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  1. Jamie W

    Happy Birthday Jamie

    Will PM you greg, definitely could do with some guidence on the water and toilet plumbing etc.
  2. Jamie W

    Happy Birthday Jamie

    On a swinging mooring, added everything new from ground chain up. At cobbs at the mo sorting anodes and putting my transducer on. Having the 625 for 5 years, taught me nearly every mistake i needed to know, but also gave me valuable knowledge to make the next step. Boats, who'd have em lol. Soon as ive gave it a good clean, will start a thread for advice, with pics etc.
  3. Jamie W

    Happy Birthday Jamie

    Cheers lads. Took delivery of a MF805 for my bday. So Hopefully get back to fishing soon.
  4. Jamie W

    Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy birthday brian
  5. Jamie W

    Happy Birthday Jamie

    Cheers, yep sober today, as im suffering from yesterdays antics lol
  6. Jamie W


    Happy birthday brian
  7. Jamie W

    Happy Birthday Jamie

    Cheers lads... Will be putting engine back together in march for the 20th time lol. Boats eh..
  8. In perfect working order. Not a mark on it. Having to sell to fund ongoing engine repairs unfortunately. £1100 Collection Poole. Bh15 Or can post at buyers cost and risk. I.e. if you want it posted, you insure it for how much you want.
  9. Jamie W

    Mooring help needed

    Depends where you get it laid, they will guide you.. but around little shore or lake pear would suit you. Parking and beach tender. My dinghy is on a shallow mooring, and i just row out to my boat. Takes 2 minutes.
  10. Jamie W

    Mooring help needed

    Hi Joe. Cheapest is a swinging mooring. Either through someone. Or even better through the PHC (prob a long list though).I pay £200 a year. Thats including harbour dues.
  11. Hi jim. Just noticed lol. Its gone now im afraid mate.
  12. Hi rich. Thanks mate. Is there any chance i could pop in and see you tomorrow. I'm useless with drawings lol. Could bring the bowman. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  13. Hi lads. Unfortunately my bowman crack repair job has blown within 5 hours. It had 3" chopped off the exhaust last time, to bring the crack close enough to get a weld on it. Im thinking of getting a 2-3" peace of alloy (or whatever material) milled. As a spacer. And gasket both sides. So the crack will now be gone, and will be the rear face to the spacer. So exhaust - gasket - spacer - gasket - turbo manifold. Can anyone help one of the unluckiest boat owners out there lol Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk