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  1. jerry.shutter


    Hi Graham, yes that’s quite common with the slow jigging high end Japanese rods I have looked at,I add looked at as they were in the £600+ bracket!!!!!!! some good you tube footage on them👍👍
  2. jerry.shutter

    Tyres no good for artificial reef

    It’s frightening that countries don’t speak to each other!!!! Could of saved a lot of money,work and damage to the environment 😡
  3. jerry.shutter

    boat wanted

    Hi, i had the pilot 6 as my first boat and it was a really good sea boat for its size and build quality was really good. Had a small gel coatproblem and the builder sent me all necessary materials and instructions to correct it. Highly recommended 👍
  4. jerry.shutter

    Ray Competition

    I want to fish both days but I cant🤣🤣🤣🤣 but I did see my boat today and it now has similarities to a boat😀😀🤪🤪😡😡😩😩😤😤😤👍👍👍👍👍👍
  5. jerry.shutter

    Poole Old Town Bridge Closed AGAIN

  6. jerry.shutter

    one bass a day from October

    Great news if correct guys, perhaps a ban on Plaice, Black Bream and other species would be a better idea?Thats the commercials I mean, everyone has to make a living but it’s getting ridiculous for the future, or am I over reacting????? More bass everywhere than anything else. Yes they are slow growing but being boatless this year and hearing and seeing what people are notcatching it’s very scary. From what I understand Brexit is not going to help the sea at all???
  7. jerry.shutter

    Happy Birthday Dogfish Dave

    Happy birthday, 😀😀🍷
  8. jerry.shutter

    Air show antics

    Great picture of top angler with Gurnard and swimming goggles😀😀
  9. jerry.shutter


    Mike, you should be able to hire a flat bed car trailer and balance the hull using old tyres then ratchet strap it. It’s not an ideal situation but would do the job if you have some muscle to help you. Hope you sort it. Jerry
  10. jerry.shutter

    Happy Birthday Lofty

    Belated, hope you had a good one😀
  11. jerry.shutter

    One chance to fix our fisheries

    I hope every member has done but not told everyone? No brainer.
  12. jerry.shutter

    New kid on the block

    Well done Kev don’t lose that magic touch!!! swimming might be a bit much in Norway but keep putting us on the fish😜😜
  13. jerry.shutter

    Fixed Spool Reel

    I seriously have them on show in my man cave, some of the Nautilus and Stella’s are beautiful engineered bits of kit. But maybe I am sad!!!!! I don’t live and work by the sea like you Charlie😩
  14. jerry.shutter

    Fixed Spool Reel

    No reel too expensive to use😜 use and enjoy, wash polish and enjoy again😀😀😀
  15. jerry.shutter

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Well done Hooky, thoroughly deserved after all that hard work,stay safe and tight lines😜