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  1. Speedboat sinks - three rescued

    Ahhh the baiter slip, if ever there were an opportunity for youtube movies that'd be the one! The best one I saw was a guy driving his newish Jeep 4x4 into the water 2ft deep! To recover his 16ft speed boat?? No reason at all to get your vehicle wet, It seems the more money they have the less brains they have got!
  2. Speedboat sinks - three rescued

    oh' they're out there, saw a guy the other day got his boat back on the trailer engine running no muffs! looked like a nice motor too! ouch!!
  3. Speedboat sinks - three rescued

    How the heck did they recover the boat??
  4. Bl..dy Trawlers!

    That boat you talk of got his net stuck on something while we were fishing, this was great entertainment for us that's really too bad... Makes my blood boil how they just don't care where they trawl and the damage they do, not too mention the affect on the charter skippers trying to give their customers a good days fishing, plus it must have an impact on the local economy, word soon gets around that the fishing is off at the shambles, its a real shame I think even the trawler men will loose out in the end Like Hooky posted need to fish where the trawlers can't go, I have a few Turbot marks but most of them are vulnerable to attack by the Trawlers! Anyone know where I can get a used sub-marine, preferably complete with torpedo's just a thought.
  5. Bl..dy Trawlers!

    Sounds like the Shambles is finished for this year at least, I knew the Plaice had been hammered so I guess the muscle beds are ruined as well It's our useless government that has to do something not the EU and how can UK fishing companies sell licences to Spain and France??? Its our territorial water not the bloody fishing industries, it all sounds cocked up to me, nobody asked me if I'm happy for French or Spanish trawlers to fish in our waters What gives the fishing companies the right of ownership, do the public not have a say I think there should be a 3 mile exclusion zone for all trawlers and that needs to happen now not in 10 years time when its too late, why do we always do things after the damage is done, whats up with that??? I wrote to Mel Russ about the depleted fish stocks and we were reminiscing about how it used to be when we were lads dingy fishing in local harbours, you could'nt go wrong it was like fish in a barrel, I use to catch 6-7 lb plaice in Poole harbour and even Turbot and Brill in the bay all of the time using just king rag and a hook and ball weight, no beads nothing just good bait and there was never any doubt I would have a fish for tea, I grew up eating fish all of the time, I begin to wonder if that was just a dream, did it really happen? It's hard to believe right now Are we to assume those days are never to be seen again in our life time? It's hard to accept that when the only reason is the greedy fishing companies that keep hammering the ocean and put nothing back except their rubbish and dead fish back over the side.
  6. Bl..dy Trawlers!

    I recently had a trip up to the Shambles the other week, it was a perfect day, perfect, wind, perfect tide, how often does that happen? 10 minutes into my first drift and a trawler shows up! £$&^())!!! This guy was dragging his net the whole day over the whole of the banks, surely this can't be allowed, apart from ruining the fishing it can't do any good for the marine life and then where do the fish go for any kind of sanctuary and to feed and spawn Surely harbours and bays estuaries must be a no trawl zone and if not why?? Where do I sign to petition against this practice?? I noticed up the Training bank it seems to have died of death also and I learned from a good mate they recon a trawlers been up their too! I did notice a lot of weed drifting through the water when I was up there last as if something had been ripping up the ocean floor Surely this must stop, they have the whole ocean to fish but these trawlers work so close in destroying the local marine life It pi..es me off and not just because of the affect on local fishing but because of the future of the marine life and the constant damage being done by professional fishermen that take all they can from the ocean and put bu..er all back! That is apart from what they kill that they don't want that goes back over the side... It's our ocean too and we should have a say and some control over local fishing to be able to manage it much better, just my opinion for what its worth.
  7. Settings

    Ok thanks chaps.
  8. Settings

    Hi can anyone advise me on whether its possible to keep my posts private or limited to the club forums and not available to the whole of the internet? Thanks Rob.
  9. Trailer bearings advise

    Like I said, had mine in for eight years and they are as smooth as silk, I was going to change them last year so I stripped down one side washed out the bearings and there was no undue wear, so I put them back in, still going strong and I trail away from Poole several times a year.
  10. Trailer bearings advise

    Pump as much grease into them as you can! If the hub cap comes off push it back on until all the grease spews out of the air hole in the center of the cap, then you know there is enough grease in the bearings packed mine this way 8 years ago and still running the same bearings... just pump em up with marine grease every so often but right to the brim. Another top tip you can get Stainless steel grease nipples from Allfix, Leyland Road, Wallisdown, cost pennies and last for years... they don't clog and they don't snap off just before you want to go fishing, probably get them from TR Fasteners on the Nuffield also.

  12. Yamaha 70 two stroke Betol model

    Just thought I would add the pictures that I was unable to load before due to technical issues... This is the cap on the hood, the first line of defence against rain and saltwater. This is the neoprene seal that was knackered! Check out the water bubbles, I drained 250 ml of water out of the tank! Air holes in the cap, center top Air holes in the side this is where the water gets in... The rubber collar around the cap was full of water, been sat like this all winter! Mint clean oil tank free of water! And ready to go back on.
  13. Yamaha 70 two stroke Betol model

    Thought I'd finished this off, doh' Well just to provide closure the engine did start and still runs very well to this day, so what did I learn, don't keep fuel hanging around for more than 5 or six weeks and that's if its kept in a cool place out of sunlight, two stroke's don't really like unleaded fuel unless its fresh, you get out of an engine what you put in to it so I try to store as little fuel as possible and at the end of the season I drain the motor right down fuel line the whole lot I don't get any water in my oil anymore due to sealing up the access cap on the hood of the engine, what a bad design that is... who would have ever thought you would get water in the oil injection tank, funny thing is I read about a guy on an American forum that had the same trouble and he tore his whole engine down trying to find the fault!! I was going to send him a pm but then I realized this was 5 years ago! Poor b..ger, anyway I'm happy to conclude this thread with the news that my Yamaha 70 BETO runs as sweet as a nut, starts on the button every time and even if it's left for weeks and I believe this is down to regular maintenance and clean fresh fuel.
  14. VHF, getting started

    Yes thanks Brian, I sent the form off with all the information I had, its been accepted and got my call sign and MMSI number, just got to put it in my radio, I only get one go to get it right apparently!
  15. VHF, getting started

    Not sure what my call sign is? Nobody told me on the course, do I need to register my boat? They want to know where the boat is registered