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    Sold my Plymouth Pilot I found 6 knots was just to slow, I have just bought a Avon searider 5.4 mt with a Mercury 90 <br /><br /><br /><br />
    2 stroke, probably about 40 knots faster , it has a M-TECH MT500 no idea of the MMSI number,
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    Free Spirit ll

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  1. 20160408 091506

    Free Spirit Changed my mind, back on the quomps Q417 in a couple of weeks, reason terrible road to Poole in the summer and very expensive parking when you get there, looking forward to coming home only ten minutes from where I live, and I missed the few boat owners I got to know there Nick.
  2. 20160408 091506

    Free Spirit now moored at NHYC, Poole.
  3. A few quickies

    Well done Brian, me and the wife sat up in bed 7o/c this morning with a cup of tea and two digestifs each, reading your jokes well we laughed so much we were crying, great way to start Sunday morning, thank you Brian. Nick.
  4. Sweet Pea is up for sale. (SOLD)

    Is that Sweat Pea 1, waiting behind Sweat Pea 2 for a new channel to be dug out? Nick
  5. Sweet Pea is up for sale. (SOLD)

    Will it be something with big wheels and a sail to get over the sandbar that we call Christchurch harbour entrance.
  6. Wanted Seagull engine

    Hi Dave, If you have someone else interested in the Seagull engine let them have first choice, I don't know how long it will take sort out my move to NHYC, I am sure another seagull will come along, thanks for keeping me in the loop. Cheers Nick.
  7. Wanted Seagull engine

    Hi Dave, Thanks for getting back to me re Seagull engine, can I ring you over the next few days as I am just sorting out joining North Haven Yacht Club, I have sent my forms just waiting to hear back. Cheers Nick.
  8. Seagull engine

    Wanted. I am looking for a Seagull engine about 5hp to use as a standby on my Plymouth Pilot 18. My Tel 01202 948982 (Christchurch) or email nick.hooper1@sky.com Cheers Nick.
  9. Wanted Seagull engine

    Hi Dave, Would it be possible for me to pop round and look at the seagull engine. Cheers Nick.
  10. Plymouth Pilot 18

    Free Spirit refit April 2016
  11. Wanted Seagull engine

    Hi Dave My telephone number is 01202 948982 Cheers Nick.
  12. Wanted Seagull engine

    Hi Dave, Thanks for getting back to me, do you have a price in mind. Nick.
  13. Wanted Seagull engine

    I am looking for a Seagull engine about 5hp as a standby for my Plymouth pilot 18 out of Christchurch. Cheers Nick.
  14. Christchurch Bay marks

    I will bring my chart and a pencil on Thursday, Cheers Nick.
  15. Christchurch Bay marks

    Hi All, Fairley new to this area and I need a bit of guidance, I have a Orkney Dory 13ft with a 40hp Tohatsu, it gets me out quickly to where I am going, but not to far for the time being, I am fitting a Lowrance Elite 4m colour chart reader with a Chichester to Start point gold SD card matched to a Lowrance Elite 3X colour sounder, I will usually be running out from Christchurch into the bay and I was hoping that some kind club member could help me out with a few marks in the bay area to get me started, Thank you Brian he gave me some but they are from the Christchurch ledge over towards Pool etc, also is it worth drifting for plaice / sole or is it to rocky. Thank you for your time and local knowledge and I hope to get to some of the club meetings over the next couple of months. Cheers for now. Nick (bobbing along)