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  1. Happy Birthday Kev

    Hope you had a goodun Kev
  2. Amendment Kingfisher,Chris,Nigel and Neal
  3. Cod Competition - Sunday 19th

    Have a great day to all,may the cod be with you. Unable to take part due to other commitments Stay safe. Nigel
  4. Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy birthday
  5. Birthday greetings Oli

    Have a great birthday Oli
  6. Happy birthday Alfie

    Hope you have a great birthday
  7. West Country adventure

    Brilliant Fred glad you had a cracking day after all your effort
  8. JoJo heads west, again!

    Awesome fishing,well done your effort was well rewarded
  9. Let me tell you a tuna story

    Fantastic read,been wondering how it was going. You should write a book Fred it would be very entertaining
  10. Daytime Sole

    Always worth a go Chris but use lug [emoji6]Oops sorry Pete
  11. Autumnal Equinox September 22nd

    Your using special words again,I've got to get my dictionary out [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Note the cod are starting to show so don't be to quick striking nodding bites Good luck to you all as i'm unable to enter due to other commitments
  13. Birthday greetings Allan

    Enjoy your day Allan
  14. Bass Competition Results

    You are "the man" Chris, well done and well deserved
  15. Bass Comp

    Chris was "the man" his 3 crew just couldn't connect with a bass.It was great to see him excel while the rest of us just lost rig after rig