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  1. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    My front window was a big one, it now has a polycarbonate (5mm) bonded and bolted to the outside reveal, no chance of that ever happening again . Decided against acrylic, it can still crack etc . I think that's it now , everything seems spot on as It needs to be , the other few bits that need doing are just bling , I always wanted to be safe, it's always be the first priority . Of course the weather is looking crap for this weekend, I'm all ready to go out and get a couple of Bream for the BBQ but I'm a very happy chappie knowing the hard work will have been worth the wait My next post WILL be a catch report with loads of nice piccies. Thanks again to you lot for all the encouragement & support
  2. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Not it sure Rob , I've been out on a few bigger boats ( Marlin / Fisheagle) and have certainly seen big waves pitch over the bow and hit the windscreen ?? Have I got this bit right ??? ( yes I was heading into a rather lumpy confused swell)
  3. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    http://www.displaysuk.co.uk/ @Gummage Going down tommorow: Things could have been FAR worse, that's what sea trials are about. I have found out I'm not the only one to have this happen , that big window will fail if a reasonable force is applied . They have agreed to do a special quickly job . Also going to fit another bilge pump , it's going to be chucking it down this weekend ! Oh yeah, the weird intermittent engine problem , it's definitely coils or cdi , it can run under power for a hour or 15 minutes (???) it will just go lumpy sometimes. Switch back on and it's all fine again OR lumpy , all I know is that it always starts on the first turn of the key.
  4. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    UPDATE !!!! Im going to put this bit in this thread with a huge CAUTION ! Sea trail (day 2 ) could have seen me in BIG trouble. Heading over the ledge in fairly lumpy conditions the whole front window got forced in by a big wave . In 2 seconds the boat was in a very bad situation. I stayed very calm , headed in on main engine , yes i had my hand held VHF ready , clipped to my life jacket, this could at least been a Pan Pan . I managed to get all the way back up into the harbour before the bilge pump also died ( bits of plastic crap) stopped it dead. Main engine still plodding on, got back to her mooring (phew) My opinion is this way of fitting a big main front window (on a rubber seal) is a DANGER , I have never even considered this on this type of craft. Im going down to fit a new screen , ( 1 inch over size fitted over foam tape and finished wit bolts and lock nuts ). Your thoughts on this issue please
  5. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    It happened, Doombar has her first fish ! FIrst drop using small Sabikis, three bass, all retuned, the mackeral were thicker than soup ! Big bait down produced a nice Gurnard followed by a nice little spotty . Time was limited as I'm not confident in the engine yet ( still goes lumpy when pushed then drops onto two cylinders, could only be a coil ) Anchored up opposite the old coast guard hut , it was very snotty and bumpy out for the whole day. One slight disappointment, the old Shetland was far better getting over the ledge , I will get used to the slamming in time or it could be I haven't got my sea legs adjusted. This weekend looks pretty good so far , only saw one other boat out today, ( charter) but not going to push my luck to push a little further out until some confidence returns.
  6. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Launched !! After a few issues with the cable adjustment ( would not select forward on gearbox) I managed to go up and down the river a few times, tide up to a mooring buoy and set up the carbs, not easy but all now seems perfect ,. The auxiliary engine also needed a bit of fettling , at least I know that works should it be needed. Will I get my first fish today from my new boat ?? . Many things learned about old outboards ; they may run in a tank or on muffs but that means nothing, put them under load , it's the only way. There is a point when a old outboard is scrap, set yourself a budget and stick to it . Old two strokes are increasing in value ( !!!!!!!!!) compression test first , if that's not perfect walk away . Make sure it will select gears, check for spark. As a rule of thumb if you buy a old outboard for £1000 expect to spend that amount again to get it perfect. Old outboards take far longer to service , every nut or bolt could be seized , many professional mechanics won't work on old engines, a full days labour (£45.00 per hour plus parts ) seems the norm. So would I do it again ? simple answer NO , I simply don't have the time or energy . I only bought this boat as the hull is brilliant, one day she will have a nice new ( ish ) engine . See you all soon
  7. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    The ups and downs of life (sigh) looked like this boat would have to be sold , endless hours wasted, it has been a bad year I had lost it , fishing was of little meaning or interest , despite loads of support from my friends ( you know who you are chaps ) . The weather has been brilliant these last weeks, one thing that kept me (slightly ) sane was sitting down by baiter park and watching others having fun. At last I could book a few days off work , just maybe one last go to see if I could get the carburettors on, get the battery charged and then if it didn't work at least I tried my best. New oil in tank , fresh fuel and she started first time , didn't know wether to or .. After making the huge decision to also fit new bearings to the trailer, sorting out all those loads of little jobs that needed doing she's sat ready to go for a maiden launch in the next few days. I had to let my Christchurch mooring go , so once again a huge thanks to Darvester as he is not using his for the rest of the season, if all goes well on her first run out she will now have a temporary home . Even if I get a run up the river ( yes the auxiliary runs ok) IT will be a positive outcome. COme on weather. , let the winds drop , who knows I might even get out to catch my first fish of the season !!!

  9. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Yes Jimbo, it may be possible to get the jet out but read on ! Tonight has found a major thought, why was only one carb very corroded and not the other two ..........?.q?... The answer got found a few minutes ago , I drained the two stroke tank down ready for removal , a conservative estimate would be 100mm of pure water , and we are all aware of how it separates in a tank , especially if a total ass ( not me ) uses a mineral based oil . So had did that happen ??? It's called a split in the rubber / plug / cap thingy , it actually looks like a cup . Where did the water go ???? Straight into the auto lube pump , that then ends up injected into the tube just before the reeds . It answered the problem of why it would tick over by die on a whiff of throttle. It also explain why cylinder two had a wet plug ! The biggest elephant in the room? A hole between the crankcase ? It's fine doing a compression test for most of the time , a full pressure test ( leak down) would be a huge step too far , I have never heard of this engine ( ( Dangar marine in Austrailia ) that has had this issue , if this was the case it would have just overheated and gone bang . Unfortunately this will of course mean that water may have also gone into the bearings etc, if that's the case it's all over , I was aware that this engine came with this boat as a non runner , possibly spares only ,. Im not going to give up just yet , im a very stubborn man . Looking on a positive side I'm learning about engines , strange thing is I'm far happier doing this than watching the telly , the fishing can wait for another few months
  10. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    So top picture, left hand side , look good don't they ? Until you take them apart, corrosion has wrecked one, you can't get the jets out ( yes it is possible but !) Prime start, it's all a updated choke, I don't like it, it's the ones with a little red lever. I think it would be fine BUT with the amount of corrosion in that carb its scrap. To the right we have a set from a 'fully ' working engine they have a normal choke hence the extra butterfly's The inlets are different , the crap set has o rings inserted into the faces, the new set does not , swap them over and hold in place with a tiny amount of gasket sealer.. New fuel pump fitted , three tubes, two bolts , just as well as mine had the pin hole in the diaphragm, it would not have helped. Sizes of jets between the two sets exactly the same, all three carbs must have the rubber blank over each minor jet , never use anything else but the correct blank , these jets share a air emulation hole , it's so tiny I can't even see it !, its it's taking far longer than it should, a straight swap would have been a hour.
  11. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Here goes , please don't forget I'm no mechanic.
  12. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    So once again it was a late night at Hooky mansions , lets start again, lets start at the the very beginning , its a very good place to errr , etc etc. Carbs are here, new ones are auto choke not prime start , im also going to delete the autolube > oil tank and loads of wires and pipes. This conversion is my only option, it has been impossible to find a decent , un molested prime start set, every set i found has had exactly the same issue., It will be best to put up pictures due to the amount of other owners with corroded carbs that cant afford tobuy then new at £217 each plus VaT !!!!!
  13. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    And this what i was looking at : it cant be this , have I been a total pillock ?
  14. Hooky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Thanks Rob : Only three options left , one of them could see me looking very stupid . Clue ! what is the difference between 2 stroke oil & 4 stroke oil ???? yet another little job to sort .