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  1. jerry.shutter

    Newbie from Swanage

    Hi Nick, It really is a great club, somebody said to me when I joined, you only get out what you put into the club, going to meetings and generally joining in, cannot recommend it enough. Jerry
  2. jerry.shutter

    Happy Birthday Neil & Alan

    Belated wishes🤪🤪
  3. jerry.shutter


    Very good where were you fishing?
  4. jerry.shutter

    Course adventure

    Ahh Barbel, I used to fish at Claverton just outside of Bath on Bathampton Angler’s Association waters, best I had was 10lbs 1oz beating the great Ray Mumford record. Unfortunately I was meant to be revising for o levels at the time and either Barbel on the Avon or Tench on the canal stopped me studying 🤔🤔. I did an all nighter at West Bexinton last night, very disappointing so maybe Robs right, back to coarse fishing. Having said that two years ago fished Extremadura and had a brilliant week catching Barbel on dry fly to 8lbs, STUNNING. Hope to do Portugal on the rivers in the next few years. Sounds very good. Memories😀
  5. jerry.shutter

    Bargain ? . . . or . . Old Tat ?

    Bad B——R Rob do not chuck them in the hedge😡😀
  6. jerry.shutter

    Dory type boat wanted

    Hi, There are various proper Dory’s on flea bay which look quite strait, if you are new to these boats make sure you check for hull damage regards water getting in, they can be a bag full of trouble. The 17ft is boat that will take you to a lot of places, you will be very limited with the 13ft. Hope this helps.
  7. jerry.shutter

    Anchor and chain

    All interesting stuff, just wish I had a boat to put an anchor on😩😩😩😩😩
  8. jerry.shutter

    MCZ consultation information

    I am sure your right Dave, unfortunately to have anything left for the future,I am certain Charlie’s wise words are correct. There are always bad apples in every barrel and sea fishermen (RSA) seem to have there fair share if not more, it’s a great shame. I do feel sorry for genuine charter skippers trying to make a living but we cannot carry on as we are. RSA need to stand togeather to be heard, we are our own worst enemy but need to be heard over so many things happening in our seas and oceans.
  9. jerry.shutter

    MCZ consultation information

    I agree, but it is written in a way that it could be good news not necessarily bad news for RSA. Can we not organise a voice from our club involving other local clubs, charter skippers etc saying we will have a voluntary catch and release of all fish from areas being suggested as no fish zones? I know it’s very easy to suggest on an email and someone has to do the work, someone has to police it, ha ha , and some people will abuse things as usual. At the end of the day if we do not do something radical in the sea,we really will have nothing left. Charlie does a brilliant job as conservation officer, and probably might know the most effective way of getting our voice heard. I would be very happy to help Charlie where I could. I find it all pretty depressing regarding Mackerel, Plaice, Bream, Bass basically anything we eat as I am sure everyone does.
  10. jerry.shutter

    MCZ consultation information

    Thanks Dave, very sad it has come to having to restrict people’s activities but it has to be right in the long term.
  11. jerry.shutter

    Flatfish Competition

    Well done Adam, being relatively new to Poole I find it it really worrying the lack of Plaice this year, from reports anyway. Is it something that happens every few years? If it isn’t I think we all need to seriously think how to get the sad statistics to someone who might try and help our cause?? I know they are happy some seem to off come back to the mussel beds off Weymouth so maybe hopefully a seasonal cycle??
  12. jerry.shutter

    Happy Birthday Charlie

    Happy birthday, hope you’ve had fun.
  13. jerry.shutter

    At least the new pump works

    Well done Martin, sorry I couldn’t offer you any advice when you called. Tight lines