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  1. Stuie

    Happy birthday Mike

    Enjoy your day..
  2. Stuie

    Not going out !

    Geoff & I got outside the harbour but it was roughish with a short sea - restricting us to 5 knotts so didn;t go far. After a few drifts and a small bass we retreated to the harbour - nothing showing on the flounder front. Early finish. Thanks for the company Geoff.
  3. Stuie

    Not going out !

    Planning to try and get outside tomorrow..
  4. Have a great day - don't get you're bum suntanned.
  5. Stuie

    Xmas fair flounder comp

    Competition called off Thursday evening due to high winds being forecast..
  6. Stuie

    Twin Sails

    Acccording to the Echo the company has now gone bust... there's a surprise then... apparently a statement may be released later...
  7. Stuie

    New fish sizes 2019

    Just what we asked for spur dogs and undulates - thanks for posting Dave
  8. My e-mail Dear Robert Syms, I am dismayed by the draft proposal published by Southern IFCA supposing to tackle the problems netting causes to fish stocks in our area. I concur with the concise views published by the Angling Trust Response from my MP Dear Stuart , thank you for your views many locals agree with you ! Robert Syms MP
  9. https://anglingtrust-news.net/3XSU-HN73-9A2NFPBK77/cr.aspx The committee has already responded to SIFCA re their survey but would urge you to Please feel free to respond as individual recreation sea anglers.
  10. Stuie

    Twin Sails

    There's another failure by BofP Transport Dept - traffic lights that can't be synchronised - in this day and age - what a travesty.
  11. Stuie

    Happy birthday Gary

    Enjoy youir day..
  12. Stuie

    Twin Sails

    It was yesterday Rob...
  13. Stuie

    Twin Sails

    Twin sails bridge closed indefinitely.....https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-46318147
  14. Stuie

    Latest Angling Trust News

  15. Stuie

    Happy Birthday Gazza

    Best wishes Gary - enjoy the day..