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  1. Happy Birthday Matt

    Brst wishes Matt - enjoy your day.
  2. Happy Birthday Dean

    Happy birthday - a good day for 'watching the rugby!!'
  3. Happy Birthday to Dave Lynes.

    Best wishes Dave - and Mark
  4. Latest Angling Trust News

  5. Latest AT Sea Angling News

  6. Happy Birthday Hooky

    Hope you're having a good day.
  7. Happy birthday Duncan

    A tad late but hope you're enjoying yourself.
  8. Birthday greetings Greg

    Have a memorable day.
  9. Nice sunny day for you both - enjoy.
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/video_and_audio/headlines/42990391/plastic-pollution-reaching-record-levels-in-once-pristine-arctic
  11. Predict Wind

    Works a treat on laptop Martin.
  12. Predict Wind

    Thanks Martin. Will try on laptop.
  13. Predict Wind

    My android doesn't like this one..
  14. Happy birthday Ian

    I hope you have a memorable day.
  15. Birthday greetings Martin

    Enjoy your special day - i hope you don't work too hard..
  16. Latest Angling Trust News

  17. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-42873644
  18. I hope you both have an enjoyeable day.
  19. Fisheagle's first trip of the year.

    Well done you two - Neal & I had a lazy start - 9am and to a few miles out off Old Harry. Although not hectic we managed dogs, pout a few keeper whiting and a nice bass of 3-4lbs - returned - as well as a smoothie of 5 or 6lbs. a lovely day to be out blue sky and warm sun until mid afternoon.
  20. https://anglingtrust-news.net/3XSU-CDMY-9A2NFPBK77/cr.aspx
  21. Happy Birthday Ian

    Belated best wishes Ian - thick head today - for a change.....
  22. Tomorrow weather window

    Planning a few hours out tomorrow - anyone else venturing out?
  23. Birthday greetings Nick

    You'll be 'Bobbing Along' for a drink to celebrate I hope..
  24. https://anglingtrust-news.net/3XSU-CA6C-9A2NFPBK77/cr.aspx
  25. Happy Birthday

    Belated best wishes Rich - thick head today?