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  1. Happy Birthday

    Hope you had a goodun Rich. Mick
  2. Window

    You know what they say about the sun shining on the rich Jim............must of been shining on Graham !!!
  3. Window

    Found em in the end Jim................glad we gave you a laugh !
  4. Birthday greetings Dave

    Happy Birthday Dave
  5. Window

    Marichelle out tomorrow, see what's about , depending on sea state !!
  6. Alderney 2018

    Going teetotal then mate.............or you started early ????
  7. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Cheers Martin, I did see it but forgot !!! Must be an age thing !
  8. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Don't remember seeing old thread about the Hobbit,, glad to see you have another boat.
  9. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Bloody Hell Hooky, hope you and all aboard are ok ? Really sorry to hear about this, what caused the boat to go down ? Mick
  10. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Whats this then...............new wreck mark or new boat ?
  11. Happy Birthday Kev

    Happy Birthday Kev..............have a goodun !!
  12. Webasto heater problem - Fan fault

    Ok Steve, hope you get it sorted, there maybe an in line blade fuse somewhere as that's how it was in my boat, in the engine bay and about 5 foot from the heater, it was not marked either ! Good Luck
  13. Webasto heater problem - Fan fault

    Just found them, KETO MARINE, they are now at Swanick Marina.
  14. Webasto heater problem - Fan fault

    Check the fuse that supplies the heater has not corroded in the holder, had similar problem on my Webasto heater and that was the cause in my case. I had a company in Poole sort mine out for me, if you search old forums, several years back now, you may find the post as I put up a recommendation for them...........but cannot remember their name, may have been Keto. I was advised to run them for 10 minutes once a month summer and winter. Good Luck
  15. rods

    There's always the Flounder Comp. Graham !!
  16. Site upgrade and server move

    As I said before, that is my opinion Oli, and you did ask for opinions !
  17. Site upgrade and server move

    Fair enough if you use computers all the time Jim, but as you know I'm bloody useless with them! The way the old site was set out was easy to use and get round even for me, probably suited a lot of others too. My idea is " if it ain't broke don't fix it " Just my opinion Jim.
  18. Site upgrade and server move

    Could not get in site today, locked me out !! Luckily my daughters partner helped me out, me personally I don't like the change and layout Surely the way it was laid out could of been left ? Ok , if you are PC literate fine, but a lot of us ain't !
  19. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    Thanks Dave for the trip, we certainly had plenty of exercise with the congers up to estimated 50lb, only 4 dogfish I think, so that was a bonus ! Was only saying to Dave last week I had never caught a spurdog, and surprise, surprise 2 came along so was well chuffed ! A few whiting were caught but not big enough to weigh in, seems like we should of gone back for the weigh in Dave!! Well done to Stuie and Kev for scooping the prizes.
  20. short trip

    Gave Marichelle a run out today to charge her batteries, cruising at 16 knots in the main ship channel when the boat had a drastic loss of speed.........and a loud sucking noise ( behave boys !!!!) Turned the motor of immediately, lucky no big ships coming or going ! Engine is a VOLVO D3 160 and the problem was the rubber hose about 4 inches long connecting the aftercooler to the metal pipe that goes to the turbo had come off !! Managed to get it back on and limped back to Cobbs. The jubilee clips still have the green volvo paint on and it has never been taken off by me or my mechanic, but they were really loose on inspection , as were the ones at the turbo ! Tightened all 4 up and all appears to be ok now, turbo working etc. So if you have one of these engines or similar I would advise you to check how tight the jubilee clips on the hoses are !!! Mick
  21. short trip

    Certainly makes your bum pucker up !!!!!
  22. Birthday greetings Pete

    Have a goodun Pete
  23. Building Permit

    Sooooooo True !!!
  24. November Cod Comp.

    Spoke to Andy Saturday morning and as far as he is aware BOTH comps will be on the 19th November, just need some confirmation .