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  1. The forecast is not looking good for the Cod Comp again this weekend, we will keep an eye on Mondays weather perhaps coming earlier. It might not be good enought to go out to sea, but it might be suitable for a flounder comp. I know you are all shouting out what about the bait, lets see what comes Thursday and Friday. The club would like to hold the Flounder comp with the Hamper but not at the cost of safety.
  2. Mal Thomas

    This weekend weather watch for the Cod Comp (16th)

    My thoughts are to CANCEL the weather forecast is very iffy even for the Harbour for our smaller craft and it is due to be wet. I think it is worth waiting for a better forecast, also there are a few regulars not able to attend. I am away as of Tonight so one of the committee members will take over from here. Have a good Christmas everyone.
  3. Mal Thomas

    Not going out !

    Yes it would be ebbing therefore flow against residual swell that would do it.
  4. Mal Thomas

    Not going out !

    In theory Alun it is SE tomorrow which is not our favoured wind, it will be interesting.
  5. Mal Thomas

    Not going out !

    Same last Tuesday Alun when I went out I took a 4ft breaker on the bow from nowhere. What time was this Alun.
  6. Mal Thomas

    Happy birthday Neal - the big 60..

    Happy Birthday Neal, have a nice Holiday
  7. Mal Thomas

    Flounder Competition

    Once again the weather seems to be against us, the wind seems very set for the next 6 days before it calms down. With gusts predicted as high as 40mph, so I think it is fair to say the competion is in grave danger of being called off.
  8. Mal Thomas

    Flounder Competition

    Club night will be final decision.
  9. Mal Thomas


    Take some location photos so we can see where in relation to the roof these gutters are.
  10. Mal Thomas

    Cod Competition - take 2

    Sorry but it is no surprise, we will have to postpone The Cod Comp again as the forecast is set fast as very high winds.☹️
  11. Mal Thomas

    Christchurch Entrance

    The I noticed the Entrance has been marked with more yellow markers whilst taking a walk on Hengistbury Head today . I assume you pass them on your starboard as you exit.
  12. Mal Thomas

    Christchurch Entrance

    Let's hope the promising recent surveys on the Hengistbury groin gets the extension discussed. This might protect the ebb tide delta from forming quite so readily after a winter storm.
  13. Mal Thomas

    Christchurch Entrance

    The best way is to read the breaking waves and save a route on your plotter. The yellows have been there for a while and I am not sure if they have been adjusted fo this year. The wave chart time tables will give a good indication of depth of water, available from Christchurch tackle shop. I time my approach at no less than 1mtr on the chart, this is not an exact calculation and you should approach at the time your confident with. On Neap tides you will have more time fishing and the chart barely drops to less than 1 MTR. Springs are a whole different matter. Take this Sunday for instance, the water on the chart drops to approx 600mm at low tide, so 400mm lower than a neap. Thats when the entrance bares it's teeth and depending on the weather you don't want to be their when the ebb is moving very fast and dropping quickly, then 1hr after high might be good advice. The other conditions to take into account are the direction of the wind, SE is probably the worst, Northerlies being the best. High air pressure will allow the water to drop lower so beware of that.
  14. Mal Thomas

    November Cod Comp

    The weather has forced us to Cancel the cod comp. I do not think I have heard of a cod being caught yet in open waters, so we may not be missing much in the way of catching Cod. Are the Cod going to turn up at all this year? Some Charter skippers are starting to search for species other than Cod to fill their days at Sea. Neal will try to rearrange our Cod Comp.
  15. Mal Thomas

    Friday 16th. November.

    Chris and I are out on Kingfisher early tomorrow so we will report on visibility on ch6. as we move through the Harbour.
  16. Mal Thomas

    Cod Competition

    We need some serious luck to be fishing this weekend
  17. Mal Thomas

    Birthday greetings Oli

    Happy Birthday Oli
  18. Nige what's the starling me darling photo like, the birds in the mast, worth submitting.

  19. Mal Thomas

    Happy Birthday Stuie

    Happy birthday Stuie and best wishes
  20. Mal Thomas

    Kayaker missing

    Whilst out yesterday there was a May Day call relay about a Kyaker missing in the Durdle Dor area, not sure if this was the same person.
  21. Mal Thomas

    VHF Training

    I spoke with the trainers today and they should post some courses on our site today. Please contact them directly and book your place. Once completed the club will give you an additional discount, see Brian at the next club meet or apply by post.
  22. Can you post some vhf courses please.

  23. Mal Thomas

    Ray Competition

    Dan is not a member is my understanding
  24. Mal Thomas

    Pilot 500

    Is'nt Tiddler a pilot.
  25. Mal Thomas

    Ray Competition

    Chris and I had a strange start to our Day when Chris spotted a large black refuse sack by stakes bouy. We decided to lift it out as it looked suspicious. Inside the black sack we found two inflated life jackets with names on. We called the find in to the Harbour commissioners just incase anything untoward had happened. On our return to the Harbour we handed in the jackets.