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  1. sparky


    If you want to go more than 12 miles from shore DO NOT go to Towergate if your boat is 7metres or less as they will not cover you as a new customer. I tried them a couple of months ago.
  2. sparky

    Flatfish Competition

    My one and only plaice was 1lb
  3. sparky

    Flatfish Competition

    Marichelle- Mick & James ( non member )
  4. sparky

    Diesel tank sludge

    Once you've cleaned it out Neil you might want to put some diesel treatment in the tank as it sounds like it may have had the bug at some time. I've always used " Fuel Set" on mine, had boat for 10 years now and touch wood never had sludge problem even after being in rough conditions.
  5. sparky

    Fuel price information

    Down Cobbs today, there's a new boat, flattish bottom with 2 x 350hp outboards on it...........wouldn't want his fuel bill !
  6. sparky


    Saves all that travelling !!
  7. sparky

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    Glad you enjoyed your evening out boys, we kept an eye out for you on Reel Magic on the way in through entrance and harbour but didn't see you, Dave had even kindly offered to drop me off at your boat Andy !!
  8. sparky

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    Marichelle not going either......going wrecking instead. Definitely up for another trip though, good luck all going.
  9. sparky

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    Saturdays would be better for my crew as they work till 6 weekdays. Interested in doing it though. Bridge lift dependent on dates and tides.
  10. sparky

    Bream Comp 12th May

    Anyone know who won Poole Sea Angling comp. ??
  11. sparky

    Bream Comp 12th May

    Biggest Bream on Marichelle was 2lb today . Lots of dolphin activity around boats today at swanage. Went into studland by old harry, dolphin there also, big one too.! it was touching our anchor rope right by boat, I was leaning over looking and got sprayed when he breathed out !!!!!!
  12. sparky

    Bream Comp 12th May

    Mick & James ( non member ) fishing Sunday
  13. sparky

    Bream Comp 12th May

    Marichelle probably do both comps also.
  14. sparky

    Baked beans

    Certainly stops my wife from talking to me sometimes !!!!!