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  1. Greg

    one bass a day from October

    Very nice fish Neil well done. i am sure you would of felt much better letting it go rather than keeping it. i know I would
  2. Greg

    Happy Birthday Nigel & Mick

    Happy Birthday Mick and Nige hope you both have a good one
  3. Greg

    Tree Surgeon Wanted

    Just googled Mark Worboys and he now lives in Creekmoor. You can contact him via his website or phone directly from his google business site.
  4. Greg

    Tree Surgeon Wanted

    I use Mark Warbouys based in Wimborne. I would recommend.
  5. Greg

    Birthday greetings Allan

    Happy Birthday Allan Hope you have a great day have you you caught that Trigger fish yet? Greg
  6. Greg

    Reels for sale ( Both now sold )

    Cheers Dave i will pick it up late next week when I get back from my hols Greg
  7. Greg

    Reels for sale ( Both now sold )

    Hi Dave if the Sealine is still available I will have it off of you cheers Greg
  8. Greg

    Happy Birthday Lofty

    Happy Birthday Lofty
  9. Greg

    Sewage leak in Holes Bay

    We used to go to Pergins Island in our Poole canoes when we were kids and have mud fights in the shallows. You don’t see much of that these days🤔🤔
  10. Greg

    Bass Competition

    Yes fully agree Greg
  11. Greg

    New kid on the block

    You are the coolest grandad ever😎
  12. Greg

    Barracuda 9

    As you are aware we have the 805 as well. We have had it for 5 years now and when anyone outside the clubs asks me what type of boat I have, I liken it to a caravan on water. We are a family of three and I must admit we only just all enjoy the space. I am not sure how we would get on if we were a family of 4. However, as your kids get older and discover technology, they will be more in the cabin than out!! I can fish with 3 anglers out the back quite comfortably, or two anglers with 4 rods. We have also had special made cushions which fit the top deck (they cost £600.00 to have made) this gives us an extra 48 sq, feet of sun bathing space. However, that is fine if you are around the Islands not out in the bay which could be uncomfortable due to the pendulum effect!! We too have looked high and low for another vessel, but they do not exist unless you are willing to pay £90k plus. Charlie did the right thing by creating Alfresco. His boat fits all the family and fishing needs but you will need a big wallet and time to go down that route. The 805 is very economical on fuel and I use it a lot as a winter fishing boat as it has a great cabin to get out of the cold as well as the inboard heater. I think it also come down to the fact that you need to determine whether you actually need an out and out fishing boat or a family boat. And good luck with that one!!!!!!!!!
  13. Greg

    Flatfish Competition

    Hey Stuie Why don't you get the Charter Skipper to tow Sea Dream across as you will be still in Club Waters you will probably have the best chance of winning the flatfish comp 😂