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  1. Boat package for sale

    Sorry, thought i had, it is a mercruiser 3.0 LX with a alpha 1 leg & stainless ballistix prop.
  2. Boat package for sale

    Its a bit of a bind, but what can I do, we have a roady person moved in & has caused havoc over the last couple of months & the council have dug thier heels in, so if it has to go then this is the best way of giving a good deal on a boat that really is ready to go. I havn`t given up altogether though, there will still be the odd trip out, you never know, I might be able to scrounge a trip out with nige. Mike.
  3. Boat package for sale

    Boat for sale. Callmark fisheagal 20 (Moonshine.) This is a 20ft Dory built to commercial spec around 1996, it
  4. Consultation??

    Well at least it started a bit of a discussion, Further to my opinion earlier it seems I am not the only one who has concerns about how this is all going to effect us as sea anglers, There is a very good article in boat fishing monthly (Steve`s Angle.)where he writes about the shinnanigans & goings on between Finding sanctuary, Natural England, The Angling Trust etc which doesn`t help one bit in putting our fears to rest about what will happen to our sport. & as he says there have already been many disturbing reports of "restrictions to bait digging, Beach angling, Anchoring boats, & the use of lead weights etc." The AT are seemingly no use whatsoever & in fact could even be more of a danger to our sport than a help. All I am saying is there is too much going on here that we have no control over & no one who has the clout to fight our corner effectively, Yes I do agree that there is a need to stop the damage in our coatal waters but I do not believe for one minute that when all these restrictions & bans are thrust upon us, its going to put more & bigger fish in the sea for us to catch. As for people with degrees & qualifications, yes! there`s plenty of them around but "All brains & no common sense" springs to mind, There`s ppl running this country with all those degrees coming out of thier ears & look what a mess they have made, Why should this MCZ business be any different, we will get the short end of the stick as usual & the seas round our coast will still be getting destroyed by other parties both foriegn & domestic & further down the line & down the MCZ road, in say 10yrs or so, there will be even fewer fish left. I don`t know what the answers are but I do have serious worries as to wither we will have a sport left after these brain boxes get through with thier games.
  5. Aquabuff

    Ok Jim, I can bring it to the next meet or you can pick it up from me if you like. Mike.
  6. Consultation??

    I thought there was to be consultation on whats supposed to be happening with these marine protection zones, I was down at Kimmeridge the other day when I came across a board with a poster on it from "the wildlife trust" who seem to have thier own ideas on whats going to happen in our costal waters i.e. thier "Marine Reserves" Its made quite clear on thier poster to the public that they want "Fishing, dredging & all damaging activities banned" This could be the start of a ban on any of us fishing close to our shores & upto a few miles out which in my view would put lives at risk, for some small boats close in is the only safe way of enjoying our sport. I think we are now going to see more of these ppl trying to ban all sorts of activities including our fishing, wither we have consultations or not & will go so far as to say that the consutations on Marine protection zones are just as much a case of going through the motions before they do as they wish & ban us all anyway. I agree with banning trawlers from dragging heavy gear & nets across the bottom, destroyng the seabed & everything on it but when we get the barmy pillocks asking for a blanket ban on nearly all activities its going too damn far. Would have uploaded a pic of the poster but keep getting told it don`t accept this type of file (Jpeg) Mike.
  7. Aquabuff

    Hi, You gotta be joking! my arms are still aching from holding that polisher all around the nasty little curves & bits on mine. Its one of those jobs where you get a quarter of the way through & wish you hadn`t started, but when its finished your arms are that knackered you can`t hold a cuppa up but the boat looks great Mike.
  8. Aquabuff

    My boat is anything but new (1996) & as with a lot of older boats time isn`t too kind to the gelcoat, mine was that flat it looked like it had been left in a field for a few years or sprayed with matt paint, So, last year I bought myself two big tubs of Aquabuff 1000 & 2000 grades & as the weather has been quite nice over the last couple of days I set to work with a variable speed polisher & lambs wool pads. A good set to with the 1000 grade made the surface gunge disapear & I could see my face in it, but when I had changed from the 1000 to the 2000 it really made the difference, the boat is absolutely gleaming now. I still have two big buckets of Aquabuff & if anyone at the club is thinking of giving thier boat a going over they are welcome to borrow the gear from me which includes both tubs, Polisher & all the pads. Mike.
  9. Sorry!

    Mmm! I could have worded that a bit better eh!!
  10. Sorry!

    I wish! my boogying days were over years ago LOL! I was emptying the bilge with a bailer into a large bucket so I could start to fit the new bilge pump, but as I was pulling the full bucket towards the grid to empty it "Click! & the legs went" Next time I`l get Debs to pull it for me Mike.
  11. Sorry!

    My appologies, I will not be able to make the comp (species hunt) on the 11th, as I`m down again & can`t move at the moment, it will take a couple of weeks for me to get on my feet again. All the very best to everyone else who gets out & hope to see some good pics on the site after the event. Mike.
  12. Poole Sea Angling Centre

    Will do m8, thanks for that. Mike.
  13. Sea Safety checks here

    A very nice man from the RNLI came out to our house on Saturday & went through all my safety gear, gave lots of good advice & a line on a few extra bits that I could find useful added to my inventory. It was well worth booking the safety check, It puts your mind at rest knowing you have all the right gear if the wrong situation arises. Boat is now 100% ready, all we need now is a good summer & plenty of fish. Mike.
  14. Poole Sea Angling Centre

    Where is the Pure Drop Inn ? Mike.
  15. French Goverment shame - Eels

    Well! everyone is entitled to an opinion, but for anyone to really think we have any real infuence in europe is very nieve, I remember the cod bans of the past that were thrust on us by europe, & the european trawlers that were going back home from our waters full of cod while our lads were sitting in harbour & charter boats were having to make the customers throw back cod that just flapped about on the surface for the sport of the seagulls, Britain just waits obediently for any small favours thrown our way by europe, we dare not sneeze in this country without the say so of europe, If only it was just a few greedy fishermen, I very strongly believe in conservation But it has to be across the board, its no good us conserving if europe (whichever part) is going to carry on raping the sea of everything that swims. No its not just a few greedy fishermen, Its a money merry go round & there`s a lot of people, as always who will put on a public face & do back door deals to make from it. The real world is run by immoral & bent politicians who have no care for us or our sport or the creatures living in the sea. As said we all have our opinions, Mine is that Ted Heath should never have taken us into Europe & Britain & its territorial waters should have stayed British. Mike