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  1. Having spoken with Neal the Bob Horne Memorial flounder competition is Sunday 20th January 2019. p[ease add boat and competitor details here. The weather is looking doable at the moment.
  2. Stuie

    Flounder comp

    Joining instructions posted in competitions section - thanks for the reminder. 63
  3. Who's safety I wonder???
  4. Stuie

    Tuna report

  5. https://mailchi.mp/91cfca9629e9/sea-bass-2018-fishing-opportunities-1963765?e=1d4a97663e
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    Friday trip

    A good day out on Madness. A lazy start for the 9.30 bridge and then to a point half way between the Needles and Old Harry. It was whiting from thre first baits down - nothing else could get a look in apart from three or four dogs. The whiting were of good size upto 3lb so a few for the pot. We stopped fishing for them but stll they came in on big baits and size 8/0's. A great boat and skipper and a good day weather-wise - thanks Martin
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    Birthday wishes Mike & Kevin

    I hope you both have a memorable day - best wishes
  8. Stuie

    Friday trip

    Thanks old bean..
  9. Stuie

    Friday trip

    yes please Martin..
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    Fish of the month - 2018

    December First place Kev Couzens Undulate Ray 18lb13oz 134% specimen Second place Mick Pike Blonde Ray 27lb 117% specimen Third place Dave Evans Whiting 3lb 15oz 112% specimen Fourth place Tom Smith Pouting 3lb 1oz 102% specimen
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    Lucky Cornish Fisherman

  12. Stuie

    Lucky Cornish Fisherman

    this one Chris https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-46692356
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    Birthday greetings PJ

    Best wishes Paul - carry on with the festivities.....
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    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    And sadly I have a family party on Sunday - good luck to all taking part.
  15. Stuie

    A very merry Christmas

    A very Merry Christmas to all members, friends and families - a little early but 'evening all'
  16. https://anglingtrust-news.net/3XSU-I11M-9A2NFPBK77/cr.aspx
  17. Stuie

    Twin Sails

    Bridge temporarily re-opened https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-46617083
  18. Stuie

    More species of fish coming

  19. See the lengthy CEFAS Sea Bass survey Welcome to your Christmas Sea Newsletter Fisheries Bill Update The Angling Trust has been in Westminster twice this month giving evidence about sea angling to both the Fisheries Bill Scrutiny Committee and the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee. We are leaving no stone unturned to make sure recreational fishing gets its voice heard as the new Bill is developed. Click here to read more Seeing Red Over Diesel A European Court of Justice ruling is banning the UK from allowing recreational vessels from using red diesel for ‘propulsion’. The Angling Trust has written urgently to HMRC explaining the huge and unnecessary cost implications this could have for UK boat anglers. We are currently working with partners to find a solution. Read our letter Licensing Exemption For Recreational Boats In a move to support boat anglers we’ve backed a proposal by the Marine Management Organisation to make recreational vessels exempt from needing a license for the in-water hull cleaning of lightly-fouled vessels. Read our response Sandeel fishing threat We are working hard to kick out an amendment to the Fisheries Bill that could ban anglers and bait companies from fishing for sandeels. The proposal would stop UK fishers fishing commercially for Ammodytes marina but would also ban the small-scale and sustainable fishing for Ammodytes tobianustoo. We are working with Ammo Baits to fight this off on behalf of the bait industry and recreational sea anglers. Ring Netting Consultation Thanks to all those who supported us and submitted a response to the Southern IFCA’s netting consultation. We know many anglers - sea, game and coarse - came together to campaign against the proposals to allow ring netting in the rivers and estuaries of Hampshire and Dorset. BASS NEWS Three Bass Bag Limit In 2019 The Angling Trust is in Brussels this week for the annual Fisheries Negotiations where EU ministers will agree bass fishing measures for 2019. The Trust and BASS are campaigning for a three-fish a day bag limit for seven months in 2019 plus restricting fixed netting to a percentage of their catches. More news to follow over the coming days. Bass Survey Sea Bass Fisheries Conservation UK (SBFC UK) are looking for fishers, both recreational and commercial, across the in England, Ireland and Wales to complete their survey. SBFC UK is a project tasked with gathering data to help improve future sea bass conservation and management. Take the survey Species Hunt News Well done to Ollie Mears and Dylan Hough who are still topping the species hunt leader board this month. Congratulations to Matt Smith too, November's Specimen Winner with a (not so) small-eyed ray! Matt caught the specimen from Minehead on a pulley dropper rig using a whole sandeel for bait. Keep up with the Species Hunt on Facebook Personal Accident insurance and lifejacket offer As the sea gets colder and rougher it’s a good time to remind everyone to wear a lifejacket. Don’t forget, Angling Trust members, and members of member clubs engaged in club activity, benefit from personal accident insurance but must make sure they are wearing a lifejacket. We’ve teamed up with www.lifejackets.co.uk to offer members 10 per cent off the Harveys range of lifejackets. Login to the members’ section of the Angling Trust website to find out how to take up this great offer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  20. https://anglingtrust-news.net/3XSU-HY5G-9A2NFPBK77/cr.aspx Survey expires midnight Sunday 16th December so get youir skates on....
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    Happy birthday Mike

    Enjoy your day..
  22. Have a great day - don't get you're bum suntanned.
  23. Stuie

    Not going out !

    Geoff & I got outside the harbour but it was roughish with a short sea - restricting us to 5 knotts so didn;t go far. After a few drifts and a small bass we retreated to the harbour - nothing showing on the flounder front. Early finish. Thanks for the company Geoff.
  24. Stuie

    Not going out !

    Planning to try and get outside tomorrow..
  25. Stuie

    Xmas fair flounder comp

    Competition called off Thursday evening due to high winds being forecast..