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  1. Happy Birthday Kev

    hi Kev happy birthday hope your having a great day john
  2. Happy Birthday Stuie

    hope you have a good day whatever your doing john
  3. Happy Birtday Stepho.

    thank you for your b day wishes just a good bottle of merlot cheers guys
  4. Birthday Boys

    happy birthday you chaps and hope you get what you wish for
  5. Bass in Parliament

    well done pj . mr Cox was shouting for his decent inshore fishing fleet of appledore bideford and clovelly with only small eyed rays left to catch if the bass is taken as well surely this sound like they have overfished all the other species the next to go will be the bass and as they say when there gone there gone stepho
  6. liferaft servicing

    thanks very much chaps the guy from safe 2 shore was very helpful would definatly recommend him in the future and the deed is done safe for another year cheers john
  7. liferaft servicing

    hi all could anybody recommend somebody local to service my 8 man liferaft thanks john