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  2. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Yes Jimbo, it may be possible to get the jet out but read on ! Tonight has found a major thought, why was only one carb very corroded and not the other two ..........?.q?... The answer got found a few minutes ago , I drained the two stroke tank down ready for removal , a conservative estimate would be 100mm of pure water , and we are all aware of how it separates in a tank , especially if a total ass ( not me ) uses a mineral based oil . So had did that happen ??? It's called a split in the rubber / plug / cap thingy , it actually looks like a cup . Where did the water go ???? Straight into the auto lube pump , that then ends up injected into the tube just before the reeds . It answered the problem of why it would tick over by die on a whiff of throttle. It also explain why cylinder two had a wet plug ! The biggest elephant in the room? A hole between the crankcase ? It's fine doing a compression test for most of the time , a full pressure test ( leak down) would be a huge step too far , I have never heard of this engine ( ( Dangar marine in Austrailia ) that has had this issue , if this was the case it would have just overheated and gone bang . Unfortunately this will of course mean that water may have also gone into the bearings etc, if that's the case it's all over , I was aware that this engine came with this boat as a non runner , possibly spares only ,. Im not going to give up just yet , im a very stubborn man . Looking on a positive side I'm learning about engines , strange thing is I'm far happier doing this than watching the telly , the fishing can wait for another few months
  3. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    So top picture, left hand side , look good don't they ? Until you take them apart, corrosion has wrecked one, you can't get the jets out ( yes it is possible but !) Prime start, it's all a updated choke, I don't like it, it's the ones with a little red lever. I think it would be fine BUT with the amount of corrosion in that carb its scrap. To the right we have a set from a 'fully ' working engine they have a normal choke hence the extra butterfly's The inlets are different , the crap set has o rings inserted into the faces, the new set does not , swap them over and hold in place with a tiny amount of gasket sealer.. New fuel pump fitted , three tubes, two bolts , just as well as mine had the pin hole in the diaphragm, it would not have helped. Sizes of jets between the two sets exactly the same, all three carbs must have the rubber blank over each minor jet , never use anything else but the correct blank , these jets share a air emulation hole , it's so tiny I can't even see it !, its it's taking far longer than it should, a straight swap would have been a hour.
  4. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Here goes , please don't forget I'm no mechanic.
  5. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    So once again it was a late night at Hooky mansions , lets start again, lets start at the the very beginning , its a very good place to errr , etc etc. Carbs are here, new ones are auto choke not prime start , im also going to delete the autolube > oil tank and loads of wires and pipes. This conversion is my only option, it has been impossible to find a decent , un molested prime start set, every set i found has had exactly the same issue., It will be best to put up pictures due to the amount of other owners with corroded carbs that cant afford tobuy then new at £217 each plus VaT !!!!!
  6. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    And this what i was looking at : it cant be this , have I been a total pillock ?
  7. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Thanks Rob : Only three options left , one of them could see me looking very stupid . Clue ! what is the difference between 2 stroke oil & 4 stroke oil ???? yet another little job to sort .
  8. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Yes please Rob : engine in Devon, seized due to putting too much oil in tank so non runner.
  9. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    No Rob, plug leads not long enough to get it wrong BUT I think you may be on the right track with that comment, Mmmm HT leads , thats something else to double check, I may just start again at the very beginning ! I STILL think its a carb issue , I will take the old ones off (with pictures) . Last night took off the fuel pump, its going in the bin , its a nasty copy , the diaphram seems ok but the slightest bleed will put fuel direct into the crank case hence a wet plug , im getting a bit lost with this engine, at least I will know every nut and corroded bolt on this engine. Other interesting things ( or not ! ) Cold starting. I dont have a normal choke as such, its a small piston that heats a wax plug when the ignition turns on, it lasts about 20 seconds ( think glow plug ) this then alters then richens the mixture on one carb only , if this fails you can flick a little red button , this is on cylinder 2 , the spark plug seems perfect colour. So a nice set of carbs is on its way from deepest Devon , these have a normal press key to choke function , shame i dont have the push button on my control box !!!! another thing to buy !!!! These will just bolt on, they have come from a 100% working engine so it will put me on the correct path again ( or to the asylum ) Thanks for all the suggestion chaps .
  10. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Grrrrr frustrating this crappie old outboard thing , not sure WTF is going on , Let's try a new fuel pump , also I'm giving up with these old carburettors , new set on there way , it's starting to go beyond what the engine is worth ,. Revs still hanging on , very poor revs on throttle , top plug still getting wet , bottom plug still looks very lean . Tested all coils, stator fine, pulser exiter thing ok , new fuel , compression 125 psi on all three cylinders, reed valves fine , new plugs etc etc etc yawn I'm off to bed .
  11. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Doh, just did a long post on my auxiliary engine , lost it ! I have a little Mariner 4, used it on the Suntrip , start her up, lock in place and you can use you man engine as a rudder , yes it does work ( ok ish) . Throttle is taken can of by a 8ft length of plastic tube from B & Q . 2 to 3 knots with little tide, brilliant for trolling , uses a £5.00 all day . Also used for a gentle river or harbour cruise , no worries about endless issues with nets or ropes . The other thing that I found of use was being able to go over some very nasty coves and inlets knowing if that little prop gets damaged I'm not going to cry over a £10. 00 . Im not sure who it was but I have seen a local using a electric bow mounted engine in a couple of foot of water over a sand bar Lure fishing for bass ( PJ ? ) I think it's a American thing, down rigging using a auxiliary engine trying to create as little disturbance as possible is another thing to do this year . Things to sort out as follows, get the fuelling correct, all three spark plugs a different colour, engine hangs on too long to revs. Put new bearing on trailer, fit new end stop to trailer winch post. Find and fit boarding ladder . Cable tie all wires in place . Finish carpet in cabin . Get a boat only basic tool box , spare plugs, electrical tape, Wd40, etc Get of of those brilliant little jump starter packs ( last one again went down with on Hobit) . Time is ticking away , time off work ( even once a week ) is my biggest problem , I'm not going to mention the fishing will kick off in the next month and we will be in for a nice summer , it's all true !
  12. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    So that should be that ! The carb issue, each carb has a little rubber blank over the minor jet, mine had one missing. Reed valves , mine had one (top cylinder) that was stuck, this would only add to the problems. I realise I'm no mechanic, I totally understand why old outboards are such a pain when every bolt, grommet and wire has a shelf life , salt corrosion kills all ! These are very , very simple engines , getting them running spot on is a bit of a art , we all know far more modern ( or new ) can break for no reason no matter what you do. The new auxiliary bracket can take up to 15 Hp ish , I'm putting on a 4 , at least it should give me a little confidence getting back as I'm a night fisherman, very few boats about . Talking to a very good professional mechanic I have done all that can be done. Good as new ? What does that really mean ?. As I've already been told these old Yamahas could be one of the best outboards built, the only few worries are the oil pump, yes you can blank them off and pre -mix but on this engine leave it alone , get the mixture too rich and it will make it run too lean ( you would think its the other way around ) . That brings me back to those tiny pilot jet blanks, you must have them on all three carbs, the minor jets under them still need to be in perfect condition, they draw air from the main jet via a tiny unseen hole in the carb body , throw in too much pre- mix and it blocks it , it will then run lean which ( could) lead to possible seizure at full throttle. I'm going to try and behave with this engine, it's not going to fast anyway, estimated 22knts at wot. As long as I adjust the cables to give me a maximum of 16 knots that will do until the 115 e- tec arrives ( ?????) Things still to do, 1 wheel bearing, solder a couple of wires and get 3 or 4 days off for a play . I probably a optimistic, I can't see why a 20ft fully sorted boat should not go out to some of those wrecks 35 miles out as long as a buddy boat will go with me , it's all about confidence, mine has taken a bit of a hammering, after all what could possibly go wrong
  13. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Yet another update !
  14. Hooky

    Bream Competition

    Very much a "maybe" , if I can get those carbs on , up and running , first launch , so much to go wrong !