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  1. Can you belive This

    "I can't remember EVER being called diplomatic before ? :lol:" YOU MUST BE GETTING TOO OLD TO ARGUE
  2. JoJo heads west, again!

    Sounds great Rob, really pleased you've been rewarded for the time you've put in previously- fantastic result "With such a clam day, you could hear the bait balls" yes i know that sound, exciting stuff! PJ
  3. Rod Repair

    Charlie, if the tip curls its too hot!
  4. Can you eat Tope?

    Best Mackerel Ive ever eaten was aboard an old school charter boat, they were boiled in seawater with a splash of vinegar. When the tail meat starts to peel away from the tail fin yank them out they are done. Boiled Mackerel? sounds yuk but its not done this way, it has to be seawater PJ
  5. Website problems

    Well done Oli
  6. Commercal Inshore Fishing

    Malcolm is a thoroughly decent bloke and a very good fisherman, hes also an expert on fish stocks and does a lot to support the cause of us anglers If you ever meet him, ask him about the 50inch ( 50lbs) Striped Bass he caught, and watch his face light up PJ
  7. UK Waters for UK Fishermen

    This makes the assumption that the UK will look after it better - I'm not so sure the recreation angler will get any benefit- i hope so PJ
  8. Petition to mark pot / net gear

    done, i think all boaters would sign this not just fishermen PJ
  9. Christchurch Quay

    it is a pretty place
  10. Any budding film stars - why not?

    Will there be a net burning ceremony?
  11. Poole Bay Flounders

    Climate change might have an effect, but its also a favorite excuse for Commercial fisherman to deflect the blame off themselves I'm glad anglers are starting to take ownership ( yes we are major stakeholders along with the general public) and speaking up Poole used to be famous for flounders and we have let it decline while we've had our heads in the sand, i personally think it wont change until we loose all our tackle shops and charters boats go bust- i hope i am wrong. We cant rely on Mackerel or flounders anymore- how sad is that happy new year PJ
  12. Bass - Commercial fishing 2017

    We need to be heard guys and now to counter this lot trying to ruin the party again! we cant let them water down the proposals, if we get rid of nets its going to be a great place to fish again in a few years Go to http://www.saveourseabass.org/en/home/ and make a difference do what you can PJ