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  1. Mal Thomas

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    Had responses to all, but authoritity on the open water for recreational boaters in our waters seems very little, unless you cause serious injury.
  2. Mal Thomas

    Post Near Miss at Anchor

    With all the reports from our members having had similar experiences, I feel a report to the Authorities with our findings is necessary. May be a GIVE ANCHORED BOATS SOME SPACE CAMPAIGN coming on.😉
  3. Mal Thomas

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    Having been through the process of reporting as perscribed, Iam now going to buy the loudest airhorn, I will give them 5 loud blast's. Hopefully it will embarrass the rest of their crew whilst carrying out a nuatical signal.
  4. Mal Thomas

    Video Editing

    A very good idea, shame we have to think like this. This would save the mad rush for the phone.
  5. Mal Thomas

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    I have filled in a Miab report and given all the details I could. By chance I was on the Quayside at Poole today and quess what I saw and then tracked down into Cobbs, yes a perfect match to the boat that frightned the hell out of me.
  6. Mal Thomas

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    Southbourne rough was not far inside me, still on transit route like I said.
  7. Yesterday at 1.00pm I was very frightened by a 15 mtr flybrige motor vessel steering directly at me for two miles from the IOW. The vessel showed no sign of moving off what looked like an autopilot route until he was within 300 yards of me travelling in excess of 25 knots in a snotty sea with white tops. He missed me by know more than 100 yards, I could see two men clearly sat on the flybridge. I reported the vessel to Solent Coastguard, I was inshock whilst making the call. The speed at which he made the crossing to the Entrance was very very quick. I was so shocked, I ended my day there and then and went inshore whilst the tide flooded in. As soon as there was enough water I went in still in shock, thinking of what could have happened. As with all these things I gauge them by how I feel the next day about the incident, the truth is bl--dy mad, so much so I have sent an email to the Harbour commissioners at Poole and informed them of all the times and as much description as I could give. This spot is obviously on direct route for the IOW from Poole, I think it will be a long time before I anchor there again. BTW my black anchor ball was on display, not that this skipper would have paid any attention to that. Sorry to report such an incident but I think this behaviour is on the rise.
  8. On a visit to Ribs marine tonight, I met a fellow angler Peter who has a long 50 year history of fishing Bournemouth bay. He has strong feelings about the miles of gill nets seen along the shore line. Peter has been looking for a voice, so I told him about the work we have been doing this week. I think we will be getting a new active members with some strong conservation goals. If you look on the site tonight Peter please realise the site has many more areas open for members.
  9. Mal Thomas

    New member in Christchurch

    Good morning BassDaze, my name is Mal and I run Y-KNOT out of Christchurch. We fish mainly to the Needles some times beyond and we are out quite frequently. We look further afeild on neap tides but as yet not done one this year. If you see a Marlin 695 give us a call up on channel six. Iam also on the committee and the safety officer for the club, if you need to get a VHF license and obtain an mmsi number and call sign I can help with that or if you want any anchor demos we can help with that to. Are you familiar with Christchurch in the winter months when the channel markers are removed??
  10. Mal Thomas

    48 Hr Competition

    My best effort 3lb 4 0z Black bream
  11. Mal Thomas

    Course adventure

    Yes it was calpac, the over hanging tree by the pill box was near the Aquarium swim, made famous by a mate of mine who knocked out many 30 to 40 chub a session with the odd barbel mixed in. I used to opt for the long walk to the end of the venue, praying I was the only one down their. Many large bags of good roach to casters. Great times, now full of Amercian cray fish eating the fish eggs and the otters causing lots of trouble. The Kennet is now in a bad way. See what you gone and done Rob making us oldies remember the good old days.
  12. Mal Thomas

    Course adventure

    Your joking thats exactly where it was on the last bend at the end of the venue.
  13. Mal Thomas

    Course adventure

    Awesome my favourite fishing, Barbel being as good as Bass. My best 9.8lb on 3lb line size 18 hook trotting on the Kennet many years ago, but still gives me a thrill. 😊
  14. Mal Thomas

    Barracuda 9

    Wow you have started a topic here, this could run and run. Ask yourself a similar question about cars, is there a car for all uses??? A fishing boat and cruiser is a difficult blend to find. I think it depends on how big your prepared to go to get what you want, for comfort and speed your probably in the two engine market and a heavier displacement. Lighter boats at higher speeds tend to be noisy or slam and feel more rally car than Rolls Royce. The Barracuda 9 in several formats tends to be an outboard boat, fast planing and petrol thirsty. It does have fishing space upfront which is a bonus, but when anchored you would prefer to fish from the stern. Maybe a Rodman with two diesel engines and no flybridge would be worth looking at. Large accommodation, heavy displacement cruising at 18 knot + more family friendly + economical on fuel. Sterndrives can be expensive to maintain but as a rule quicker boats, but a fast fixed prop is probably more durable if you do not want large bills. Stability normally derives from low down weight in the hull and outboards tend to be higher up, if you have a catamaran this is can be offset with a wide beam. 20 knots is not the norm in our waters unless you have the right boat or flatish seas , a Targa, Rodman and few other top brands have this capability and more fishing specific boats, like the Breaksea models .Otherwise you will find most travelling between 13 and 18 knots. Hunting for a boat is great fun and many members are always looking online including myself, there is normally a comprimise as with all things, good hunting. No doubt Iam going to get shot down in flames very soon for these comments, never mind I can take it.
  15. Mal Thomas

    Anchor and chain

    Neil your 15mtr of chain is off setting your light anchor, a 7.5 kg anchor would give you a better set in deeper locations.