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    HI All Adam here AKA bassman Now Bat Man hope all are well? I am selling my pride & joy Reason for selling just haven't got the time to use Reluctant to sell but the boat needs to be used This is my second pilot 4 they are great boats loads of deck space and great handling in my opinion best in its class If Small fry is still a member he came to see my first one before purchasing his Pilot 4 For sale 2012 pilot 4 boat purchased brand new in July 2012 from Poole Marine Services as a boat and engine package Honda 40 4 stroke less then hours 10 use in show room condition just like new Ready to go straight in the water Comes with 5 years Manufactures warranty left on engine Full service history Removable Cuddy for relaly hot days 2012 battery Garmin Colour fish finder 2012 ECHO 300c Used twice with box and instructions Standard Horizon HX9851E Handheld with GPS, DSC & many more functions Life jackets anchor Fenders Snipe roller-trailer Light board And extras Wanting £9000 but open to offers (sensible ones) more than welcome to come round and have a look
  2. bass man

    New Piolt 4

    yeah HIS & HERS LOL No just wanted a more power Yeah just love them best boats in their class would recommend highly Adam
  3. bass man

    New Piolt 4

    new Pilot 4 with Honda 40 coming OH la la Had many choices but in the end decided not to go for a bigger boat as anything else wouldn't fit down the drive Forgot how big the deck area is for such a small boat when the cuddy is removed new hull and new Honda 40 Thanks to Pete at PMS Would recommend the boats and Charlie at Westport Marine Regards Adam
  4. bass man

    Trim Tabs Wanted

    HI All Wanting to get some trim tabs where is a good place to get some ???? many thanks Adam
  5. bass man

    Delete topic

    Thanks Rob
  6. bass man


    note to self remember to duck LOL
  7. bass man

    Delete topic

    Hi How do I delete a topic??? Regards Adam
  8. bass man


    Went shopping the other day And purchased a iPhone IPad And an iPod The wife turned to me and said " oh I see you've been shopping And spoilt yourself nothing for me Then" I said " ah that's where your wrong, I got you a new iron" "Ta dah I thank you" Adam
  9. bass man


    Took the wife to a disco at the weekend. There was a guy on the dancefloor giving it large; break dancing, moonwalking, back flips, the works. My wife turned to me and said, " See that guy? 25 years ago he proposed to me and I turned him down." I said, "Looks like he's still celebrating!!" "Ta DA I Thank You" Adam
  10. bass man

    MVS Poole/Christchurch

    Hi All, I am a member of the Poole unit of the Maritime Volunteer Service doing patrols in and out of the Poole Harbour and Marinas Great bunch of lads and a good way to get into boating we Meet every Monday either patrols, training and class room training Have a look http://www.mvspoole.org.uk/ If you do like the idea don't forget to mention my name (it wont make a difference LOL) Regards Adam AKA bass man(caught one on feathers this year and safely returned)
  11. bass man

    Westport Pilot 4

    Thanks Jim keep you posted Regards Adam
  12. bass man

    Westport Pilot 4

    HI all Hope all is well? Have put my boat up for sale
  13. bass man

    Warrior 165 for sale

    Mate I am sorry to here that you might be selling lovely boat wish I had one like that Part X???? mate if you ever want to come out with me you very welcome to Regards Adam
  14. bass man

    Spare fuel tank

    Its yours Give me a calll 07793205336
  15. bass man

    Spare fuel tank

    Hi All I was given a spare fuel tank with Suzuki fittings by some old chap who was passing and saw my boat in the drive on the tank its got SEA SAW II I personally don't need it so if any one wants it let me know Regards Adam