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  1. Mal Thomas

    Spring Species 2019 new dates

    Those pesky Easterlies will not go away. Keeping an eye on those gusts over the weekend.
  2. Mal Thomas


    Kin is normally family, not sure if that helps Or am I being very uncool man.🤣
  3. Mal Thomas

    Spring Species Comp 2019

    Weather window for Sunday looks to have worsened, looking iffy for comp. Will check at 6pm
  4. Mal Thomas

    Spring Species Comp 2019

  5. Mal Thomas

    Spring Species Comp 2019

    WEATHER UPDATE. The Saturday forecast is not looking good. I think that is a no go. The Sunday forecast is a small window of opportunity . Who is signed up for Saturday??? Who is planning for Sunday??? Could be quite choppy in the swash channel if it goes south easterly as predicted also with a swell from the Saturday.
  6. Mal Thomas

    Rnli Safety advice and video links

    Sounds very scary Rob.
  7. Mal Thomas

    Competition Winners 2018

    Mick I think your referring to the percentage above 100%.
  8. Mal Thomas

    Rnli Safety advice and video links

    Your right Jerry, it is the situations that occur during the anchoring and retrieving process when I think we put ourselves at most risk. Usually because something has gone wrong with the equipment on the bow where we are not as safe as when we are in the deck area. I think out judgement becomes clouded by the issue, cool calm thinking saves the day, may be our lives or an injury. Our experienced skippers have this skill, our less experienced skippers might be flustered by the problem. I know I was when I lost my first Anchor on the ledge. A quick risk assessment and take a minute to let the heart rate slow down is always a good policy. Can you wait till the slack tide? things are much easier when the water is not rushing by at 2 knots, do not do anything in haste. When a ton of pressure is on the rope and tangled in the gypsy do not be tempted to get your fingers in their till the rope is tied off to the Anchor. Always have an alternative, can your raise the Anchor with an Alderney ring. I always keep my Alderney ring and a large buoy ready for use if the winch breaks down. If anybody reading this wants some reassurances of their procedures, just add a comment and we will sort out a useful reply.
  9. Mal Thomas

    Spring Species Comp 2019

    Unlikely Jerry as we could postpone till later.
  10. As your safety officer I try not to teach old sea dogs new tricks and new members get most of the attention at meetings and using the website however these are a few links to video's and pictures that we should all watch from time to time as a reminder of how risky our leisure choice can be. https://www.rnlivideolibrary.org.uk/play/MJOazGlW https://www.rnlivideolibrary.org.uk/play/GkHBtH3S https://www.rnlivideolibrary.org.uk/play/xotzY45R
  11. Mal Thomas

    Spring Species Comp 2019

    Weather watch has begun for the spring species competition. The low pressure weather system that is dominating at the moment is moving away to the southwest on Friday but it may not be quick enough to salvage our weekend competition. The wind will be ENE and is averaging around the 15mph with gust's to 24mph. This needs to improve to hold the competition. There is still time for some change, let's hope so.
  12. Mal Thomas

    Happy Birthday Tony

    Happy birthday Tony
  13. Mal Thomas

    Christchurch Entrance.

    What did you you catch.
  14. Mal Thomas

    Dead whale and plastics

    What are we doing to the planet????? Who discards all this plastic rubbish. If a bit of plastic bait wrapper is blown off my boat I am disgusted with myself. When driving down the road I see youngsters tossing wrappers out of the window of the dads car, why do they think thats ok???
  15. Mal Thomas

    Happy Birthday Dean

    Happy birthday Dean.