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  1. steve m

    Birthday greetings Steve

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I managed 3 trips on my new boat and 5 fish on the species list but ending up buying 2 x 12/20 class ugly sticks from Andy in Poole. So the uptiders will have to wait as I need some decent chest waders for launching now.
  2. steve m

    Uptide rods.

    I've been looking for a couple of uptide rods for my small boat which would be used for inshore fishing but there are 2 options 4-7 oz or 6-10 oz. what would people recommend for in Poole bay. Thanks in advance.
  3. steve m

    Garage Clear out

    Can I have the seat, battery isolator and nav light hope to be at meeting tonight unless I get a callout. steve
  4. lm not sure what sort of length required. So all you small dinghy anglers how much do you carry. l only plan to stay inshore say patch, ray mark etc. As l have been reading we should have 7 x depth so looking at the rought area of the ray mark l would 70m of rope which would be over 200 foot which sounds a bit excessive for 14 foot boat which l would only be out there on nice days anyway.
  5. steve m

    Happy Birthday Steve.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.
  6. steve m

    Happy Birthday Steve M

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes Steve
  7. steve m

    25th Anniversary Promo Video Shoot

    Sorry Jim I wont be able to catch the quadcopter with the landing net for you. I'm away over the week end working for one of my charity's down in Weymouth which has been organised for mouths. Hope all goes well this time around and the weather does not let you down. Steve
  8. steve m

    Happy Birthday Steve M

    Thank Jim. I still like to keep up with whats going on on and read the catch reports here but seem to be busier than ever with different events over the summer and this is the first weekend I have had off for mouths so will be spending some time with my girls. I have just changed jobs and hoping to be in the Bournemouth area a lot more so hopefully will have more time to start fishing again and attend club nights. Hope to you all again soon. Steve
  9. steve m

    Time has run out.

    Ok Thanks. Hope to be at the next meeeting so see all then. Steve
  10. steve m

    Time has run out.

    Hi Brian Is there two Stephen Morris then. As I payed my membership throught my bank on the 30.5.14 and also put my internet account name. steve m Thanks Steve
  11. steve m

    Computer Auction

    Hi Jim My mates been around this morning and has taken my computer away. He's going to do some upgrades on it and get rid of some of the junk on there so hopefully it will be sorted. Thanks for the offer but hopefully i will now be sorted. Kind regards Steve
  12. steve m

    Computer Auction

    So much for running a auction until December. I was interested in this and waiting to see a mate tonight to get thoughts on the computer as i had been having a few problems with mine.
  13. steve m

    Happy Birthday Steve

    Thanks for the birth day wishes. Had a nice chilled out evening with my girls. See you all next thursday.
  14. steve m

    Happy Birthday Steve

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. See you all tomorrow night. Steve