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  1. Ianh87

    15ft Day Boat for sale

    Boat has now sold! Thanks for looking! Listing on behalf of a friend who is looking to sell his boat, he's looking for £2200. The full ad is listed on Gumtree, so please click the following link: https://www.gumtree.com/p/boats-kayaks-jet-skis/fishing-day-boat.-15-foot-25hp./1168365762 His description of the boat is as follows: 15 foot Crescent side console motor boat. Great deck space for fishing, or just for sun lounging. Swivel captains seat, plus bench seating at front and rear. Acrylic spray screen on side console. Storage locker at front plus some space in the instrument console itself. Designated stowage space for fuel tank when in use. Battery under seat. Stainless steel rails all round for safety and stability. Boarding ladder. Rod holders. Rubber rubbing strake all round. Drop down auxillary outboard mount. Remote steering and throttle. Key start. Also has a good fabric canopy that can be used for shelter from the sun/showers. Though one small plastic bracket has snapped from this and will need replacing, so no pictured. 25HP Mariner outboard, with external metal fuel tank with guage. Good runner, starts well on both key and pull cord. Gets up to plane with 4 adults no problem. Solid galvanised trailer with hand winch and roller bunks. Tyres excellent with no splits or perishing, and lots of tread. Easy to launch. My girlfriend and I can do this between the 2 of us at Poole Baiter slipway without needing it attached to the car (light enough for us to push in and pull out manually). Great boat all ready to go for the summer. Viewings welcome. Canford Heath area.
  2. Ianh87

    Student help

  3. Ianh87

    Mooring help needed

    Might be worth having a look at North Haven YC as well, if Jamie's answer has a long waiting list, swinging moorings plus a clubhouse and water taxi as well. Have a look at their website: http://www.nhyc.org.uk/
  4. Ianh87

    Inspired by maccy cam. Bottom Cam

    Nice video James. How did you rig your Go Pro to get the footage?
  5. Ianh87

    Sea Sparkle

    Pics from various trips!
  6. Ianh87

    hello all I'm new please help

    Definitely worth joining, Dad and I joined a couple of years ago and have found it very useful. Meetings have demonstrations from time to time as well, which is always interesting as you pick up new/different techniques for all aspects of fishing and running a boat as well. We also did the VHF course with the recommended provider and got a club discount too, highly recommend doing the VHF course. Definitely worth the small investment to join.
  7. Ianh87

    Braid- Which one and where from?

    Steve, What's your thoughts on the Nanofil? Hadn't read much in the way of good reviews of it? Ian.
  8. Ianh87

    How about this for bait?

    Might struggle to get that on a size 4...!!
  9. Ianh87

    Odds and Sods

    Pictures of bits and pieces boat and fishing related.
  10. Ianh87

    Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Sonar/GPS

    As mentioned before, it doesn't have DSC output. If you were planning on using it as a main unit, as we are doing (recent install this winter), you could get a GPS receiver for your VHF to enable your GPS location for DSC. We were concerned before purchase as we wanted to have DSC still, so yes it means another spend, but it is a way around the lack of DSC output. We picked ours up from Force 4 as they did the unit, transom mount and small gold chart plus Raymarine were doing £100 cash back for an old FF unit (they accepted our old Garmin GPS) so the cost of the GPS receiver was covered by that, plus a good few quid back as well.
  11. Ianh87

    Bow Roller

    Morning, Got a problem with our bow roller again, it’s a Merry Fisher 580. During the severe weather earlier in the year, the bow roller sheared a bolt in the roller, despite additional ropes being secured to the swinging mooring, it was obviously thrown about quite violently. Went down for a clean-up and general check over of the boat at the weekend and noticed that a bolt had gone again. So it looks like it may be better to put a heavier and broader brace plate for the roller to connect to, to spread the load whilst on the mooring and in windier conditions. The issue is accessing the roller to make these changes, as it looks as though we will need to gain access through the anchor locker to change anything. We took her locally to get the bolt done whilst getting the engine serviced. As the boat is on a swinging mooring, this roller is integral so would like to get it done properly. Have you guys got any contacts or recommendations to go to? Equally interested in other suggestions as well, so feel free to offer them up. Cheers all.
  12. Ianh87

    Prop damage, possible cable stretch??

    Hi Terry, Thanks for coming back to me. When the prop was fitted, they said the shaft for it was fine and not bent. I think I might have confused things a bit, when I said unresponsive, it is almost as though there is a large piece of slack between the arm going into drive and then pulling on the throttle cable. If you were to look at the sidearm controls, side on with the arm being at 12 o' clock, it feels like there is slack until you hit 10 o'clock, which leaves minimal amounts to control speed; if that makes sense?
  13. Morning all, I'm after a bit of advice for possible issues relating to the engine. Managed to damage the prop a couple of weeks ago, think we caught the top of a rock among the moorings on the way back in; usually marked with a buoy but apparently this has come away and we found out the hard way! The prop has since been replaced but the last trip out, noticed that the throttle arm didn't seem as responsive as normal and need a lot of extra effort to pick up speed. I'm wondering if the damage to the prop, caused the throttle cable to stretch and as a result, give the issues listed above? Has anyone else been unfortunate enough to hit the prop and get the same problems?? Cheers Ian.
  14. Ianh87

    Yamaha 2hp outboard

    If that works and you know the year, this link for the outboard manuals: http://www.yamahaoutboards.com/owner-resources/owners-manuals