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  1. sparky

    Pilot 500

    If it's the quicksilver make, I used to have the 580 with a 75hp mariner on and that went well, so if an 80hp it should fly! I found the 580 a nice boat but she was a bit "rock n roly", should imagine the 500 could be the same.....if not worse!
  2. sparky

    Removing fish scales from rod handle.

    Would't want to "cramp" his style !!!!
  3. sparky


    Never went.....woke up feeling like crap!
  4. sparky


    Going out for a dangle as well tomorrow too see whats about.
  5. sparky

    Birthday greetings Allan

    Happy Birthday Allan, have a goodun !!
  6. sparky

    The wall

    Looks like there's enough room in there for Theresa May and Sadick Khan as well !!!
  7. sparky

    Tuesday 28th August trip out

    Sorry to hear that Pete, hope you can get the problem solved quickly. Mick
  8. sparky

    Disposal of out of date flares

    As you are often there Dave I left my old ones in the back of your car last night, thanks !!
  9. sparky


    It's looking good the weekend Jim..............
  10. sparky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Good luck Andy, hope it all works out
  11. sparky

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    It even happens in the harbour !!! Anchored up back of Brownsea yesterday in about 4ft water which was nearly 24 degrees. A Targa went to drop their anchor about 10 yards to port and about 15 yards in front of us just as the tide was about to ebb, I told them we would be turning on the tide soon and we could turn and hit them. They did retrieve anchor and moved off, makes you wonder though.
  12. sparky

    Post Near Miss at Anchor

    It's a great idea Mal, but in reality I don't think anything will come of it. All the authorities seem to be interested in is money ,not our personal safety. The tossers that cause us problems with their ignorant and downright dangerous manouvers will not change their attitudes ! Happy to sign the petition if you get one going! I think Chris had the best idea though.!!!
  13. sparky

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    That's a nice looking .50 cal you have there Chris............that should do the trick!
  14. sparky

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    Had same problem on ray mark a few weeks ago with a sailing yacht, could see him coming straight at me............give him a loud blast and he turned slowly going astern of me , all rods out, he went about 15 yards behind me. The greeting I gave him was " is there not enough fuc###g ocean for you" They just look at you with contempt, ignorant bastards! Last year with wife and 11 year grandaughter on board we were coming in towards Poole, out of main channel at 10 knots, saw large cruiser coming from poole in main channel at high speed .............the pratt decided he wanted to go into studland so he cut across my bow missing us by 20yards, he got a loud blast and I got the finger, needless to say it scared the life out of wife and grandaughter !!! Why do these people think they have the right to cause others a problem? You can imagine what their road driving is like !!