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  1. https://anglingtrust-news.net/3XSU-EDOU-9A2NFPBK77/cr.aspx
  2. Happy Birthday.

    Birthday greetings to both of you.... enjoy your day.
  3. Birthday greetings John

    Have a good day old chap....
  4. Happy Birthday Kam

    Best wishes - enjoy your day.
  5. Sad news from Weymouth

  6. Shambles trips

    Heard today that turbot and brill came to live launce recently Dave
  7. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Not a very realistic cake Jim - no flowerpots............
  8. Latest Angling Trust News

  9. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Berst wishes Jim - enjoy your day.
  10. Boar fish at Kimmeridge

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-43717414 Best try for a live one tomorrow Allan
  11. A must have book to read.

    And that's only the index..............
  12. Spring Species Hunt

    Poor day on species hunt for Neal & I, although Neal had a plaice first drop in the harbour followed by a small bass. I managed a bass and a whiting. We had a trip out to the patch but no interest, similarly with a couple of drifts off Branksome Chine and tied up, again fruitlessly, in Brownsea Roads before calling it a day. Weather was good in patches but not good enoiugh for us to go too far out.
  13. Spring Species Hunt

    2. Sea Dream - Neal & Stuie - Saturday
  14. Birthday greetings on your memorable birthday John.
  15. Birthday greetings Derek

    Best wishes old chap - many of them......
  16. Happy Birthday Adam

    Beated birthday gretings Adam..
  17. Happy Birthday Mr. Chairman

    Best wishes Tony, have a good day - plenty of red ..........
  18. Happy Birthday Matt

    Brst wishes Matt - enjoy your day.
  19. Happy Birthday Dean

    Happy birthday - a good day for 'watching the rugby!!'
  20. Happy Birthday to Dave Lynes.

    Best wishes Dave - and Mark
  21. Latest Angling Trust News

  22. Latest AT Sea Angling News

  23. Happy Birthday Hooky

    Hope you're having a good day.
  24. Happy birthday Duncan

    A tad late but hope you're enjoying yourself.