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  1. Interesting by-catch story

    I would hope it might save NZ fisheries as they are so prolific if they manage to implement cameras or staffing. As for us, goodness only knows, just look at the Comp yesterday. Well done on the two fish caught guys!!!
  2. Birthday greetings Dave

    Happy Birthday Dave have a good one
  3. Happy Birthday Kev

    Happy birthday Kev, have a pint in the Green Tree for me!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Weather now looking better

    I feel really sorry for all you guys getting so much fishing time in,hope you have a great w/e weather wise and Cod comp happens, tight lines.
  5. Smoked Cod

    Hi Terry Are you hot or cold smoking? I have tried with game with varied success, always hot smoked. Other than trout I never catch enough sea fish to smoke It is always too good fresh. Have you any good books or do you use trial and error like me!! Jerry
  6. Birthday greetings Mal, Andrew & Timmy

    Hope you all were out today, it was stunning, very happy birthdays!
  7. Happy Birthday Stuie

    Have a good one Stuie, I hope the sikaflex worked!
  8. Redfin sold

    Hi Matt, No promises but I live in Wiltshire and hope to fish a lot more next year, send me a pm as to where you are and telephone number and I will see what we can sort.
  9. Birthday greetings Allan

    Even more belated happy birthday!!!
  10. Save our Sea Bass - contact the EU

    Well done Stuie, email sent, it is pretty depressing that common sense does not prevail.
  11. Nearly Ready for Cobbs

    Well done Brian, look forward to seeing you at Cobbs, boat looking very smart. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Bass Competition Results

    Well done Chris not really jealous
  13. Fisheagle's Fishathon.

    We have people like this that arrive in the countryside on bank holidays, especially sunny ones like this one, unfortunately it's us that lose out rather than the gentleman who lost his boat above!!! Do hope there were no casualties. Muppetry
  14. Nearly Ready for Cobbs

    Brian are you moving north? Welcome if you are!!!
  15. Another new member

    Welcome Mel, I am fairly new 4 years I think, but a brilliant club and really friendly members who just want to help and see everyone achieve what they want. Have fun this week.