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  1. Martin.C

    Birthday greetings Martin

    Thanks all ... No fishing today .. The wife booked me for the day :-)
  2. Martin.C

    Is that the Poole Bay Monster?

    I to had a battle with the beast while fishing off the needles with Nigel ... It was running uptide and I had tightened up the drag as much as I dared but was running out of 40lb braid rapidly !! Nigel was just about to pull the hook up and steam after it when my hook pulled out :-((
  3. Martin.C

    Bream Competition

    2lb 6 for me And 2lb 2 for Nigel
  4. Martin.C

    Species Hunt Results - 19th April 2015

    Well done all,, I chickened out and stayed home making leads instead ..
  5. Martin.C

    "New " species as sea warms

    Does this mean our mackerel are going to look like this haha
  6. Martin.C

    Happy Birfday Jim

    Happy birthday Jim :-))
  7. Martin.C

    Repaired reels

    I used to do a lot of carp fishing and had the usual 3 x rods and 3 x bait runners which now are used for bass fishing .. I have had the reels for nearly 20 years and all look like new still.. But two of the bait runners last year developed mechanical problems and with spares a no chance they sat in a cupboard !! Until tonight when I picked them up from Dave Lynes all fixed and ready for another 20 years :-))) New bearings in my lever drag and a service on the other ... Nice one Dave :-))
  8. Martin.C

    Joint Venture Re-Build thread

    Love this thread ! Looking amazing .. Keep the photos coming .. Martin c
  9. Martin.C

    Brighton Pollack comp report

    Cheers for the massive cool box of pollock.... I have only just finished filleting them !! If you go again let me know and I'll buy a bigger freezer :-)))
  10. Martin.C

    Small flat bottom boat /punt wanted

    There is a Facebook group fishing boats for sale and there are always plenty of small / large boats engines etc for sale .. Or post a wanted ??
  11. Martin.C

    Happy Birthday Sandy, what no raffle!!

    It's what he's going to get later for buying her this for her birthday that's making him miss the meeting haha
  12. Martin.C

    Warm waterproof boots

    After my trip over to the needles on Tuesday at 6am in freezing fog , (MYFEETWEREBLOODYFREEZING) So ordered a pair :-)
  13. Martin.C

    Cod Competion - part 2

    Nigel and myself made the call to give it a go at the carpark ... Entered into poole cod comp then off to wishin too for a cod hunt .. Trying to get down the river with minimal water levels tested Nigel's patience we ran aground several times and the wind would then spin us around .... Eventually we were on our way around 10.30am, facing a rough sea ahead, but Nigel was eager so 20 knots It was ... I was the first into a cod while Nigel was playing with congers a small one at 7lb 13 .. Nigel continued to play with congers for the rest of the day until around 3.15 when he hooked into a cod, a better fish 14 lb 2 Last drop and and a nice whiting to me 2lb 9 Back at Christchurch marina for 4.30 then off to poole quay for the weigh in... 52 anglers ... 7 cod weighed in... Nigel took 5th place and me 6th .. Both got on the prize table .. A meal was laid on by poole cod comp at quay cafe for anglers which was a great finish to a good days fishing Thanks Nigel and well done for at last catching a cod in a cod comp haha
  14. Martin.C

    Cod Competion - part 2

    1) court Jester, Neal, Stuie, Ian (+ Roger ?) 2) Marlin - Greg Toms, Vic Cooper (Non Member) 3) Reel Magic- Dave crew TBA 4) Kingfisher - Chris, Lester Macarthy, Chris Ayling. 5) Tigerfish - Steve, Jim 6) Albatross - Graham, Daddy, ?JayKay? 7) Wishin Too-Nigel ,Martin C
  15. Martin.C

    Happy Christmas