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  1. Greg

    Spring Species 2019 new dates

    Commitment 🤔
  2. Happy Birthday Jim Hope you have a great day Best Wishes Greg
  3. Greg

    Bass - EU Regs

    Yep, I saw it in the Gents at Cobbs too !!!!
  4. Greg

    Catch Reports

    One under sized plaice and tub gurnard doesn’t either 😟
  5. Greg

    Happy Birthday Hooky

    Happy Birthday Hooky hope you’ve had a great day Greg
  6. Greg

    Greg, David, & spNOam

    Cheers Guys Had some nice presies for the new season👍😄
  7. Greg

    Ignorance Is NO EXCUSE !

    For all that trouble you would have thought he would have Bass on the Menu 😕
  8. Greg

    Cod Comp Cancelled

    Good call
  9. Greg

    Happy birthday Martin

    Happy Birthday Martin Now I understand present to self!!! Have a great day Greg
  10. Greg

    Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy Birthday Brian hope you are having a great day Greg
  11. Greg

    Happy Birthday Ian

    Happy Birthday Ian looks like I’ve just got over a year to catch up with you. Let’s hope I don’t 😂 have be a great night Greg
  12. Greg

    Cod comp....again

    Great My boat is being fixed on Monday (hopefully!)
  13. Greg

    One for the bird watchers!!

    I emailed this to a friend and he replied contently, however, his return email to my company had the picture in it. And yes my wife opened it and strangely did a great impression of the four female Swallows!! Happy days!!
  14. Greg

    One for the bird watchers!!

    I couldn’t have put it better myself Ian. No, I really couldn’t have put it better myself!! See you at the school run tomorrow!!
  15. Greg

    Happy Birthday Dave & Freddie

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes Dave hope you had a great day Greg