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  1. niggle

    Cod comp....again

    Will it be cold?[emoji23][emoji2957][emoji23][emoji2957]
  2. niggle

    Happy birthday Martin

    Happy birthday Martin ,have a snow day [emoji23]
  3. niggle

    Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy birthday nipper[emoji2957][emoji848]
  4. niggle

    Happy Birthday Ian

    Happy birthday Ian
  5. niggle

    Happy Birthday Dave & Freddie

    Hope u both have a great birthday [emoji513]
  6. niggle

    Birthday wishes Mike & Kevin

    Have a great birthday guys
  7. niggle

    flounder fishing in the harbour

    Very poor,on par the the cod fishing. Shore anglers find a few if they fish where the netters can’t access
  8. niggle

    A very merry Christmas

    To all have a happy Christmas Nigel and Sandy
  9. niggle

    Happy birthday Neal - the big 60..

    Happy birthday Neal ,have a great break
  10. niggle


    Here is a nice video Hope link works
  11. niggle

    Happy Birthday Terry

    Have a goodun Terry
  12. niggle

    Birthday greetings Oli

    Have a great birthday Oli [emoji481]
  13. niggle

    Birthday greetings Steve

    Happy birthday Steve[emoji481]
  14. Nige what's the starling me darling photo like, the birds in the mast, worth submitting.

  15. niggle

    Ok so it’s Southampton but......

    I’ve heard of quite a few cod from around the bramble bank,just fish the edge in the gully’s,I expect you’ll see quite a few boats around there