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  1. Marichelle- Mick & James ( Non member )
  2. sparky

    Flounder comp

    Any more news on flounder comp?
  3. sparky

    Happy Birthday Dave & Freddie

    Have a goodun fella's
  4. sparky

    Poole Bridges height displays Faulty

    Another unexplainable reason ,funny it's still not working , must be some " REAL " issues somewhere ??
  5. sparky

    New Boat ?????

    Try Clive at G&C Marine, gave me a good deal on both my batteries
  6. sparky

    Poole Bridges height displays Faulty

    Bet you don't get a discount on your harbour dues though ??
  7. sparky

    Poole Bridges height displays Faulty

    Been like that for months now Pete ! Was told by bridge control it was off for " SAFETY ISSUES "
  8. sparky


    Anybody else out this Thursday, weekend weather looking pants again !!
  9. sparky


    Good luck with boat Pete.....I got up early raring to go and saw that heavy frost on the van, didn't fancy slipping and sliding about on the boat on my own, annoying thing is it cleared by 10am and turned into a lovely day! Looks like I'm turning into a fair weather fisherman !!!!! Roll on summer
  10. sparky


    Chickened out Jim...........tooooooo bloody cold !!
  11. sparky

    Birthday wishes Mike & Kevin

    Have a goodun fella's !
  12. sparky

    flounder fishing in the harbour

  13. sparky

    Friday trip

    Pull a " sicky" Jim !!!
  14. sparky


    I remember that episode well
  15. sparky

    Netting in harbour

    Don't bother looking for flounders in holes bay as netted again at 2am this morning...........second time this week apparently ! Have informed SIFCA who told me that it would be investigated...........
  16. sparky

    A very merry Christmas

    And the same from me too !!
  17. That gives us all a chance then !!!
  18. sparky

    Another Tuesday looking good.

    Hope they caught crabs as well ?????
  19. sparky

    Another Tuesday looking good.

    Left Cobbs at 7.40 this morning, past chain ferry sea was flat which surprised us after all this wind. Decision made to go to spoils , got there and tide was ripping through, after anchor dragging twice we settled in...............1.5lb leads flying away , so decided on sadler banks instead. Nothing but dogs and pout on that mark. By now the sea was getting real lumpy and some large swells coming through making it uncomfortable. Retreated to Holes Bay for a go at the flounders, NOTHING ! Even the crabs were not biting as we did not catch one! Good to be out though .
  20. sparky

    Happy birthday Neal - the big 60..

    Happy Birthday Neal......have a goodun
  21. sparky

    Another Tuesday looking good.

    Going out today as well, stick our nose out first , and if no good , go flounder bashing .
  22. sparky

    Xmas fair flounder comp

    Thanks Jim !!
  23. sparky

    Very funny / hope it is ok

    Now that's what I call "family friendly" Oooooh David, you are such a bad boy !!!!!
  24. sparky

    Xmas fair flounder comp

    Marichelle- Mick & James
  25. sparky

    Tuesday 4th. Dec.

    Probably be out also, not sure of plan yet though. Might see if the plaice are still around by the piers, depending on sea conditions though....if not ,will also be searching for those flounders ......