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  1. Oli

    Birthday best wishes Charlie & Coddy

    Happy birthday both
  2. Oli

    Alderney 2019

    Always full of useful knowledge Mike, thank you.
  3. Oli

    Alderney 2019

    Thanks Steve, good advice! Do you know if you can prebook an outer pontoon berth?
  4. Oli

    Alderney 2019

    We're keen to go too though want to try staying in Guernsey this year so maybe nights 1 and 2 there and night 3 in Alderney.
  5. Oli

    Birthday greetings Oli

    Thanks all, really appreciate it! Not fishing sadly, but itching to get out!
  6. Oli

    one bass a day from October

    Is this definitely geniune Dave as I can't find any other source?
  7. Oli

    one bass a day from October

    A load more free lunches and another set of guidelines I expect.
  8. A notice from the Marine Conservation Society: Dear Friend, Overfishing and damaging fishing practices have reduced many fish stocks and harmed the seabed, threatening marine wildlife and coastal communities. Now we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to fix our fisheries and make sure our seas are full of life long into the future. The UK government has opened a public consultation asking how we think they should take care of fish stocks after Brexit through a new Bill. We have a unique chance to tell decision-makers that UK fisheries must be sustainable. CLICK HERE TO ACT NOW Tell the Secretary of State for the Environment, Michael Gove, why we need sustainable fisheries: the whole marine ecosystem, the fishing industry and our coastal communities all depend on it. We’ve made it easy for you to participate. Our pre-filled response covers all of the areas we think should be at the core of the new Bill. Please act now - you only have until the 12 September! CLICK HERE TO ACT NOW
  9. Oli

    Saturday 21st

    Hopefully catch you out there Dave. Not sure if we'll head East or West yet, flip a coin I guess!
  10. Oli

    Saturday 21st

    Anybody else considering some wrecking this weekend?
  11. Oli

    Friday pm

    Thanks, all done.
  12. Oli

    Is Alderney fished out?

    Compared with a beam trawler which could be out every day of the week? I’d have thought recreational anglers wouldn’t touch the sides (much like the bass ban).
  13. Oli

    Is Alderney fished out?

    I’d say nothing much at all to do with bigger and faster boats (this last trip I didn’t see anyone fishing other than club boats and maybe one small Guernsey boat - and that was on a perfect forecast and bank holiday!) and more to do with trawlers. That’s a pure guess though!
  14. Oli

    Alderney 2018

    Just spoken with them - they are open all weekend from 8am but with the tides he reckons the latest we could get in for fuel on Sunday would be 2pm and the earliest Monday morning 10am.
  15. Oli

    Alderney 2018

    Charlie, did Mainbrayce give any insight into their opening hours being a bank holiday weekend? Ideally we'd look to fuel up at some point Sunday afternoon/Early monday morning (tide permitting) but what with Sunday being Milk-a-Punch day I'm not sure there will be many sober people on the island!