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  1. Happy Birthday Adam

    have a good one
  2. Alderney 2018

    I'm still available to crew if anyone needs space filling,
  3. Happy birthday Ian

    Happy birthday
  4. Alderney 2018

    Hi Yes we did the trip twice on freeboys, (I think the smallest club boat to do the trip) neither time required more than one fuel to up from mainbrace. We did take a lot of fuel across in cans on the first trip but second we got.it from inner harbor on Alderney with no problems. I'd be happy to discuss with anyone if you pm me! I'd also really like to go this year so if you have a space let me know
  5. Happy Birthday Terry

    Have a great day
  6. Birthday greetings Oli

    Happy birthday
  7. Birthday greetings Pete

    Happy bday And retirement
  8. Happy Birthday Steve.

    Well done 1: more year
  9. Sponge with Lanyard

    Save your money, any sponge (50p ish) a bit of line and your sorted, prices quoted for these are criminal
  10. November Cod Comp.

    Sods law being what it is you will probably catch one that would have won both comps!!
  11. Ex-hurricane Ophelia

    Yes I've read a few of the accounts not something I'd be keen to try!
  12. Ex-hurricane Ophelia

    So Mike you go from having the club's slowest boat to fastest for a day!!! (Not suggesting you'd actually be mad enough to try it)
  13. Birthday greetings Chris

    All the best!!!!!! Matt
  14. Redfin sold

    Well I apologise I didn't contact club members before her marketing. I wasn't ready to deal with a sale personaly. Dads death was much to close for me but I'd like to get back to sea anglimg but with me not driving and living up I'm Wiltshire it's difficult.
  15. 48 Hour Competition

    I'd be up to crew but would need to discuss with the skipper.oops family birthday I'm out!!