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  1. Mal Thomas

    Junior training

    If the interest remains for some Junior training please put your children's names and ages forward. You can send them on a PM if you prefer. The RYA guidelines are 8-11 for Level 1 and 12-16 for a level 2. Some radio work for emergencies will be included. The cost will be based on the size of group, so I need to know numbers first. This training will be on Ribs, not just classroom.
  2. Mal Thomas

    Flatfish Competition

    I small Turbot for me, had a blonde ray 11.8lb which got us all excited for a while, till the tail appeared out of the depths.
  3. Mal Thomas

    Happy Birthday Charlie

    Happy birthday Charlie.
  4. Mal Thomas

    Flatfish Competition

    Mal, Nige and Chris Sunday
  5. The weather for the 9 & 10 th this coming weekend could do with improving a fair bit for our Flatfish comp. Got everything crossed.
  6. Mal Thomas

    engine problem

    Have you check an in line Fuel valve under the deck.
  7. Mal Thomas

    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Happy Birthday Jerry.
  8. Mal Thomas

    Bream Competition

    I agree with that Charlie, Sunday is looking iffy.
  9. Mal Thomas

    Alderney 2018

    All from stepping on my boat to have a look around, things have turned out well for you and I am pleased.
  10. Mal Thomas

    Alderney 2018

    Nice to see people genuinely excited, with lives being so full on nowadays it is good to get some good weather and planed trips going ahead, it all seems a little surreal. Mr V Excited also. Now with my safety head on let us all help each other with navigation, fuelling up, mooring and general good seamanship that I know all the skippers and crew have. See you at the meeting tonight, I think I am lurgy free now otherwise I would stay away. OH yes I forgot to mention the pink pinney will be having it's first outing of the year
  11. Mal Thomas

    Safety Issue with out of date flares

    Hi Mike well done sorry I did not respond I did not see the post first time.
  12. Mal Thomas

    Happy Birthday Tiddler

    I thought I had done this already, idiot Mal. My excuse is it was at the top of new activity for some reason.
  13. Mal Thomas

    Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy birthday Mr Raffle winner, can the rest of us have a chance sometime please. Have a good one, plenty of CAKE. YOU LIKE CAKE.
  14. Mal Thomas

    First trip this year for Y-Knot

    Slightly over eagar start to get out this morning, took one look at the breakers at the end of the channel and went back into the Harbour for an hour. Even after the wait there was only 2 foot 6 inches outside the last channel markers, had to quickly lift the engine more and coast over the realy shallow bit. No fun at all, on the way in the breakers were quiet lively and still only 3 foot 6 inches at the end channel and no end markers have been positioned. Went down to Milford to try for a plaice or two, no luck with the plaice but I did manage 4 nice thorneys in 40mins, tons of baby dogs and a pout. Moved back to Christchurch and had 3 small eyed rays in 20 minutes and then the dogs moved in. Back home for for 3.30pm and a wash down, first trip without any hiccups always a good start to the season.
  15. Mal Thomas

    Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Jim.