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  1. Mal Thomas

    Kayaker missing

    Whilst out yesterday there was a May Day call relay about a Kyaker missing in the Durdle Dor area, not sure if this was the same person.
  2. Mal Thomas

    VHF Training

    I spoke with the trainers today and they should post some courses on our site today. Please contact them directly and book your place. Once completed the club will give you an additional discount, see Brian at the next club meet or apply by post.
  3. Can you post some vhf courses please.

  4. Mal Thomas

    Ray Competition

    Dan is not a member is my understanding
  5. Mal Thomas

    Pilot 500

    Is'nt Tiddler a pilot.
  6. Mal Thomas

    Ray Competition

    Chris and I had a strange start to our Day when Chris spotted a large black refuse sack by stakes bouy. We decided to lift it out as it looked suspicious. Inside the black sack we found two inflated life jackets with names on. We called the find in to the Harbour commissioners just incase anything untoward had happened. On our return to the Harbour we handed in the jackets.
  7. Mal Thomas

    Ray Competition

    A fruitful trip on Kingfisher, about 20 rays of all species. We started on the secret Ray mark, my wife, Sandy and Nigel Allen were due to pass us whilst on a trip to Guernsey on the Condor. We had a wave good bye as they left the swash channel, then they turned around were on their way back in with Condor suffering from a Generator problem. The next hour for them was mayhem. First announcement they were still going after a quick repair, then it was all off the boat it is going no where and did'nt move allday. Chris and I had several moves during the day, the most fruitful was a late move back to the Swash. Our best effort was a 12.8lb Undulate to MT and a 10.6lb Thorney to MT. Another good day on Kingfisher, followed by a swift Doonbar๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
  8. Mal Thomas

    Ray Comp Weather Watch

    Having spoken with Neal and looked at the entries so far, Saturday is on and Sunday very unlikely. Tight lines.๐Ÿ˜€
  9. Mal Thomas

    Ray Comp Weather Watch

    This weekend is looking lumpy, Saturday 13- 14 mph force 3-4 SW and Sunday is looking like 15-21 SW force 4-5 which is definitely unsuitable. As the whole weekend is not suitable at the moment, should we postpone for a better opportunity for all classes of boat.????? We also seem to have a pattern lately of the wind being heavier than forecast. Myself and Neal will chat today.
  10. Mal Thomas

    Junior comp weather watch 9th Sept

    As this is the presentation and last day I am trying very hard not to cancel, as we do have some shelter from a SW wind. I suggest we restrict it to the Harbour with a view to possibly inside old Harry with a diagonal line to Durley rocks. This includes some rocky features for fishing. If the forecast worsens then it will be the harbour only. Rob and other competitors can discuss on the morning and make a final call as they are mostly committee members fishing. There are some good features to fish West of the channel in the lee of the cliffs and before Old Harry.
  11. Mal Thomas

    Junior comp weather watch 9th Sept

    I went out fishing today, the forecast was less than the weekend and it was lumpy and not comfortable for long periods.โ˜น๏ธ The sunday forecast has deteriorated slightly.โ˜น๏ธ
  12. Mal Thomas

    one bass a day from October

    Charlie, I thought I was the suspicous one !๐Ÿ˜€
  13. We are watching the forecast, there is a front coming in Friday- Saturday. The afternoon ebb looks potentially bumpy, the morning looks nice at the moment. Watch this thread for an update. Fingers crossed.
  14. Sunday is looking potentially uncomfortable, Saturday marginally better forecast 12mph to 16 mph WSW. Today has been windier than forecast so a swell will still continue on saturday. Rob and I will speak as soon as we can to define the situation.
  15. Mal Thomas

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    Had responses to all, but authoritity on the open water for recreational boaters in our waters seems very little, unless you cause serious injury.