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  1. That gives us all a chance then !!!
  2. sparky

    Another Tuesday looking good.

    Hope they caught crabs as well ?????
  3. sparky

    Another Tuesday looking good.

    Left Cobbs at 7.40 this morning, past chain ferry sea was flat which surprised us after all this wind. Decision made to go to spoils , got there and tide was ripping through, after anchor dragging twice we settled in...............1.5lb leads flying away , so decided on sadler banks instead. Nothing but dogs and pout on that mark. By now the sea was getting real lumpy and some large swells coming through making it uncomfortable. Retreated to Holes Bay for a go at the flounders, NOTHING ! Even the crabs were not biting as we did not catch one! Good to be out though .
  4. sparky

    Happy birthday Neal - the big 60..

    Happy Birthday Neal......have a goodun
  5. sparky

    Another Tuesday looking good.

    Going out today as well, stick our nose out first , and if no good , go flounder bashing .
  6. sparky

    Xmas fair flounder comp

    Thanks Jim !!
  7. sparky

    Very funny / hope it is ok

    Now that's what I call "family friendly" Oooooh David, you are such a bad boy !!!!!
  8. sparky

    Xmas fair flounder comp

    Marichelle- Mick & James
  9. sparky

    Tuesday 4th. Dec.

    Probably be out also, not sure of plan yet though. Might see if the plaice are still around by the piers, depending on sea conditions though....if not ,will also be searching for those flounders ......
  10. sparky

    Flounder Comp.

    Probably same reason, greedy buggers using them for pot bait, scandalous. I cannot see how, the flounders have been around for years, and we know they have been netting them for the last few years in the harbour...........then they have obviously decimated the breeding stocks.
  11. sparky

    Flounder Comp.

    More like the harbour being over netted Rich ! Come to think of it most of Poole Bay.
  12. sparky

    Neighbors cat

    You need to sit down with a bottle of red Dave
  13. sparky

    Town Bridge Lift Changes.

    He did give me the height after asking several times Allan, but no mention of bridge schedule change..........maybe a different person ? The changes started yesterday
  14. sparky

    Town Bridge Lift Changes.

    I got caught out on that yesterday also, along with 3 other boats ! Nice day so give boat a run I thought, checked lifting times day before and chose the 11.30 lift............wrong , no lift. To make matters worse the outgoing air draft sign was not illuminated so could not tell if safe to go under. Called bridge control , asked about air draft light and was told it was turned off for " SAFETY ISSUES "??? I asked if could be turned on for 15 minutes so we could gauge height to exit basin...........reply came back " NEGATIVE "!!!! So I sat it out for the 12.30 and went for a spin. Stupid thing is the incoming air draft light was working ! What is going on ???
  15. sparky

    Fuel prices

    Sainsburys at Ferndown 11p a litre difference......apparently they are going to reduce their prices in a supermarket war !!!