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  1. LIFE JACKETS requred

    A crutch strap is very important, make sure your choice has them.
  2. LIFE JACKETS requred

    http://www.lifejackets.co.uk/ a variety to suit budget, recommend 150n auto with crutch strap as a minimum approx £65.00, may be spares could be a compromise in specification if budget is tight.
  3. Lifejacket check

    Nice one Rob, good timing too.
  4. Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    Sunday's forecast is forcing yet another cancellation for The Bob Horne Memorial Flounder Comp, we can discuss alternatives further at the meeting tonight, I will be attending.
  5. Latest press release

    I have a copy of the sea angler if anyone wants it.
  6. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    Could'nt have been won by a nicer guy, well done Stuie.
  7. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    Mal thomas 15LB cod and a 14lb cod.
  8. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    1) Serenity - Tony, Neal and Stuie 2) Alfresco - Sam and Eileen 3) Tarlach - Neil and Another (yet to be determined). 4) Tigerfish - Steve, Alun 5) Reel Magic - Dave Mick 6) Madness - Dean, Martin, Phil Trevett 7) Y-Knot - Mal and Trevor Like This M
  9. Weather now looking better

    A good change in the weather, lets hope the forecast remains good.
  10. Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy birtday Terry.
  11. Birthday greetings Oli

    Happy Birthday Oli have a good day, thanks for all your efforts on the website.
  12. Birthday greetings Mal, Andrew & Timmy

    Thanks for all your birthday wishes, probably the sunniest warmiest birthday I have ever had, gorgeous. I will try and remember it, that's becoming ever more difficult at my age.
  13. Birthday greetings Mal, Andrew & Timmy

    Yes I did, had a lovely memorable warm sunny flat calm day. Thanks
  14. Happy Birthday Little Sal

    Happy birthday Graham ,we have been missing your reports. Hope your keeping well.
  15. Best all round boat multi....?

    I have just bought a dream left hand lever drag two speed narrow spooled penn FTH25nld2lh. I have been waiting for this reel for a while to come to the market and now it's here, you may share my excitement.