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  1. Quick enough to want your harbour dues though !
  2. sparky

    Super anti foul trick

    Good point !
  3. sparky

    Twin Sails Bridge Closure

    " If the councils maintenance goes to plan "
  4. sparky

    Super anti foul trick

    Already am .............mines out in a couple of weeks !
  5. Thanks Mal, if Richard from Cobbs has an input as well they may get off there arses and think of us boaters and get the signs fixed ! If emails from other members would help I'm sure it would put some pressure on, I for one would do that, hopefully others would too ??
  6. Could the club not get involved on this as a safety issue.? Mal? I know it does not affect all boats as some have to wait for a bridge due to radar arches etc. There must be quite a few boats in the club than can get under if they know the airdraft , especially the Old Poole Bridge when the TWIN FAILS is faulty!
  7. Exactly Pete............no airdraft on twin sails and it's a guessing game after that !!
  8. Be aware of bridge signs inaccurate or just not working! Twin sails going out is correct...........Twin sails coming in is inaccurate by 500mm, 2.4 metre going in , 2.9 metre Holes Bay side! Old bridge going out the sign is still NOT WORKING ! That,s been out of action for months now, I assume it is PHC responsibility ? WE pay our harbour dues so why are these not being sorted ? Who do we contact to complain about this problem, and would the RNLI be able to comment on the matter as it is definitely a safety reason.?
  9. sparky

    Oil rig in the bay

    Was out yesterday and there appears to be 3 ships anchored around the area, at a guess probably 1/2 mile way from rig.
  10. sparky

    Happy birthday Martin

    Have a goodun Martin
  11. sparky

    Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy Birthday !!
  12. sparky

    One for the bird watchers!!

    She's getting there Jim, had this since 3rd January, thanks
  13. sparky

    Nursery Rhymes updated.

    Made our day !
  14. sparky

    One for the bird watchers!!

    Your in trouble today Neil............my wife's taken offence at this one !
  15. Thanks for kind regards chaps, have shown the boss and she said thanks also. According to the hospital she has a nasty viral infection, can't give her antibiotics, all she can do is rest and drink plenty of fluids ! So I'm just off to Tesco's for ANOTHER bottle of vodka........only joking ! Thanks again, good luck to all fishing tomorrow. Chris and Mick