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  1. Hi. I am selling my back up outboard which I purchased last year. It has never been used or switched on. It's is a long shaft and had recoil. Bf10 LHU It was bought for £2300 but looking to get £1500. If any one is interest please message me or email me on Jamescooper688@msn.com Thanks
  2. Gordoncooper1951

    Drum barrel wanted

    Hello, I am looking for a drum barrel to set up a live bait tank. looking for 60ltrs or above. any help would be grateful. thanks gord
  3. Gordoncooper1951

    2nd hand outboard

    Hi, sorry, its a beneteau antares 620. I have the boat moored at rockley. current engine is a inboard. cheers Gord.
  4. Gordoncooper1951

    2nd hand outboard

    Hello, I am looking for a 2nd hand outboard as a backup for Jasper (22ft). I was wondering what size engine would be suitable and if any one knows where to get an outboard for a reasonable price. Regards Gord.
  5. Gordoncooper1951

    Cod/conger marks.

    Hi peeps. As its the season of the cod I was wondering if there is any good marks to try. Also I would like to catch conger (inshore). Any info would be grateful. Thanks Gord
  6. Gordoncooper1951

    Flounder and plaice area.

    poole mainly but happy to try christchurch. Gord
  7. Gordoncooper1951

    Live bait facility

    Hello, Here is a pic of the back. I was thinking of having a small tank in the place of one of the seats. Regards Gord
  8. Gordoncooper1951

    Flounder and plaice area.

    Hello, I was wondering if any knows of a good area to catch flounder and plaice. Thanks Gord
  9. Gordoncooper1951

    Live bait facility

    Hi, Im unsure what size I would like. I dont need anything too big just enough to keep 10/20 mackeral and sand eels alive. I am a novice and wouldnt know how to do the electrics on this. Any help would be greatful. thanks Gord
  10. Gordoncooper1951

    Live bait facility

    Hello, I was wonderIng if anyone knows where to get alive bait Tank/ drum and fittings to go on my boat. Thanks Gord
  11. Gordoncooper1951

    Hello. New joiner

    Thank you Dave. I would like to have a safety check. What sort of courses do you run? Now I've joined to the club I will try and come to the meetings. Thank you for your replies Gord
  12. Gordoncooper1951

    Hello. New joiner

    Thanks for the replies. My boat is a beneteau Antares 620. It's about 22ft. Is based at rockley park bot yard. I'm on holiday on the 23rd of this month but I wil try and make the meeting. I am keen on fishing for bass and flat fish. My son is keen on the bigger fish like tope, conger and skate. Is there any good cod grounds when the time comes. Thanks
  13. Gordoncooper1951

    Hello. New joiner

    Hello. My name is Gordon. Ive have just joined as I have recently got a boat. It has been many years boat fishing. I go fishing with my son and was wondering if there is any good spots to fish. We would like to catch a variety of fish. Any help would be appreciated? Thanks Gordon.