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  1. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Yep this is the 590, it has exactly the same thing, water gets in under the deck , mine has low deck drain plug . Plug removed , about Two litres came out , this was done on a very steep slipway . As I understand 'they all do that " ? The sealed deck will mean fitting twin auto bilge pumps , there won't be a full cover on this boat , it will be on a mooring so It will need checking every few days even thought the solar charging should keep the battery topped up . The water under the deck ? I will check if it's salty upon getting her floated , she will also be taken to a weigh bridge on the trailer , Gummidge has exactly the same boat with a 80 Hp so in theory they should be about the same . His skims along at a fair pace and gets on the plane with no issues so with a 20 Hp deficiet I think it will be just ok . Cables from the controll unit have been oiled and re fitted , steering cable later this evening , It's getting cold and starting to rain , got to keep going !
  2. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Without going on for hour or two Doombar now sits in the driveway . The trip to get her from deepest ,darkest Wales was eventful , Gummage came along for a nice few hours in the most horrendous weather . Snow storms, torrential rain from dawn to dusk, it had caught out a few motorists ( including a traffic copper who managed to aqua plane stuffing his car into the Armco ) Towing a 20ft boat on a big trailer is a litter demanding , in those conditions it was horrendous . My only aim for this year is to get her on the water , all the pretty stuff can wait . Inspection so far is that I have made a very wise purchase ,This boat has had a huge amount of pounds thrown at it .I will attempt to find out more as this has been a professional build , it really is that good.. The main thing of is the Big Yamaha , removing the hood it looks like new , I have been informed these engines could be the toughest engine ever to go on a boat . I have made a wise decision to take it to a professional for a full service (Rivershack ) he will also go over all the wiring because that's the bit I think I've always found a struggle . Loads of stuff going on in the few short hours I have , lighting fitted up driveway so work will can progress after dark . Im still waiting for that big kick in the ass , have I actually managed to do ok ?
  3. flounder fishing in the harbour

    Yes; I'm one of a few that fish evenings from a boat in the harbour . I have had a few nice fish over past few years but caught just as much from the shore. Sorry to be negative but I feel sure it's never going to be what it was . All of us need to be happy with a fish or two on that odd occasion from the harbour . Those old favourite areas that were kept a little hush have also been very poor . Christchurch harbour is the same , a decent Flounder is now a rare prize along with loads of other harbour species .
  4. flounder fishing in the harbour

    Holes bay has been hammered, I have seen a few bait boats circling and dredging on many occasions. Last years shore competition was a total failure, 64 anglers , three fish caught (up by the railway bridge ) Nothing positive to report from any location or area !
  5. LIFE JACKETS requred

    Totally agree , three new life jackets are my very first purchase before picking up my new boat this weekend . Inshore flare pack next Vhf ( not sure if the old one will be any good after getting a little damp) etc, etc ,
  6. LIFE JACKETS requred

    Self inflating , advice please, tight budget of course , need two or three / ta
  7. Stering cable

    Never give up ! its the same no matter what you buy , snapped this. broken that , constant battle with boats ( even boats a couple of years old go wrong !) Take old cable to Ski Marine on charminster road , not the cheapest but go for a decent make.
  8. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    It's seems I have thrown the dice again! She will be up my driveway next weekend . Im pleased to find that the Pilot 20ft never had a foam filled hull (Wilson models did) Pilot stringers run stern to bow , Wilson across beam with no drain holes between . My Pilot has hull has had a professional re build , Mmmm , ?? . Its always a gamble buying a old boat !! Silk purse from a sows ear ? I do know the transom is fine and solid . Now way will I throw a big motor on it , 60 / 90 is plenty , I've seen one with a 150 ! The MAJOR issue of funding , yep , I'm a idiot , never bothered about cosmetics it's just getting a few fish on board that will be the target for this year Cheers for all the replies and advice on this thread , Im glad to see its woken up the new forum just posting a few pictures in the test section .
  9. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Spot on !! Is it a totall piece of crap ???? Has it been built by a mad Welshman ???
  10. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    COMPETITION TIME !!!!! Just noticed !!! who is at the helm of the Hobbit ( see ebay link thingy)
  11. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Ok Jim , let's see !! Lol https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/shetland-Suntrip-fast-fishing-boat-project-Yamaha-40-outboard/292400872096?hash=item4414733aa0:g:bJ8AAOSwRTVaU-I~
  12. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Funny thing is I have a full trim/ tilt from my old Mariner 60 , all complete with relays etc I totally agree Jim, ive done it before, again IF the Yamaha is not a scrapper the stuff i have will work , Far to many ifs ! I will get this out this season, some how. I have just arranged to pick up the old Hobitt (from Rivershack) Doombar will be put in its place to get it checked over // Thanks to Will and the team from http://www.rivershackboats.co.uk/ for looking after me , brilliant company. So i have one fully working engine ! Mariner 4 hp ! its perfect ! Will sorted it !!! it will get nailed on asap !
  13. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    It's a Sunday night , time to think on what to do , what would you do ????? Strange thing are telly, there appears to be funny brownish thing falling around a ice rink. Im not female nor a homosexual , hence time to ask advice on this ere forum ,. How many of our members have (or had) one , a quick Google finds very little information, I believe the Wilson moulds have been used by loads of builders ( one in Poole) also a few have been torn apart due to water ingress in the sealed hull. Horror stories of knackered transoms , so builds have been very poor , some have been superb , used commercially due to huge stability.. What have I bought ? Dunno , I bought it from a very well respected member of a Welsh small boat club . The old engine is. Yamaha 60 , described as not run for a while and not pumping water means one thing . Its scrap, it has manual tilt , just so happens I'm pretty good with messing with old scrap , I have a few options , the 40 Yamaha from the Hobbit is re -build able, possibly. Little chance of it putting a 20ft boat on the plane , lets see what I can get for it . Mariner 60 , I have one with low compression complete with all controls , it has tilt/ Trim , it was a very good engine . I have been informed these things weigh 1850 kgs plus , Gummidge is lending me his braked trailer , just as well , no trailer with the sale , it will go back onto my old mooring , I have taken full responsibility for the old Hobbit , it's mine to salvage , also means I have to sell the hull , it a bit of plastic so might fetch a few quid , it's fine for anyone whose daft enough to buy a old hull , after all , what could possibly go wrong.
  14. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Blimey I was only mucking about with pictures and stuff So the long and short of it is that I saw a picture on a Facebook group. Its the pictured above , It just spiked my interest , NO , I'm not looking for a project , then again it looked OK, she had been fully sorted , new transom, new everything. All done from a professional builder , Gummidge has one (endeavour 3) his is also a 20ft job, she's a big old girl , very stable platform , nice cabin for a occasional night on the water , yep I quite like them but not as much as as Suntrip ( The Hobbit) I did a very stupid thing , when insuring Hobbit I gave its value without much thought, after all , its hardly going to sink in the short time it's on the water , only really insuring it for the liability on the mooring My stupidity reared up again when I put on a Yamaha 40 ( it actually did two trips out before sinking ) ( the old 60 was taken off ) it only took a couple of hours , shame I didn't tell the insurance company about the rise in value , shame I also put on a new VHF, new Sonarphone etc . Shame I also put all my rods, reels , lures , life jackets in the cabin ready for a trip out . If you are sensible you make sure your craft is insured to its true value, So here's the beginning of this story , the insurance ( correctly) paid up for what I had told them the value was . More than sick What now ? Give up ? Dunno , No chance on throwing one penny more than what I got paid out , I'm not a idiot ( ?) but realised it was stupid to try again , I had become totally disheartened. Sod the fishing , boats cost far more than I justify, only went out six times last year AND the weather was crap , Oh the other ugly nasty thing that shall remained kept very quiet ( I'm not a attention or sympathy seeker ) also affected every decision. About time to liven things up on here , it's very quite , so time to get out there in the cold with a few hammers and a stick of mastic . Massive thanks for all the gear etc , I going to set myself a target of 6 months to make sure I get of my ass and do this . -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Page 1 ; I've just bought a 20ft dory / flyer thing ) looks ok , it's a bit of a project , let's see what happens
  15. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Don't worry Mick, I'm sure you will be getting a very close look soon ( I will make the tea to rest on your tool box !!!!!!!