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  1. Mal Thomas

    Diesel tank sludge

    Just spoken with Stuart white at sales@swukmarine.co.uk. They are the Starfisher maindealer / agent with contacts to the manufacturers in Spain. He has never had any listing issues before. He was very helpful and offered assistance if you email him, he also offered a pdf manual if the boat does not have one. The boat is a single think skin boat with a heavy duty lay up. Trust this is of some help in your quest to explain the list.
  2. Mal Thomas

    Diesel tank sludge

    We spoke about him at the Club meet and I have seen his ads on FAFB. You told me about the dispute over the window and carriage.
  3. I have just spoken with the Power Boat safety organiser Danielle Strawford, the race has been postponed till Sunday 9th June which will clash very much with our flatfish comp especially on the drifts along the sea front at Bournemouth. The main race times are between 12.00hrs and 14.30hrs. The race organiser has kindly given me their details and in future will be contacting us directly as one of the biggest recreational clubs sharing the same areas. The zones that look the safest to me are Past old Harry close in and out on Dolphin sands or middle of the bay. Please keep away from the area from 11.30am till 3pm to be ultra safe. Please display black bouys when at anchor. If you go on Poole harbour commissioners site you will find maps of the laps, there is a link on this site under the power boat race notice as well.
  4. Mal Thomas

    Diesel tank sludge

    The listing is a worry, have you got a waste tank and a water tank?? Check the levels in those. Has the listing become worse since see has been sat in the water? Did you say she is a double skin boat at the very begining.?
  5. Mal Thomas

    Diesel tank sludge

    Trevor Huggings
  6. Mal Thomas

    Diesel tank sludge

    Neil the fuel polishing and filter cleaning will be just in time for nature doing it's own sea water filtering. The water has cleared and the fish should be coming on the feed after the breeding season is coming to a close and May rot filtering out. Enjoyment will come after getting over some teething problems and a T H deal out of your system.👍
  7. Mal Thomas

    Flatfish Competition

    I think it is safe to say Saturday's weather has not changed for a while and is a NO GO situation. Sunday's weather is still improving and a close watch will be kept on this situation.
  8. Mal Thomas

    new member

    Welcome to a great club, put in some effort and rewards will come.👍
  9. Mal Thomas

    Alderney 2019

    Is he bringing rum and a thong as usual 😂
  10. Mal Thomas

    Alderney 2019

    just your birthday suit mate.
  11. Mal Thomas

    Alderney 2019

    Fishermans café 3 breakfast baps booked for Madness to be collected on the quayside, add your order by phoning Clare on 01202 673899
  12. Mal Thomas

    Alderney 2019

    Starting to get excited, probably won't sleep until Friday in anticipation. Watching the weather and working out how to feed the troops, we might be on a high protein low fat module this weekend except at the bar.😂
  13. Mal Thomas

    Spring Species 2019 new dates

    Those pesky Easterlies will not go away. Keeping an eye on those gusts over the weekend.
  14. Mal Thomas


    Kin is normally family, not sure if that helps Or am I being very uncool man.🤣
  15. Mal Thomas

    Spring Species Comp 2019

    Weather window for Sunday looks to have worsened, looking iffy for comp. Will check at 6pm