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  1. Alderney 2018

    We're keen, would probably do a crack of dawn Friday, back Sunday. Crew TBC 1. Tigerfish - Steve + Terry + 2. Reel Magic - Dave + 3. Joint Venture - Adam + 4. Madness - Martin - Dean - Tony 5. Sweet Chariot - Oli + Nick +
  2. Site upgrade and server move

    Thanks - both done. Most pages now have the Top 5 Boats on the right hand side of the page. This is only visible to Club Members who are logged in.
  3. Site upgrade and server move

    Hi Steve Can definitely do this, bear with me as will have to write a bit of code to do it. Good find - I've now added a link to the Leaderboard which will appear in Tapatalk. It's in Club Only Section > Members' Boats Year Long Species Hunt at the top - 2018 Species Hunt Leaderboard - let me know you find it OK. Thanks and keep them coming! Oli
  4. Calendar

    That's already there under PBSBAC, see screenshot here: Hopefully it's now showing for everyone on other pages too?
  5. Alderney 2018

    At those prices, each gallon costs you £5.85, therefore each mile costs you £2.17 (5.85/2.7)
  6. Alderney 2018

    First time we went we took a couple of drums of fuel and refueled mid-channel. It was blowing a F4-5 and not an experience I'd recommend but I think we were all a bit eager that year and tend to be a bit more fair-weather now for that trip (well most of us!) so it would certainly be do-able.
  7. Site upgrade and server move

    Now the Species Hunt is underway I've made a couple of slight adjustments: 1. On the Leaderboard page at the bottom I've added the 10 most recent entries across all boats. 2. There is now a page where you can view the last 50 entries across all boats. This can be found under the Species Hunt > Recently Added menu. Feedback on whether we need both or whether I just make the Leaderboard page have 50, 100, 25 etc would be appreciated. To give it more prominence I was also considering a Top 5 of the leaderboard at the top of the site homepage. This would only be visible to Club Members so while for us it would shift the "Welcome" / "Join the Club" section down a bit, we're all already members so it doesn't matter and for non-members the site would still appear exactly as-is. Main reason for doing so is that because the Species Hunt is no longer done by forum posts, it doesn't appear when you click View New Content Again Feedback much appreciated! Oli
  8. Calendar

    I can add it to all forum pages too if it would help? Let me know...
  9. Window

    Talking of... where's the Alderney thread for this year?
  10. Site upgrade and server move

    Bit of a long shot but any idea how many it had? I could try and add them. Not really sure what's best to do - maybe start the comp as of halfway through the month? Done Hi Dave Good point - I am using a PC. Are you going straight to the website using a web browser on the iPad or through the Tapatalk app? The latter may be a better option? Haha, rested and refreshed and ready for this week's onslaught!
  11. Site upgrade and server move

    Thanks Mick - this is also likely due to a cache problem because the old site actually used to sit at http://www.pbsbac.co.uk/ipb whereas the new one is just at http://www.pbsbac.co.uk Your computer probably remembers it at the old location, Google won't have updated yet either. Clearing your cache/history should fix it.
  12. Site upgrade and server move

    TAPATALK now installed and up and running for those of you who use it on mobile devices (thanks Rob). If it isn't working for you please unfollow PBSBAC and then re-add it.
  13. Site upgrade and server move

    Hi Charlie Sadly those two or three are probably gone for good unless someone can re-upload them? The photos uploaded during the crossover period (first 2 weeks of the month) couldn't be transferred without redoing a lot of the work again (and potentially messing up the test site which was by that point finally up and running) Edit to add - Charlie do you/anyone remember what they were photos of and I'll see if I can track them down?
  14. Site upgrade and server move

    OK that's likely your PC/browser has stored the old version and addresses of the site. You need to clear your cache. In your browser press these 3 buttons on your keyboard together: CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE This will pop up the Clear History window. Then do this depending on which browser you use: Internet Explorer - ensure only Preserve Favourites Website Data and Temporary Internet Files are selected and click Delete Firefox - choose "Everything" in Time Range To Clear, ensure only Cache is ticked and click Clear Now Chrome - ensure only Cached Images And Files is selected and click Clear Data
  15. Site upgrade and server move

    Hi Graham, Which bits are you having trouble with so we can help? Oli