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  1. Hooky

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    Saturday evening (June 22nd) Doombar , leaving F pontoon @ Cobbs. Crew @Mike Hall 6pm ish until 11 ish Venue , off the piers . Bring your squid jigs 😉 Targeting Sole, Plaice etc One place going for full club members ( pm me please ) I believe Frank and Yan are coming to play
  2. Hooky

    Good advice, fishing first and Safety at end

    I really like his films, his explanations of the basics are superb, basic tackle and gear that works very well . What I admire is the dedication and work it takes to just get a 30 min ( or so) clip for the rest of the world to view for free ( he may make about £4.00 a month for his efforts ) When films on YouTube turn into a endless promotion of products and sponsorship they loose all credibility , ( generally American ) so it's a bit of a blessing to find a few worth watching Totally awesome Trojs fishing Dizzy fishing ( kayak) but still my personal favourite Cornish shore & kayak fisherman .
  3. Hooky

    Hydraulic tilt and trim. Oil leak

    Glad to see your getting her all ready I have plan
  4. Hooky


    Must admit Brixham would be superb . Driver and minibus ???? I can sort this if needed @jerry.shutter
  5. Hooky


    Superb idea yes from me
  6. Hooky

    Rod ring repair

    Gary does all the local shops so same quality job
  7. Hooky

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    Errrrrr , the social evening , ? Well that was very nice . @Mike Hall @Gummage Driving down from Swindon ( he does indeed get up at 4' 30 ish for work) and meeting up at Hookys mansion for 6.30 in the evening must take some serious dedication for a few hours on the water . I was also very tired at the end of a very busy Saturday so a fair few hours got spent moored by the custom house steps eating some VERY good fish & chips ( Hartleys) while listening to a live band in the evening sunshine . I did a few shouts on channel 6 but no replys off to the edges of Hook sands with lures . Very small tides and blankets of weed made it impossible ! Tucked up inside Old Harry for a couple of hours into darkness , 2 X dogfish and that was that . Such a beautiful evening under the stars with superb company , discussing important political issues & who is the most fantastic woman on the TV ( the vote was won on the third re- count to Dr Alice Roberts ) . My thought is ending a very busy week on a boat is important to my own needs , selfish ??? Maybe but again it still goes back to many of us work virtually every day including weekends so this is the only way we can get out for a few hours in the evenings . If you can't get crew for your own boat please consider going out with someone else , we would ( of course ) like to be out and skippering our own craft , those logistics may mean it just won't happen. Im just a club member, I have a nice safe boat , I'm a pretty decent skipper that will make sure you will come back having enjoyed a few hours out ( for free) . You may not catch anything ,, You may not enjoy the endless drivel and banter , ( we love to be very social on Doombar ) . From that perspective our evening was a success ,
  8. Hooky


  9. Hooky

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    Doombar IS going out but full crew. Bass hunting on the entrance Leaving about 6; 30 , Lure chucking and hoping for some fresh bait for Sunday No idea on time back , looks like it's just one boat only 🏁
  10. Hooky

    Rod ring repair

    Garry (nutty ) also builds custom rods from new or a complete re-firb of old . He is (possibly ) the best in the uk at this time . Give me. PM if you want his direct number ( full re- build take a while so will take far longer )
  11. Hooky

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    Dates as above for the next month ( Tuesday & Saturday ) Dates will change the following month , trying to stick with neaps to allow for trailer boats . Very difficult trying to keep it open for all, some travelling down, some can't do Tuesday's & Saturday's , some doing other stuff, , some work , can't get crew , etc , etc Some won't be able to travel out very far. Some evening won't happen due to weather , skippers decision Squid evenings, Sole evenings , Conger evenings , ? Im sure you can see it's impossible to keep everyone happy 🤔
  12. Hooky

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    Anchoring ! All boats using Alderney system, Please get yourself wooden coat hanger! Also get a few large chemical glow sticks and cable ties Attack this to 8ft above the bouy ( attach the glow sticks to the coat hanger.) with a cable tie. When the bouy is deployed This will stop the bouy climbing the warp and going under the bow. It will also make the bouy visible for retreating ( it works very well) Please also remember to USE your plotter on way out, ( in daylight) Lots of pots to avoid!
  13. My thoughts , a social trip, just get out for a few hours in safety , in the company of others so we can sort out any issues between us. Dates ; All neap tides that will suit all , a difficult thing to do ! Saturday 25th May / HW 6:15 ( Swanage, a bit of a try out) Saturday 8th June / HW 6:00 Venue TBA Tuesday 14th June / HW 9:00 Saturday 22nd June / HW 5:30 Tuesday 25th June / HW 7.30 groups A & B & C & Kayaks Group A , Boats that will need a bridge lift ( Alan will be looking into this) Group B , Boats that will be launching from a slipway .( Baiter slip gates close @ 11.00) Group C Boats that can come and go with no assistance needed Kayaks ( they will be launching from Swanage ) ( hot coffee avaible from the boats ) Using channel 6 on VHF . The dates , Tuesday evening ,Saturday evenings, Tides have to be good for all. I will take any club member on my boat , a open evening , first come , first served, If you have a space on yours please bear in mind this may also encourage new members to see what a brilliant club it is ! Lead boats : Stick with them if you have not been out night fishing , . If you do not need help, do not need looking after , ignore the above , please try to stick with the group.. Suggested timescale depends on tides, bridges etc All boats must give the lead boats a call out on leaving , they must also give a shout when the leave . The first Venue will be Swanage Bay Area . Things you will need !!! A headlamp . A social attitude ! Drink Life jacket Please reply so I can sort out the logistics ( it's never that simple )( I be contacting the RNLI to keep them aware of what's going on So far we may have upto 14 boats & craft coming to play ( please be aware we will have Kayaks attending ! ) Some will be in the bay late afternoon Sorry if I have forgotten anything , it was a simple idea to just meet in Swange bay for a few hours on a summer evening , I believe a social evening needs be just that , to encourage in safety for all , to actually meet and invite members wether they have a boat or not . I strongly believe this may increase the membership , we need to look at ways to do this , have I got this wrong ????? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boat. Doombar Skipper. Hooky Leaving from pontoon F @ Cobbs approx 6.30 launch , 11.30 return Places available 0 strictly one rod and one bag each please) full club members only please Bridge lift not required (Route plotted so you can follow if needed ) Group C Crew @Gummage @Mike Hall
  14. Hooky

    Bream Comp 12th May

    Doombar (and crew ) WON ( the booby prize ) with the lowest score of nought ) Thanks to Andy at the shop for the huge effort .! It really was a good day just to be out on the water .
  15. Hooky

    Bream Comp 12th May

    Yes, please, Doombar, crew @Mike Hall Im not usually a competition man but will be out at some point