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  1. Stuie

    Latest Angling Trust News

  2. Stuie

    Happy Birthday Charlie

    Belated best wished Charlie -
  3. Stuie

    Flatfish Competition

    Hadn't thought of that Greg, good idea....
  4. Stuie

    Flatfish Competition

    Not able to take part this year - Alderney beckons...
  5. Stuie

    Wishin Too for sale

    Best wishes Nigel..
  6. Stuie

    Happy birthday Trevor

    The big six oh - have a memorable day.
  7. Stuie

    Birthday greetings Sam

    Weather set fair - have a good day...
  8. Stuie

    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Birthday greetings Jerry, enjoy your day...
  9. https://anglingtrust-news.net/3XSU-EDOU-9A2NFPBK77/cr.aspx
  10. Stuie

    Happy Birthday.

    Birthday greetings to both of you.... enjoy your day.
  11. Stuie

    Birthday greetings John

    Have a good day old chap....
  12. Stuie

    Happy Birthday Kam

    Best wishes - enjoy your day.
  13. Stuie

    Shambles trips

    Heard today that turbot and brill came to live launce recently Dave
  14. Stuie

    Sad news from Weymouth