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  1. sparky

    Shakedown trip tomorrow

    Have a good day Pete, steer clear of Southbourne area !!!!
  2. sparky

    Happy Birthday Mick

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone , had a good time, wife took me out to Days at Tower Park ...........lovely !! Daughter got me a bottle of Absolut Vodka, happy days ahead !!
  3. sparky

    Happy Birthday Mick

    I 'm quite surprised you beat Nigel to that one Chris !
  4. sparky

    Course adventure

    You were fit then Mal, long walk if I remember ! You could go to the Kennet in the late eighties and get a good bag of barbel then, sometimes the matches were getting huge barbel catches ! Lobworm was my favourite bait there, used to out on the lawn catching the buggers, boy were they hard to get out of the ground without breaking them in two! Used to get some cracking barbel on the stour , but again the otters and " others" decided they were good to eat and that ruined it. As you say..........they fight like a bass......but on steroids!!! Another good barbel river we used to fish was the windrush at Kingstone Bagpuize .
  5. sparky

    Course adventure

    I used to go by a fallen tree that was between the "pill box" and the bridge over the river, the other side was CALPAC water if I remember rightly........long time ago now! I was a member of Twickenham Piscatorials who were affiliated to RDAC, some good pike along there too ! Memories eh ?
  6. sparky

    Course adventure

    There was some really good barbel fishing on the Kennet years ago Mal, I used to fish the Padworth stretch of the Benyons Estate, used to leave 2am in the morning from West Moors just to get a swim !!!
  7. sparky

    48 Hr Competition

    Marichelle , Mick & Chris
  8. sparky

    Tiddler goes to Wareham

    And not a beer in sight Jim ??????
  9. sparky

    Wishin Too for sale

    Good luck with the selling of wishin Nige
  10. sparky

    Friday pm

    I would say silver, looks very much like the one's I used to catch in the stour at longham...........come on you species experts !
  11. sparky

    Latest HOW Uk trip

    Great pictures, as Jim says good scrappers especially when they tail walk!!!
  12. sparky

    Bream Competition

    Marichelle on Sunday
  13. sparky

    Alderney 2018

    Better make some more booms then Dave
  14. sparky

    Happy Birthday.

    Hope you both have a goodun !!!
  15. sparky

    Birthday greetings John

    Happy Birthday you old rogue!!!!
  16. sparky


    A very big thank you to Allan G, Dave L. and Dave S for coming to my rescue today. Coming into the quay in the 6 knot limit Marichelle suddenly surged to full power, I dropped her out of gear but engine still running at high speed, luckily it did turn off with key! Dave S called Allan who came back and kindly towed us back to Cobbs, engine started and was running correctly, but got her towed to pontoon in case the same thing happened again! Any ideas chaps, gonna get vodia machine plugged in anyway but just wondered if anyone has heard of this problem before ? Thanks again boys !!!
  17. sparky


    Cheers Martin, gonna cost a few hundred quid time the bits fitted , tiny little bit on top of ECU on THE MF695 under the seats, at least its peace of mind though !!!
  18. sparky


    Engineer went to boat Saturday and put his Vodia machine on , he cleared several minor codes, apparently the problem I had was the THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR playing up!! Cleared the code and all ok, but I have asked him to fit a new sensor anyway. He also checked fuel pick up in tank but that was all ok.
  19. sparky


    Hi Mikey, Thanks for the input, luckily my engine turned off with the key !!! An hour later it was all working ok, think it is " fly by wire " controls, the only cable comes from the control lever in cabin to the electronic control box under the seats. Hopefully engineer is there tomorrow as he said he would from our conversation earlier..........very wary of going out before someone has looked at boat. Throttle position sensor has been mentioned. Mick
  20. sparky


    No news yet..............still waiting for engineer to turn up !!!!
  21. sparky


    Thanks for reminding me Dave !!!!!
  22. sparky


    That,s my theory Dave, seems to be an intermittent problem as was our last trip where she lost power twice and then no problem after that. Strange really as the boat was running fine, then a little blip and then big problem! Spoke to a guy this morning who is going to get there sometime this week and plug his machine in and access any fault codes which should point towards the problem............hopefully !!! Thanks Kev for sending me his number.
  23. sparky

    Happy birthday Jacob

    Happy belated birthday Jacob.....hope you had a goodun Mick
  24. sparky

    Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Jim............have a goodun !!
  25. sparky

    Magic for Seniors

    Just watched it from computer