!!!!!!
  23. Southbourne today

    Great report Steve, we got to Southbourne today but did not find a honey hole just a Pout plughole!!!!!!! Well done you had a great day.
  24. Yamaha Control box

    Other than heading to Golden Arrow does anyone know where I might find a control box to change a 25hp Yamaha tiller steer to steering wheel and throttle? Any good local mechanics who might help out if it proves testing to fix (hope not but mechanics not my strong point)
  25. Yamaha Control box

    Sugar!!! might be throttle by hand then