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  1. jerry.shutter

    Going out again on Sunday

    Plan to go Tuesday😀
  2. jerry.shutter

    seal escape

    Nature really never ceases to amaze😀😀
  3. jerry.shutter

    Out in the bay tomorrow

    Less of the ship Martin😜 Cobbs are measuring her tomorrow 🤢🤢 I am VERY pleased 😁😁😁
  4. jerry.shutter

    Happy Birthday Dean

    Happy birthday Dean, sorry I won’t be in Alderney to put the world right😜
  5. jerry.shutter

    Birthday greetings Mark & Dave

    Hope the Roosterfish oblige😜 Have fun and keep casting and ordering those beers🥳
  6. jerry.shutter

    Under 10m fleet consultation

    Also sent an email
  7. jerry.shutter

    Isle of Wight Cod

    I heard the charter boys have got so stuck into the Pollock in the South West because there were no Cod, and now there are few decent Pollock. Not good news if true.
  8. jerry.shutter

    Warrior Pro Angler

    Well done Sean she looks cracking, you will have a great summer for sure 👍👍
  9. jerry.shutter

    Alderney 2019

    Hi Guys, Sorry I have messed up, I am coming back from Spain on the 11th so cannot do 11/12. I have let the A team know and hope they can make 25/26. Totally my fault, I hope weather and fish play ball with all of us!
  10. jerry.shutter

    Great underwater photography

    Great shots Rob, I have bought an SJ cam which I am struggling with, I reckon your the man to show me 😜
  11. jerry.shutter

    Happy Birthday Hooky

    🎊🎊🎉🎉🍺🍺 have a good one
  12. jerry.shutter


    Your either a talented guy Jim, or filming from a drone is easy😜🤣 I think the latter, great shots of Martin and Tony’s boat😀
  13. jerry.shutter


    😎 Sunglasses required, she looks very smart😀
  14. jerry.shutter

    POOLE BRIDGES AIR DRAFT ....or lack of !

    Ok guys, I rang bridge control this afternoon and they could not of been more helpful. I have been told the old bridge will more than likely lift as normal but ring\ call to confirm times. The max air draft on Twin Sails recorded is 4m. My new boat giving big margins of error is 3.15. So I would hope to be able to pass under if I watch the tides. The chap I spoke to said he felt sure the 2weeks allowed would be sufficient to service the bridge, we chatted and he really new what was happening, so couldn’t foresee a problem even if I was being horribly sceptical 🤨 Great club, thank you Charlie for your help.
  15. jerry.shutter

    Greg, David, & spNOam

    Happy birthday🎉