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  1. Breakdown

    Hi Mikey, Thanks for the input, luckily my engine turned off with the key !!! An hour later it was all working ok, think it is " fly by wire " controls, the only cable comes from the control lever in cabin to the electronic control box under the seats. Hopefully engineer is there tomorrow as he said he would from our conversation earlier..........very wary of going out before someone has looked at boat. Throttle position sensor has been mentioned. Mick
  2. Breakdown

    A very big thank you to Allan G, Dave L. and Dave S for coming to my rescue today. Coming into the quay in the 6 knot limit Marichelle suddenly surged to full power, I dropped her out of gear but engine still running at high speed, luckily it did turn off with key! Dave S called Allan who came back and kindly towed us back to Cobbs, engine started and was running correctly, but got her towed to pontoon in case the same thing happened again! Any ideas chaps, gonna get vodia machine plugged in anyway but just wondered if anyone has heard of this problem before ? Thanks again boys !!!
  3. Breakdown

    No news yet..............still waiting for engineer to turn up !!!!
  4. Breakdown

    Thanks for reminding me Dave !!!!!
  5. Breakdown

    That,s my theory Dave, seems to be an intermittent problem as was our last trip where she lost power twice and then no problem after that. Strange really as the boat was running fine, then a little blip and then big problem! Spoke to a guy this morning who is going to get there sometime this week and plug his machine in and access any fault codes which should point towards the problem............hopefully !!! Thanks Kev for sending me his number.
  6. Happy birthday Jacob

    Happy belated birthday Jacob.....hope you had a goodun Mick
  7. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Jim............have a goodun !!
  8. Magic for Seniors

    Just watched it from computer
  9. A selection of funnies.

    Some goodun's there neal..........my wifes favourites are the " man cold " one and the crystal ball..........wondered why she kept asking me how long she'd get for murder !!!!!!!
  10. Poole Old Bridge.

    Marichelle went back in today , took her for a run up to Brownsea and back............what a difference a slime free bottom makes !!! But, watch out for the old bridge as there was no warning sign either side of bridge with the air draft...........not good!!!
  11. Poole Old Bridge.

    It was 9.5 deg. up by the castle yesterday.............so going up !!!
  12. Happy Birthday to Dave Lynes.

    See you there Jim
  13. Happy Birthday to Dave Lynes.

    Too much red wine !!!!!!
  14. Happy Birthday to Dave Lynes.

    Have a goodun
  15. How did you get that eye patch

    Aaaaaahhh..........cabin fever !!!
  16. Happy Birthday Hooky

    Have a goodun !!! Mick
  17. Birthday greetings Greg

    Sorry Greg, saw Allans post and assumed you were joining us there
  18. Birthday greetings Greg

    Happy Birthday Greg , have a goodun You moving to the "council estate "?
  19. Free

    Blimey Jim.....they flew out the door, must have been on your drone !!!
  20. Free

    What size are they Jim..............that's if you still have them ?
  21. Birthday greetings Martin

    Have a goodun Martin
  22. Fisheagle's first trip of the year.

    Cheers Allan..........good day out I see
  23. Madness is out

    Ouch !!!!
  24. Madness is out

    Out 9th Feb for usual clean up, bum scrub and polish............oh , and bigger anodes!!
  25. Wessex Tackle Species Comp

    5 not enough then Dave!!!!!