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  1. sparky

    Spring Species 2019 new dates

    He's back !!
  2. sparky

    This years Plaice Chase

    Me too.
  3. You are now a proud member of the " Wrinkly club ""
  4. We went to the Magic of Motown too Jim, we were on the balcony. Good atmosphere and some real good songs from our era, gotta agree on the sound though as it was not good up there in our opinion. Enjoyable night out though. Glad you had a good birthday Jim
  5. Happy Birthday Jim, hopefully no DIY today! Have a goodun
  6. sparky

    Baiter Park Slipway Monday

    Shame he's not still in the club...............could of sent him to baiter !
  7. sparky

    Baiter Park Slipway Monday

    Whoever he was Jim it certainly worked!
  8. sparky

    Baiter Park Slipway Monday

    The police can do it if they want to believe me ! I live backing onto farmland and about 10 years ago 6 caravans got into field at about 7pm......by 11pm the police had removed them! Turns out the farmer was a mason !!
  9. sparky

    Competition Winners 2018

    Chris, the January and March SPURDOGS appear incorrect as the weight is only 4oz difference. Keep up the good work !
  10. sparky

    Happy Birthday Tony

    Have a goodun
  11. Obviously no councillors own a boat at Cobbs ! If they did it would have been fixed ages ago !
  12. sparky

    Out in the bay tomorrow

    Don't forget to turn your rodholders in.....they have a VERY STRETCHY tape.!
  13. sparky

    switch to aluminium anodes

    I looked into this as they apparently last longer than zincs..........but could not get a bennetau type prop anode in aluminium in this country ! I was told you should not mix aluminium and zincs together on same bonding system.
  14. sparky

    Members contact details / e mails

    Got that, thanks Brian & Martin for your help.
  15. There used to be a section with contact details and e mails etc but cannot find now. I want to contact someone but don't know how to, it was easy before with the list available. Any help will be much appreciated. Mick