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  1. Hooky

    Alderney method

    I found a few on YouTube, it’s needs a bit of room !
  2. Hooky

    Evening trips ?

    Blimey🤗 looking good Might need a bigger venue 👍
  3. Hooky

    Evening trips ?

    Yes, I will put up a few dates ASAP Im going down to sort my mooring on F pontoon very soon I believe it takes 30 minutes (?) Swanage back to the bridge. Trailer boats from Baiter will need to find out about the last lockout so will need a date for tides
  4. Hooky

    Evening trips ?

    Good call on Swanage Bay It doesn’t get dark until about 8 (ish) so pretty sure insurance won’t be any issue So 7 till 11 / Swanage Bay Area? All boats must stay in close, keeping in sight of all others? 🤗
  5. Hooky

    Evening trips ?

    It’s a rare thing to get out during the day so to gauge feedback ideas please ? Suggest 7pm until ??? ( last bridge 11) Area ? Got to be local and keep in sight of each other ( Night fishing can be superb ) Fish supper on way out? More a social evening than anything else ? Thoughts please
  6. Hooky

    Gone the ETEC route

    Sea trials today (Paul Thorne) This fella is superb🤗
  7. Hooky

    Gone the ETEC route

    Set up for Xd100 oil 75 and 90 both exactly the same. I’m told the 90 actually produces 100 plus hp I could have gone up to 150 but decided to be sensible ( £££££ ) New vhf got delivered today. Standard Horizon Gx thingy with a encyclopaedia, mmsi, gps, ais, etc etc blah , how is a human being ever going to understand? New rods ( ugly sticks) Wi-Fi Sonar , Bait tables, life jackets, etc etc blah New life, New beginnings Goodbye Christchurch, ( for a year) See you down the council estate very soon Crew more than needed , Lots of favours and begging will follow soon Ripps 🤗 Portland 😬 Lyme Regis 👍 Now all I need is a day off to get out 👋🙄
  8. Hooky

    Gone the ETEC route

    I’m hoping that the right decision will have been made😬 One thing (it’s all down to the learning curve)) DONT bother with old worn out old engines ( no matter how much think they will be ok 👌) Evinrude ETEC 90 fitted today . New cables, new everything 😉 Hope the upload video works IMG_4999.mov
  9. Hooky

    Happy Birthday Hooky

    Thanks to all for the birthday wishes😀 You could say it has been a rather expensive week , the new etec is going on Doombar very soon. Im moving on to the council estate 😆 (F) Bought a new ( second hand ) car today with many thanks to @Mike Hall for taking me to pick her up. Moving to a new home in the next few weeks , 😓 New life , New beginning .
  10. Hooky

    Outboard ( around 80 to 120) long shaft

    Yep , it's going to be a etec , only when the monies in the bank . Its got to be fitted and commissioned , no more messing about ! I will ( next year ) have the time to go fishing , possibly Doombar will be moving down to Cobbs ? Dreaming the impossible ? A decent Spring and Summer , a new life and only myself to answer too , living the dream ? Very possible .
  11. Hooky

    4 Stroke V 2 Stroke

    Necro this post? Updates & further rants and comments please ( Yes I’m very bored 😐)
  12. Hooky

    Outboard ( around 80 to 120) long shaft

    Pm sent @Paul J
  13. Hooky

    Outboard ( around 80 to 120) long shaft

    Utterly perfect , I'm going to send him a message and IF it's available in a couple of months I'm going to stretch the budget . That etec though !!!!!!!! Who is a decent Evinrude mechanic ( @Gazza)
  14. Hooky

    Outboard ( around 80 to 120) long shaft

    That at one is superb but !!! This going to drink a fair old bit Thanks for the link Rob , they also have a 135 Honda , that again perfect ( £4.500 😓) I can't seem to get this Etec thing out of my head , it really seems to ticked all the correct boxes , The 115 is the perfect power, very low weight , economy as good ( if not slightly better ) than a 4 stroke, yes I've read about a few issues ( mainly from the yanks and crappy ethanol fuel) I've read a lot about the e tecs , I'm not setting my heart on one as I have a concern about getting it serviced ? Is is there any real concerns about a etec ???
  15. Hooky

    Outboard ( around 80 to 120) long shaft

    Yes, saw that one, looks just the job ( I'm not positive but does this seem about £5/600 more than its real value ??)